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A good gift for Nana

A weird snow globe type thing with Rather Dashing.

Characters (in order of appearance): Rather Dashing, Trogdor

Page Title: Have a Rather Dashing Decemberween!

Date: December 16, 2004



{Scene opens to a wintry version of the burninated cottage from Peasant's Quest, with an odd blue object with a red bottom in the screen as well. The score is "0 of 1." Rather Dashing walks on in winter attire. The command "look" is typed in, loading up the following text:}

Even your burninated hovel
looks picturesque in the
cold Peasantry snow. Oh,
and there's a snowglobe on
the ground. That's what
that red and blue thing is.
A snowglobe.

{The command "get snowglobe" is typed. Rather Dashing picks up the globe, and the score changes to "1 of 1." The following text appears, as the "got item" sound from Peasant's Quest plays:}

Hey! It's a Trogdor snow
globe! Now you have a
Decemberween present for
Nana. Score!

{The Trogdor snow globe appears on-screen, with the text "Greetings from Peasantry" on the base.}

Easter Eggs

  • At the end you can shake the snowglobe. After you've shaken it for 30 seconds a "Time Wasted" counter will keep track of how much time you've spent shaking the snowglobe. The timer will count up as long as either you hold down the mouse button or the stuff in the snowglobe is moving.
  • When the timer hits 2 minutes you will get this message (spoken by Trogdor himself):
Congratulations! You
wasted more time than any-
body else ever has. Happy
Decemberween, peasant.
Your life will be spared
for another day.

Fun Facts

  • The "Loading" screen says "Voading," with the Videlectrix logo as the V.
  • "Nana" is a term of endearment for "Grandmother," also seen in Cheat Commandos...O's. Perhaps it's what The Brothers Chaps call their grandmother.
  • You can press Enter or the spacebar to advance to the next event instead of clicking the text.
  • To hear Trogdor speak sooner, you can right-click on the toon and press "Play." This only works if you are watching the .swf file.
    • Or, you could use the seek bar and seek ahead a few frames.
  • The name of the file is xmas04_pq.swf. This is more evidence that Decemberween is really Christmas in Free Country, USA.
  • Sometimes while shaking the globe, a peasant or two will poke their heads out of the glass.
  • At 5908:33 the time will stop.
  • If you click and hold the snowglobe, then drag the cursor off the screen, release the mouse, and then drag the cursor back onto the screen, the snowglobe will continue to follow your cursor without your having to hold down the mouse button. Also, the timer will continue to count even if it is not moving.

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