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This is a list of all the sketches from 2004.

Image Date Caption Description
eww. a litter of cheatpups 30 Dec 2004 eww. a litter of cheatpups. The Cheat with a litter of Cheat puppies, as well as a burning The Cheat and another apparently melting The Cheat.
thnikkaman with mustache 16 Dec 2004 thnikkaman with mustache An early Thnikkaman with a round piece of paper on his chest and a mustache. Note that he has no shades.
some li'l brudders 09 Dec 2004 some li'l brudders Some early sketches of Li'l Brudder, also seen in the DVD Sketchbook video. Text reads "Things are looking up!"
more made-up animals, stnank and grumberto 02 Dec 2004 more made-up animals, stnank and grumberto Unused made-up animals from animal.
the goblin was gonna have arms? and fangs? 22 Nov 2004 the goblin was gonna have arms? and fangs? An early Goblin with fangs and arms.
unused TTGS death 11 Nov 2004 unused TTGS death A Teen Girl Squad Issue 7 death that was not used. Text reads "Tetherball'd!!"
mashed potato jones 08 Nov 2004 mashed potato jones A sketch of Mashed Potato Jones, a mysterious being made up entirely of mashed potatoes, two eyes, a mouth, some stubble, a hat, a cigar, and a piece of paper jabbed into his side. Mashed Potato Jones was mentioned previously in Halloween Fairstival.
many marshies!! 18 Oct 2004 many marshies Marshie in a variety of poses and guises.
THE TWO GUYS!! 07 Oct 2004 THE TWO GUYS!! Strong Mad punching, with The Cheat on his shoulder. Title comes from the email labor day.
Mr. HomestARMS 30 Sep 2004 Mr. HomestARMS Homestar Runner as he might be if he had arms, a tie and pants.
castlefunnies sketches 23 Sep 2004 castlefunnies sketches Sketches of characters from the Castlefunnies from old comics. Modeled after the Wizard of Id. The bottom-left sketch seems to be of The Blacksmith, who never aired in the Castlefunnies.
teeny tiny girl squad sketches 19 Sep 2004 teeny tiny girl squad sketches Early versions of the Teeny Tiny Girl Squad.
King S.B. with fish and axe 09 Sep 2004 king S.B. with fish & axe Strong Bad wearing a crown, inexplicably holding a fish and guitar, also seen in the DVD Sketchbook video.
Comic-Book Style The Cheat 02 Sep 2004 comic book style cheat The Strong Badman version of The Cheat, also seen in the DVD Sketchbook video.
The Many Butts of Coach Z 26 Aug 2004 the many butts of coach z Coach Z with strange, prominent 'Z'-emblazoned buttocks. He appears in a very similar stance in Fish Eye Lens.
Viewtiful Brothers Strong 19 Aug 2004 viewtiful brothers strong Viewtiful Joe-style Strong Bad and Strong Mad. Their looks closely resemble their looks from Strong Bad is a Bad Guy.
The Sad Kids had a Mom? 12 Aug 2004 the sad kids had a mom? A sketch of the The Sad Kids with a sad mom.
Cowcopter Prototypes 05 Aug 2004 cowcopter prototypes Sketches of Sherlock and The Worm, also seen in the DVD Sketchbook video.
Caffeinated Strong Sad 29 Jul 2004 caffeinated strong sad An early sketch of Caffeinated Strong Sad from caffeine.
Modestly Hot Homsars 19 Jul 2004 modestly hot homsars Early sketches of Modestly Hot Homsar from different town.
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