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As seen from the outside

Snap Shak is the name of a photo booth in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, located in The Field, featuring pictures of Pom Pom, Homestar Runner, Marzipan and Bubs on the exterior. It is much bigger on the inside than it appears to be from the outside, extending into a large area and then dropping off into Outer Space. Entering it allows Strong Bad to change costume items and pose for photos. If the episode has been completed, Strong Bad is allowed to wear the costume pieces outside of the Shak, but otherwise re-appears in his normal clothes before leaving.

Each episode contains five backdrops for photos, as well as hidden costume pieces for Strong Bad to find. Costume pieces found in previous episodes carry forward to the next, but those found in future episodes do not carry back to the previous ones. Strong Bad can wear one item each on his head, body, legs, and feet, plus an additional accessory item. If Strong Bad walks off the edge inside the Snap Shak and falls into Outer Space three times, he will flip and walk on the other side of the floor. In the first two episodes, he can then go over to the area above the door to find a secret cross-promotional shirt, which differs by episode.

The Cheat is always present in the Snap Shak as an attendant and (possibly) cameraman, regardless of his current whereabouts in the story. The Paper translates his instructions, presumably for the player's benefit, as Strong Bad has no difficulty understanding him elsewhere in the game.

Costume pieces by episode

Homestar Ruiner
Hats: Homestar's head, red chef hat, knit cap, Carabowdit hair
Shirts: Homestar's shirt, Data Boys shirt (floppy disk polo), yellow squirrel shirt (secret)
Pants: Homestar's pants, ripped jeans
Shoes: Homestar's boots, Sports socks
Accessories: Big mustache, championship belt

Strong Badia the Free
Hats: King of Town's crown, beret
Shirts: Max shirt, Strong Badia shirt, sports jacket, blue Kevin Bruner shirt (secret)
Pants: Camo pants
Shoes: 'Lectric Boots
Accessories: King of Town's beard, eye patch

Baddest of the Bands
Hats: Purple headband
Shirts: sloshy Shirt, Onion with purple lips (secret)
Pants: Leopard-print pants
Shoes: Spiked Boots

Backdrops by episode

  • Homestar Ruiner: Track, sky, tropical island, wooded clearing, autumn path
  • Strong Badia the Free: Strong Badian flag, jumping dolphins, transparent blue globe, mountain with trees, rocky outcropping
  • Baddest of the Bands: Cows standing in a field, Sam & Max moon, airplane going through the air, green backround, microphones in a black screen
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