Sam & Max Season Two Alternate Ending 101

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In this alternate ending to Sam & Max's Season Two finale, Homestar Runner reveals himself as the evil "mastermind" behind it all.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner

Places: The Sam & Max version of Hell (main office)

[edit] Transcript

{The video starts with a blue screen, with "ALTERNATE ENDING #101" written in yellow font. After a second, some smaller, grey font appears; at the top is written "PROPERTY OF TELLTALE GAMES, INC." and, at the bottom, "DO NOT DISTRIBUTE".}

{A beep is heard, and the scene cuts to a high-backed chair in Hell's main office.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: At last, the truth is revealed! {Chair swings round, revealing Homestar, who is significantly smaller than the chair itself} And so ends {zoom in on Homestar} our deadly game of cat and mouse... and dog... and rabbit... {zoom out} thingy. My diaperbolical plan began fifteen years ago...

{The camera shot changes with two black, clockwise swirls. Homestar is now sitting on the chair's arm.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And then I fell in with some magical hobos, smuggling rye toast through the mists of the Coches Mountains.

{The camera shot changes again to Homestar standing on the chair.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And they were all like {zoom in} "ebola raygun? You must be crazy". But I said {zoom out} "in your face, scientists! The Homestar Runner plays by a different set of crescent wrenches!"

{The scene fades into an advertisement for the Sam and Max Season 2 DVD.}

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