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Pants: Homestar's pants (included in extended play), ripped jeans (included)
Shoes: Homestar's boots (included in extended play), Sports socks (included)
Accessories: Big mustache, championship belt

Strong Badia the Free
Hats: King of Town's crown, beret
Shirts: Max shirt, Strong Badia shirt, sports jacket, blue Kevin Bruner shirt (secret)
Pants: Camo pants
Shoes: 'Lectric Boots
Accessories: King of Town's beard, eye patch

Baddest of the Bands
Hats: Purple headband
Shirts: sloshy Shirt, queen bee (secret), Limozeen shirt
Pants: Leopard-print pants
Shoes: Hollywood Boulevards

Dangeresque 3
Hats: Blue Fedora, top hat, helmet (included), big hair (included on Wii)
Shirts: suit jacket, Green Bearalope shirt (secret)
Pants: underwear
Shoes: brown boots
Accessories: thin mustache, monocle, cool shades (included), Dangeresque Too? shades

8-Bit is Enough
Hats: Big hair (included), Stinkoman hair, Pixel hat
Shirts: Ab-Abber 2000, Trogdor shirt, Strong Bad Shirt, Invisible shirt (see-through body)
Shoes: Pixel boots, Stinkoman boots
Accessories: Stinkoman hands

Backdrops by episode

  • Homestar Ruiner: Track, sky, tropical island, wooded clearing, autumn path
  • Strong Badia the Free: Strong Badian flag, jumping dolphins, transparent blue globe, mountain with trees, rocky outcropping
  • Baddest of the Bands: Cows standing in a field, Sam & Max moon, airplane going through the air, green background, microphones in a black screen
  • Dangeresque 3: Explosion, yellow background, white-on-black grid with colored squares and lipstick print, Bank of America Tower at night, Sam & Max's street
  • 8-Bit is Enough: Old timey backdrop, Wood background, Sweet Cuppin' Cakes.
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