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Strong Bad is too sick to answer an [[Strong Bad Email|email]], and everyone else seems to be ill as well.
Strong Bad is too sick to answer an [[Strong Bad Email|email]], and everyone else seems to be ill as well.
[[Image:sickday.PNG|thumb|I'm betting you can smell these]]
[[Image:SBemail137.PNG|thumb|I'm betting you can smell these]]
'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' {{Film|Strong Bad}}, {{Film|Homestar Runner}}, {{Film|Strong Mad}}, {{Film|The Cheat}}, {{Film|Strong Sad}} (Easter egg)
'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' {{Film|Strong Bad}}, {{Film|Homestar Runner}}, {{Film|Strong Mad}}, {{Film|The Cheat}}, {{Film|Strong Sad}} (Easter egg)

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Strong Bad is too sick to answer an email, and everyone else seems to be ill as well.

I'm betting you can smell these

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Strong Sad (Easter egg)

Places: Computer Room, Strong Mad's Room (entrance only), Strong Sad's Room (Easter egg)

Date: October 3, 2005

Computer: Lappy 486

Running Time: 1:43

Page Title: Here Comes Sickness!



{We are presented with a silent view of the Lappy, Strong Bad apparently absent, and the following email is on the screen.}

{Cut to a view of Strong Bad's desk. Strong Bad is severely ill and curled up into a ball under the table, coughing and shivering with bags under his eyes. The Stool is tipped over. An empty box of tissues that reads "Tish, You!", lies next to him along with a mess of used up tissues.}

STRONG BAD: {coughing} The Cheat! Get in here with my puke pail. {coughing} And bring me some tissues. Lots more tissues!

{Homestar walks in from the right of the screen with a thermometer in his mouth, obviously sick.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Bad, my burps smell really bad. Check this out. {breathes, creating green puffs of air from his mouth} Hang on.

STRONG BAD: Ugh. Go away. I can't smell anything anyways.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, I'm betting you can smell these!

STRONG BAD: Yeah, well you're lucky it's your burps that smell. DO NOT go into Strong Mad's room. Or, as I've taken to calling it, Rotten Egglünd.

{Cut to outside Strong Mad's room. The door is covered with police tape that reads "Quarantine!". There is a green haze coming out from the bottom of the door.}


{Cut back to Strong Bad and Homestar in the Computer Room. He lifts his head and opens his eyes wider, making the bags under them disappear.}

STRONG BAD: Ugh. The Cheat! What's taking so long with my tissues?

{Cut to a close up of a green bucket labeled "Puke Pail for Him!" with puke stains on and around it. The top of The Cheat's head is visible poking out of the bucket.}

THE CHEAT: {crying noises}

{Cut back to Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: {coughing} Oh well. I guess I'll just re-use some of these already re-reused ones. {He grabs a tissue. He then winces, and the bags under his eyes are visible again.} Ow! They're pointy now!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Bad, I don't think you're going to be able to answer your word problem this week. So I'll take one for the team. Two trains enter a tunnel going four miles per hour. {As he talks, pictures of two trains, a tunnel, and the number 4 appear on the left of the screen.} At what time do they reach Poughkeepsie?

STRONG BAD: {groans and coughs while speaking} The Paapeeeer!

{The Paper comes down, with a distorted noise. It appears crinkled and says "Strong Bad, I can't come in today."}

STRONG BAD: Oh no, not you too! Can I blow my nose on you?

{The Paper goes back up.}

Easter Eggs

Rotten Egglünd
  • Click on the word "healthy" at the end of the toon to see a short scene with Strong Sad.
{Strong Sad is lying in his bed. His face is green with spots and he has pink around his eyes. The rest of his body is normal.}
STRONG SAD: {groans} This is the greatest day of my life. I feel like a few dollars.
  • Click on the word "Crap" at the end to see a map of "Rotten Egglünd". The locations on the map are:
    • Northwest — the buttwood — A forest of trees with birds flying out of them.
    • North — festering hills — A bunch of hills.
    • Northeast — east stinkberger — A wheel of smelly cheese with a slice taken out.
    • West — pungent acres — Some mushrooms.
    • East — rotten egg manor — A castle with a cracked, smelly egg on it.
    • Southwest — eggmünd — A pile of rotten eggs.
    • South — this part smells — More hills.
    • Southeast — whatsitshire — A large pile of whatsit.

Fun Facts


  • Homestar has the wrong end of the thermometer in his mouth. The bulb is what should go in his mouth.
  • The quarantine tape over Strong Mad's door goes across the doorknob as if the doorknob were two-dimensional, or completely flat.


  • Initially, clicking on the Lappy's screen did not cause the screen to ripple. This was corrected within ten hours of the toon's release, but was still only a very faint effect. Also during the Lappy scenes, you can click anywhere on the screen and it will cause a ripple, as opposed to just on the monitor.
  • When Strong Bad's eye bags disappear, the tint of his face changes.
  • After Strong Bad throws away the tissue, his hands briefly stop twitching, then start up again after Homestar's word problem.
Armless Strong Bad
  • When Strong Bad reaches out for a tissue, he has no arm connecting to his glove.
    • This happens again when he hurts himself on the pointy tissue.
    • His arm usually wouldn't be able to stretch far enough to reach the tissue.
  • When we zoom in to Homestar answering the "word problem," the desk behind him disappears and the shading changes. When we zoom out, the designs on the wall move.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • "Here Comes Sickness" is a song by Mudhoney.
  • Poughkeepsie is a city in New York located in the Hudson River Valley between New York City and Albany.

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