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The following are clothing items currently or previously available for purchase in the Shopify Store.

Some discontinued designs and products were reintroduced to the Teespring store, which is linked from Shopify and promoted as "high quality screen-printed shirts for your human torso!".


[edit] Current Products

[edit] Shirts

Shirt Close-up Name Description
Trogdor Shirt

Nothing says "I was in college in the early-to-mid 2000's" like a shirt with everyone's favorite beefy-armed dragon.

Strong Bad Full Body Shirt Strong Bad in his classic "Check me out! No, seriously. Check me out!" pose.
Strong Sad's Six-Sadded, Die Tee Found in the Archives! A rare specialty shirt from our 2018 Kickstarter.

(Added 11/11/22 - about 18 remaining)

Help promote Strong Sad's board game review with this exclusive Six-Sadded, Die logo shirt.

[edit] Discontinued Products

[edit] Shirts

Shirt Close-up Name Description
Strong Bad Mask
H*R Fun Run Ah, Fun Runs! Remember how you had to wake up at like 6AM on Saturday and miss cartoons and all they gave you for breakfast was a banana and some GatorGum? This Labor Dabor 1 Mile Fun Run T-Shirt remembers! (Sweat stains not included)
Homestar Stripey Shirt Whoa-OOOOAAA-aaa! Homestar's swooshing all over this shirt like the outside of a 70's roller rink! Oh man! Next birthday! Roller skate party! Put it on the calendar now!
Sloshy Record Store Day Shirt Celebrate Record Store Day with this obscure Sloshy t-shirt featuring their even-more-obscure B-side-only 7-inch "B-est of B-Sides." What could be obscurier than releasing your new single on a t-shirt instead of any actual listenable media?!
Sloshy Shirt

Show how much you don't really even care about Sloshy with the official band t-shirt! People will now all-the-time come up to you and go, "Slosh-aaayy!" Isn't that GREAT?!

Jibblies Shirt Give everyone else the Jibblies with this horrible t-shirt of the horrible painting from Strong Mad's closet!


WARNING: Side effects may include people actually trying to come on in here.

Sleepy Homestar Shirt Wake up and have a coffee with sleepy Homestar and his weird bunny(?) slippers.

Now you too can put cinnamon on your face to mimic an unshaven style!

Thanks for breaking his cow lamp!

It's Dot Com Shirt Let everybody, everybody know that you know that is, in fact, dot com.
Brainkrieg Shirt Originally only available in 'hastily hand-drawn in paintpen on thrift store t-shirts right before our show at the Rec Center' format, now YOU can proudly wear Brainkrieg's band logo on your front portion! JUGGA JIGGA WUGGA!
Taranchula Shirt
You Reek-A! Shirt Designed by Strong Bad in the email underlings, our new "You Reek-A" t-shirt is the perfect way to send a subtle hint to all of your friends, relatives and smunderlings. These are 100% cotton shirts with some kind of science person on the front and blank on the back.
Everybody Everybody Shirt Stop waffling and buy this shirt.
Videlectrix Shirt Videlectrix is the leading name in pixelated gaming so the next logical addition to their product line is t-shirts! An image of the patented Videlectrix floppy disk adorns this 100% cotton t-shirt. PLUS these shirts are "Sharpie Ready" so you can write in the title of your favorite Videlectrix game! Is it Trogdor or Peasant's Quest or maybe Pigs on Head? Go to the Videlectrix Catalog to reacquaint yourself with the whole Videlectrix family.
Trogdor New Shirt
Trogdor Lite Shirt Trogdor the Burninator in all his majesty.
Thnikkaman!! Shirt YOU can be the Thnikkaman when you sport this 100% cotton "orange poppy" colored shirt. (Sunglasses not included).
Teen Girl Squad Shirt Wear this one out and every boy will have a crush... on YOU!
Strong Badman Shirt Little Stiny, get me a danish!
20X6 Stinko Man Shirt Inspired by the 20X6 Stinko Man game, this cool shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton and bears four images of the "20X6 Stinko Man" on the front.
Strong Sad Shirt Look at that voluptuous belly.
Strong Sad Face Shirt If this shirt could talk, it would say "Each day, we die a little more."
Scalding Lake Shirt Look Rather Dashing in this stylish Scalding Lake t-shirt.
Your Head A Splode! Shirt Splo your head up with a giant vector StrongBadZone head on a black, 100% cotton pre-shrunk tee shirt.
Stinko Man Double Deuce Shirt If you're up for a challenge or maybe some light fighting, then you need this shirt featuring Stinko Man in his famous "double deuce" pose.
Pom Pom Shirt He's Big and Orange, and so is this great shirt, with Pom Pom's image floating across the front!!! You're sure to love it!! Get yours today!!
The Pizz From the successful and well reviewed pizza joint of the same name, The Pizz t-shirt offers 100% cotton comfort.
Pistols for Pandas Shirt Let's make an endangered species into an endangering one.
Nebulon Shirt Everyone will like a "no one likes your styles" shirt.
Support the Municipality! Shirt The King of Town in his most oppressive form!

