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Pick a petal, any petal

She Loves Me! is the "game" with the first reference of Marzipan by name. You pick the petals off a flower, and at the end, she loves Homestar Runner not. Conveniently, another petal grows and, you guessed it! "She loves me!" This isn't really much of a game as there is nothing you can do to make things progress any differently.

Current Page Title: The Original Website!

Original Page Title: She loves me...


{Homestar Runner is standing in a field next to a flower, thinking about Marzipan.}

CAPTION: One day, Homestar Runner found himself thinking of Marzipan. He wondered whether or not she loved him.

{Homestar picks the flower}

CAPTION: He decided to pick a flower and find out. He might need your help.

{Cut to close-up of the flower}

CAPTION: Click on the inside of the flower to help Homestar yank out a petal.

{Play the game. Homestar alternates between saying "She loves me!" and "She loves me not." When Homestar says, "She loves me," Marzipan faces front, but when he says "She loves me not," Marzipan turns her back. All the petals are eventually pulled.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Aww... she loves me not...

{An extra petal grows.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Says "Okay!" and ""Hey, she loves me!" simultaneously}

{Pull the petal}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, she loves me!

{Zoom out from the flower. Marzipan grows and pops out from Homestar's thought bubble. A heart appears over the flower.}

CAPTION: Holy Smokes! I think they're in love!

{Zoom into the heart. The "back" and "again" buttons appear.}


  • When all of the petals are gone, and the new petal appears, Homestar is saying two things at once.
  • When Marzipan turns around at the final "She loves me!", she gets bigger in the cloud.
  • If you double click the shoe after you pull the last petal it takes you to the characters' page.
  • Before the Museum was updated in February 2006, there were some more glitches in the game.
    • While Homestar said, "Aww, she loves me not..." when all the petals were gone for the first time, you could have stopped the sound for a split second by clicking on the inside of the flower.
    • If you clicked on the center of the flower after all of the petals were gone for the second time (instead of clicking the Next button), the game started all over again.
    • The Back button at the end of the game didn't work.
    • If you clicked on the lower right corner of the thought bubble, you would be redirected to the first Old Intro.

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