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"I never heard of any of these games we're playing!"

In the Strong Bad Email slumber party, Strong Bad introduces Homestar Runner to two unusual and destructive games during their slumber party. Strong Bad successfully convinces Homestar they are family card games. "Coolguy's Law" explains why it is acceptable for him to create damage in certain people's homes, considering one won't return there. Strong Bad also mentions numerous violent video games, as well as Clapping Party.

[edit] Find the Load Bearer

This game evidently involves striking a wall with multiple hammers to damage the load bearer. It is briefly mentioned again in Make-o Your Own Stinko during the loading screen.

[edit] Bed Axe

This game appears to involve throwing axes at a bed. Strong Bad seems to greatly enjoy the game, as he played it first at Homestar's party and brought the axes to The King of Town's party hoping to play it again. He's disappointed to realize that the "games of chance" probably don't include Bed Axe.

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