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"There's holes in it and it's not a Ping-Pong ball."

Sample of Style Too! Some Outtakes is a collection of scenes and bloopers that didn't make the final cut for Sample of Style Too.

Cast (in order of appearance): Matt Chapman, Mike Chapman, Strong Bad, The Cheat

Running Time: 3:32

DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Four (Easter egg)

[edit] Transcript

MATT CHAPMAN: {Matt is in his black suit and Mike looks like he is going to sneeze.} Tell them how it's done. {laughs}


MIKE CHAPMAN: {Mike is now in front of Matt, and is pointing at the top left Ping-Pong ball.} This one right here was the first one. That's Homestar. {Matt laughs.}


MIKE CHAPMAN: {They are now in front of the green screen. Matt is missing two Ping-Pong balls.} I need two- two Ping-Pong balls. Just go down to the bowling alley. I think they- {Another Ping-Pong ball falls off Matt.} We need three Ping-Pong balls. Just go down to the bowling alley. I think they got Ping-Pong down there.


MIKE CHAPMAN: {Mike is holding a ball with holes in it.} There's holes in it. There's holes in it. There's holes in it. There's holes in it and it's not a Ping-Pong ball.


MIKE CHAPMAN: {At the green screen} I like your tight black clothes, but they need to have Ping-Pong balls taped to them, okay?


MIKE CHAPMAN: {Matt is dancing at the green screen and Mike is animating Strong Bad.} The Z is off a little.



MATT CHAPMAN: What!?! What!?! {Matt falls down.}

MIKE CHAPMAN: Just, {Mike gets up from the chair} Just stay down there. {bends down and finds a Ping-Pong ball} What is this?!? {throws it at Matt}


MATT CHAPMAN: {They are now playing the NES} It was my idea.

MIKE CHAPMAN: It's, it's everyone's idea to tape Ping-Pong balls to a tight black outfit.

MATT CHAPMAN: But whose tight black outfit was it?

MIKE CHAPMAN: Your wife's.


MIKE CHAPMAN: {They are back at the green screen and Matt is missing Ping-Pong balls.} Put this back and go get some table-tennis balls! Table-Tennis balls! Now march outta here! March!


MATT CHAPMAN: {They are now facing each other at the green screen.} Do you have a problem?

MIKE CHAPMAN: {gestures to Matt} This is motion capture Matt. {patting Matt on the head} It's my new friend, motion capture Matt!


MATT CHAPMAN: We're at an impasse here. Okay, obviously. We need- Strong Bad needs an arm, you obviously need a chill-pill. {Mike laughs.}


MATT CHAPMAN: {They are at the computer desk and the Strong Bad mask is on the desk.} Yeah, there are some weeks when Mike and I can't stand the sight of each other. And I'll go out of town! So when that happens... {Mike tapes a Ping-Pong ball to himself and a picture of The Cheat pops up in the upper left of the screen. Mike moves his shoulder, while The Cheat bobs slightly; The Cheat's actions don't change throughout the entire scene.}

MIKE CHAPMAN: Meh! Meh! Meh! Meh, Meh! How'm I doing?

MATT CHAPMAN: {Points at Mike} Check it out.

MIKE CHAPMAN: Meh! {Mike continues to say that until he gets hit.}

MATT CHAPMAN: You don't have to make that noise, I'll do that later. That sounds nothing like my character The Cheat from our website, {Mike begins to put more emphasis on his mehs and they become longer.} Will you stop that? I told you {gets interrupted by a long meh} That's my... look. I do the lyrics. I do the lyrics!

MIKE CHAPMAN: Let me see this. {takes a Ping-Pong ball.}

MATT CHAPMAN: Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! {Mike takes another Ping-Pong ball. Matt takes a Ping-Pong ball off and holds it.} How about this one? How about this one?! {He throws it at Mike's head. Matt does a The Cheat cry. This repeats five times, until Mike falls out of the chair and onto the floor.}


MATT CHAPMAN: {Matt is on the floor, and picking up Ping-Pong balls. Mike is getting back on to the chair.} Walk a mile in my shoes!

MIKE CHAPMAN: What does that mean? You're not even wearing shoes. {Matt shifts to see that he is not wearing shoes.}

MATT CHAPMAN: I should be.


MIKE CHAPMAN: {Matt is in the suit and Mike is talking next to the camera.} All you see, all you see is the white Ping-Pong balls. That's all you see. That's all anyone ever sees, is white Ping-Pong balls. That's... The world is made up of white Ping-Pong balls. So, when Matt moves around, you're seeing the skeletal animation of Eddie Murphy in the Haunted, Disney's The Haunted House Mansion.


MATT CHAPMAN: {Matt lost a Ping-Pong ball and Mike is putting it back on.} I can't, look I'm not. I don't have folds.

MIKE CHAPMAN: Well, you can just grab it. Why do you act like you can't move around? {Matt takes the Ping-Pong ball and puts it on his right shoulder.}


MIKE CHAPMAN: {Matt is dancing around. The Strong Bad mask is on the back of his head and is upside-down.} The head's upside down. It's upside down. {Matt turns around and fixes the mask. Matt continues to dance.} The front is, there. {Matt dances around faster and then turns around.}


MIKE CHAPMAN: {They are now next to the computer desk, and Matt's mask is down.} And so, Matt just dances around {Matt pulls up his mask and laughs.} in this outfit and I animate it all on the computer.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • During the scene where Mike "animates" The Cheat, the bottom of The Cheat's screen reads "Mr. The Ch8t". He was originally called "The Ch8t" in mile.

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