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"Turn it out, Strong Bad, turn it out!"

There are various sea creatures found in the Homestar Runner universe. Among the most prominent are fish and whales.



"Whale" redirects here. For the drive-thru whale, see Drive-Thru Whale.
  • Main Page 3 — A whale with harpoons in its back appears if you roll over "Games".
  • Email island — The whale from Main Page 3 appears when Homestar says "Games".
  • Email no loafing — One of the posters Strong Bad puts up has a picture of a whale flying through the clouds.
  • Weclome Back — Strong Bad mentions a "narwhale" after his supposed sky-diving email check.
  • Drive-Thru — The speaker for the oddly absent drive-thru is shaped like a whale. It is seen again in several other toons.
  • Email from work — Strong Bad states that his dream job would be a "2nd 2nd Assistant Space Whale Scrubber".
  • Strong Bad is a Bad Guy — Strong Bad spray painted over a poster of Marzipan, bearing the caption "Vote Whales".
  • Email myths & legends — One of the graffiti drawings on the fence includes a stick figure of a girl on a bike, holding a whale above her head.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 14 — A picture of Cheerlubber the whale is placed next to Cheerleader's in the yearbook.
  • Homestar Ruiner — If the nasty option is chosen twice in conversation with Marzipan she says she "chonks" (hates) Strong Bad with the intensity of a thousand exploding whales.


  • Email credit card — One of the things on "The Coolest Stuff" is a robotic dog/shark.
  • Email stunt double — During the Dangeresque film, "Strong Bad" falls into a kiddie pool with a sign on it marked "Shark Pond!"
  • Email caffeine — A drawing of a "Shark-mobile" appears on a sticky note on Strong Bad's display board at the end of the email.
  • Hallrunner — A shark is one of the obstacles found in the hall.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 8 — Near the end, What's Her Face's guitar turns into a shark.
  • Email keep cool — Strong Bad asks Bubs if he would like to get together a game of "sharks and minnows".
  • Email the paper — Strong Bad is saved by The Paper from a sinking island surrounded by sharks.
  • Email being meanHungry Shark answers a few emails.
  • Behind The Bad Chapter 3: The Last Straw — Strong Bad claims to have a shark gun that shoots live sharks.

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