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Sing along with no mouth Strong Bad

Sing Along is an unused feature with Strong Bad and Homestar Runner. It is currently a secret page, as it is not accessible from any other page on the site.

It features two blue squares and Strong Bad and Homestar singing quietly and simultaneously in the background. When you mouse over the left square, Homestar will appear onscreen without mouth movements and his song will become louder. The right square does the same with Strong Bad, who lacks a mouth.



STRONG BAD: Once I knew this guy
And he made two different pies
And one of them was apple
And one of them was something that I probably shouldn't mention
So I'm not going to... mention

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And now the love
That lasts forever
Has come to its end

Fun Facts


  • If you hold your mouse button down when it is over a square and drag it off you can hear the characters sing without having to have your mouse over a square.
    • If you do the same thing with the other character, the characters will both be on screen and both will sing loudly, as if you had your mouse over both of them.
  • Strong Bad will always overlap Homestar if you choose to hover over both of them and drag the mouse off.

Real-World References

  • Homestar's song is based on "The Rose" by Amanda McBroom.

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