*Poopertroopers not included

Marzipan (Flower) Shirt Don't be caught at a chinchilla protest without this shirt! No pressed bunson was harmed in the making of this shirt!
Fluffy Puff Marshmallows Shirt
Limozeen Shirt Proclaim your allegiance to METAL! Now you can own a shirt featuring Strong Bad's favorite metal band – Limozeen!!
Li'l Brudder Raglan Shirt He'll scrape right along and right into your heart!
Eh! Steve! Shirt
Duck Shirt Some folk will say you are a terrific athlete when you wear your very own Duck Shirt just like the one the Homestar Runner wears in Strong Bad email 100!
Cheat Commandoes Shirt Reynold, Fightgar, Gunhaver, Firebert and Silent Rip - all on a cool navy blue 100% cotton preshrunk tee shirt. Buy all our playsets and toys (and shirts!)
Coach Z Shirt Not Coach X or Coach Y, but Coach Dang Z!
The Cheat Since 1983 Shirt Since 1983!
The Cheat Shirt No rule is solid. Teh Ch8r's gonna Ch8 in this great time style t-shirt from the people that brought you the Star Shirt and the Duck Shirt.
Crazy Go Nuts University Shirt Whether you're fighting or sometimes striving, you'll always be in fashion in this genuine Crazy Go Nuts University t-shirt.
Senor Cardgage Shirt He's a garage sale lurker, he's a movie theater ticket taker and now he's on his very own t-shirt! This 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt features Senor Cardgage and his famous quote "No Probalo!"
Bubs Shirt You'll always be awesome in this light blue shirt featuring Free Country USA's enterprising entrepreneur - BUBS. Please note: there is not a typo on this shirt. It's supposed to say "BUBS' CONCES5ION STAND." Just calm down.
Bear Holding a Shark Shirt As seen in SBEmail 145!! For a limited time only, you can have your very own "My Baby Got Stole by a Bear Holding a Shark" T-shirt.
Homestar Baseball Jersey Wear this one to the Big Game! Go back to the farm leagues with this baseballularly-styled t-shirt with those 70's sleeves, know'mtalkinbout?
Homsar Shirt You TOO will be the pride of the peaches in this dashing Homsar t-shirt. 'It was all started... by a misspelling.' - Maybe Walt Disney
Raised by a Cup of Coffee Let people know where you came from with this 'Raised By A Cup of Coffee' logo shirt. This poor logo used to have to sit on the back of a Homsar t-shirt and now it's steppin' out on its own like Joe Jackson!
City (comma) State Shirt Fresh from the sbemail "independent," we bring you the official film crew t-shirt from the movie "city (comma) state."

Note: "Film crew" now appears on front. So nobody misses it.

Wind-Up Homestar For a long time there, only Mike ever designed the t-shirts because Matt is terrible with Illustrator. But then Matt made this one and a couple people actually bought it! Hooray!
Get Ye Flask You may never actually be able to 'get ye flask' like Thy Dungeonman but you can most certainly get this shirt!
Star Shirt Upgrade from that Duck shirt and fish this ol' star shirt right up out your craw, just like Homestar Runner! Now with arm-holes!
Team Kneepads Join the team! No, not Team Elbowpads, Team Kneepads! Ride the pine next to Reggie Toupee himself. Available in both royal and navy blue.
Air Cardgage Sky high with Senor Cardgage's iconic combover in this delicious slice of apparel.
Witch's Brew This year's hottest Halloween costume is here! Confuse your kids and neighbors with a shirt that says "Witch's Brew" in a 80's spring break/surf style for some reason.

This shirt was not available in the Shirts section, and could only be found from the front page or the Lazy Halloween Costumes! collection.

Trogdor Burninate the Countryside Shirt Supplies are scanty for this unique shirt from our Kickstarter -

Orange Tee designed by Crogan Adventures Illustrator Chris Schweizer for the Trogdor! the Board Game Cover.

[edit] Hoodies

Shirt Close-up Name Description
Trogdor Hoodie The crisp fall air is no match for Trogdor's world famous pullover hoodie! Pretend you are a peasant that has been burninated to a golden black! Wingaling style never looked so good!
Trogdor Zip Hoodie Zip up that majesty! Let Trogdor's burnination (and softy fleecey whatev) keep you warm on those cool Peasantry nights! Two pockets for holding extra spinedies and consummate V's. Drawstrings for hiding your ugly peasant face inside the hood!
Star Zip Hoodie Hey wow! Homestar's famous star shirt is now in zip-hoodie form! This changes everything, right? Perfect for those crisp autumnal breeze-winds! This thing will never get stuck in your craw!

[edit] Baby Stuff

Shirt Close-up Name Description
20X6 Stinko Man Run - Onesie For your little Stinko Mans.
20X6 Stinko Man Run - Youth Shirt
Homestar Babies
Bear Holding A Shark Onesie Every baby who's anybaby wants to get stole by a bear holding a shark. Make it happen for the dang kid!
Teeny Tiny Girl Squad Onesie Your little one will never crinkle when they walk in this onesie.
Trogdor Onesie

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