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This article is about the concept. For the toon, see Sbemailiarized!.
"Yeah yeah, no, yeah!"

Sbemailiarized Entertainment is a new concept for Strong Bad Emails. While there are currently over 200 Strong Bad Emails (not including the Not Quite Strong Bad Emails), they merely explain the different aspects of the Homestar Runner Universe, whereas Sbemailiarized Entertainment basically transforms various cartoons, Main Pages, and even the Intro, into a Strong Bad Email. They have been described as "Fourth Wall type things", "the future of Strong Bad Emails", "the worst idea [Mike] ever..." and so on.

At the end, the logo, which consists of a shiny metal orb with a cerulean circle around it and the words "sbemailiarized entertainment", appears, followed by "™ © ® LLC,,." and the name of a men's magazine.


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