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This article is about the weekly Sketchbook featured on the Main Pages. For the sketchbook in the Museum, see Sketchbook (museum). For the strongbad_email.exe Disc Three bonus video, see Sketchbook (video).


The Sketchbook is a collection of conceptual art and sketches by The Brothers Chaps. These are found by clicking on the S at the top of the Main Pages, and are generally updated on Thursdays. Here is a list of all the sketches from 2009.

As of November 22, 2004, the image and text are no longer part of the Flash file.

Image Date Caption Description
unguraits are go! 30 Jul 2009 unguraits are go! A drawing of three Unguraits. The caption is based on the catchphrase from the 1960s TV series Thunderbirds.
Over 40 Men's League 23 Jul 2009 Over 40 Men's League A drawing of Bubs and Coach Z playing basketball.
albert has red hair. 9 Jul 2009 Albert has red hair. A rejected version of Albert in the defaced book in kids' book. The original text reads "Some people have red hair. Albert has red hair." It has been altered to say "Some people puke all over themselves. Albert has red hair."
frankie ran over a lawyer 25 Jun 2009 Frankie ran over a lawyer A rejected version of Frankie in the defaced book in kids' book. The original text reads "Some people have freckles. Frankie has freckles." It has been altered to say "Some people run over others. Frankie ran over a lawyer."
alt.gregor.sketch 4 Jun 2009 alt.gregor.sketch A rejected version of Gregor in the defaced book in kids' book. The original text reads "Some people are left-handed. Gregor is left-handed." It has been altered to say "Some people are octopus-handed. Gregor is going to throw it at the principal." The caption is in the style of a Usenet newsgroup name, alt (short for "alternative") being one of the top-level hierarchies.
typical cheat nightmare 10 Apr 2009 typical cheat nightmare Mirrored sketches of The Poopsmith eating The Cheat. This is one of the few times The Cheat isn't referred to with the integral article.
robolegs homestar 2 Apr 2009 robolegs homestar A drawing of Homestar Runner inside a robot, with the legs prancing.
this no go so well 26 Mar 2009 this no go so well A drawing of Strong Mad apparently eating Strong Bad. Strong Mad has a chin in this drawing.
finishing the job 12 Mar 2009 finishing the job A drawing of The King of Town eating Marshie. The King appears to have fangs.
neighborhood KOT 5 Mar 2009 neighborhood KOT A drawing of The King of Town in a fedora and a trench coat, styled after the Boris the Burglar logo of the National Neighborhood Watch Institute (to which the caption also refers).
two of my best 26 Feb 2009 two of my best Two very exaggerated sketches of Strong Bad.
four o' dems 19 Feb 2009 four o' dems Sketches of the Gregs for 4 Gregs. Open Source Greg's laptop has Tux, the Linux mascot on it, and Science Fiction Greg's shirt reads "Tron".
couple year old drawing 12 Feb 2009 couple year old drawing A sketch of Homestar floating on a piece of ice, similar to Best Caper Ever.
which juan? 05 Feb 2009 which juan? A drawing that combines elements of Homestar Runner and Strong Bad. "Juan" is Spanish for John and is a pun on "one".
robonic homestar 29 Jan 2009 robonic homestar A drawing of what Homestar Runner would look like as a robot. The term "robonic" refers to The Robonic Stooges. Robonic Homestar also has arms.

Fun Facts

  • The font used in the captions is Bauhaus 93, the same font used on Homsar's shirt.
  • Sketchbook entries often feature ideas considered for or used in toons that had been recently released.
  • If you click the "s" button repeatedly while it is still loading, the caption will move up the box. The more times you click it, the farther the text will move.
  • Until June 4th, 2009 the Sketchbook of April 10th, 2009 had not been updated for eight weeks, the longest hiatus between pop-up updates on record.

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