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This article is about the identities Strong Bad assumed in the email secret identity. For the Strong Bad Email, see secret identity.

In the Strong Bad Email "secret identity", it was revealed that Strong Bad and some of the other main characters had several secret identities and pseudonyms.


[edit] Strong Bad

[edit] The Poopsmith (?)

The Poopbad or Strongsmith?

At the beginning of the email, Strong Bad claims to be the true identity of The Poopsmith, incorrectly implying that the two of them have never been seen in the same place at the same time. He also claims that the famous pile of whatsit is actually a smoldering pile of cash... covered in whatsit. Strong Bad's scam is quickly brought to a halt when The Poopsmith pokes him with his shovel in the Computer Room. An Easter egg during this scene allows one to see a cross between The Poopsmith and Strong Bad.

[edit] Tip Tappers

Mr. Tappers

Tip Tappers, an expensive briefcase carrier, is Strong Bad's secret identity for when he is "on tour". He uses this identity when he wants to check into a hotel and not be bothered by legions of fans. He checks into Bubs' Motor Lodge under this name, adding "unless some girl asks what room Strong Bad's in. And she's at least a seven out of ten, or six if she's naked."

[edit] Vance Mudgeman

Vance Mudgeman

Vance "Daddy" Mudgeman is the identity Strong Bad uses when he visits his secret second family in a trailer home in Broiter Grove. As Vance, he wears a grease-stained shirt and has stubble on his face. He only seems to watch TV while kids play elsewhere in the house. He claims the kids love him, but he frequently yells at them and threatens to smack them if they misbehave. As Strong Bad puts it: "You gotta be firm."

[edit] Cara Carabowditbowdit

Cara Carabowditbowdit

Under the "pseudoname" Cara Carabowditbowdit, Strong Bad writes the advice column for Scarfgirl, a popular woman's magazine. He attempts to make the girls of the world "cooler for all us dudes". His disguise is a brown wig with a skull and bone on it. Cara encourages her readers to play more explodey video games (as opposed to the girly kind where you pretend to be a dog or a frog) — which she claims will make your guy stop talking about his ex. The response is signed "Eat a steak: Cara Carabowditbowdit" Marzipan doesn’t think Cara knows what she's talking about, and disapproves of her "pseudoname". Homestar Runner, meanwhile, thinks that Marzipan is jealous because Cara gets all the hot boys. Cara's hairstyle is a costume item available from the start in Homestar Ruiner.

[edit] Other Characters

Other characters were revealed to have secret identities in Bubs' Motor Lodge Registry, viewable in an Easter egg.

Pseudonym Type of Room Requested Payment Status Suspected Identity Clues
mr. allan poe one double PAID! Strong Sad His love of poetry and similarly dark demeanor. Posted avatar of poet in his weblog. His size also would require a larger bed.
mr. boyardee one king PAID! The King of Town A food-related name, requesting a "king"-sized bed.
mr. chamberlain posh suite COMPED! Pom Pom His different town self was an ABA basketball, and Wilt Chamberlain was a basketball player who went on to coach in the ABA. Both are known for being popular with women. Also, Pom Pom's sophisticated nature would warrant a posh suite.
mr. tesmacher one grill PENCIL SHAVINGS! The Cheat Has a similar lot in life as the pseudonym's origin (see References below). Lives in a grill, and has convinced Bubs that pencil shavings are legal tender.
ms. cousteau queen suite PAID! Marzipan She's the only girl, she requested a queen suite and she takes the name of a famous environmentalist.
mr. five freddy smelly cot DISCO TAPE! Coach Z Picked a hip-hop star's name, once asked Marzipan for a disco tape and has questionable hygiene.
mr. dee williams one racecar bed PAID TWICE! Homestar Runner Aside from being explicitly stated in the toon, Homestar once bought a racecar bed and this wouldn't be the first time he's overpaid for something.

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