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From the desk of Strong Bad.
Actually hard at work

Strong Bad regularly updated a Developer's Blog on the Telltale Games website to promote Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.


Blog Entries

Image Date Title Description Currently Playing
24 Apr 2009 Abbreviation Ovrld! Strong Bad misappropriates the abbreviated phrase "SBCG4AP on DVD for PC DVD-ROM!" "RE1 on PSX - those floating door transitions are the scariest part!"
10 Apr 2009 Double your Deuce Strong Bad is confused by increased sales since Nintendo fixed the Wii's storage problems. "Blackthorne on the SNES. Nobody shoots a shotgun while looking the other way better!"
17 Nov 2008 StoryBOREDs Strong Bad shows off his Dangeresque 3 ending storyboard. "MYST (I'm seeing who's taller, Strong Mad, or all the different versions of this freaking game stacked on top of each other)"
04 Nov 2008 Deep Trax Strong Bad offers up longer versions of the songs sampled in Baddest of the Bands. (View the Flash file.) "These seven inches stupid!"
15 Sept 2008 Total Cop Out Strong Bad retools the decapitation game to be an exploding collar game. (View the Flash file.) "My Aquarium (hey wait! you can't even give these fish ICK! where's the fun in that?)"
11 Aug 2008 Cheat Codes Strong Bad reveals some (fake) cheat codes for SBCG4AP. "Um, duh?"
23 Jul 2008 Videlectricks Videlectrix writes to Strong Bad about their treatment by Telltale Games. "4 player Warlords. Paddles man, paddles."
10 Jul 2008 Large Decap Latte Strong Bad is disappointed that his game didn't get a Mature rating. So he has some poorly created decapitations to make up for it. (View the Flash file.) "Badminton. It's nice out."
26 Jun 2008 O Contest, Mii Contest Strong Bad has his own comments about the Telltale Mii Contest. "Metal Storm (best death explosion ever)"
10 Jun 2008 Payable Demo! Strong Bad shows off his "playable demo". (View the Flash file) "Gold Rush! (lost the manual, anyone know when Sutter's Mill was built?)"
04 Jun 2008 End Boss Feature Strong Bad discusses stickers, game features, and marketing. "Abodox (I refuse to believe that logo says 'Abadox')"
21 May 2008 Concept Art is a SCAM! Strong Bad bemoans Telltale's decision to take the game visuals in a different direction. "The Viking Child for LYNX. Best Handheld Ever Man."
14 May 2008 The Endinning of the End Strong Bad hates the French horn. "Lost Eden (the dinosaurs look REAL!)"
7 May 2008 Logos Please Strong Bad explains that video game success is proportional to the number of logos before the title screen. "Trojan (they still have cartoon sticks of TNT in the post-apocalyptic future!)"
24 Apr 2008 New Screenshots! Strong Bad shows off some new screen shots of the upcoming game... that have been altered slightly. "Not MS Paint"
17 Apr 2008 Anadigilogital Strong Bad complains about the game's lack of box art and dipswitches. "Rebel Assault 1 (from a time when nasty looking full motion video was the future of gaming!)"
10 Apr 2008 Nobody Listens to Strong Bandrew Strong Bad decries the Telltale Team's rejection of his game ideas. "Wagyan Land (the end boss is a word game!)"

Fun Facts

24 Apr 2009

10 Apr 2009

  • The entry title is based on Double Deuce.
  • Strong Bad is complaining about how Nintendo has, in a then recent update, allowed SD cards to store and directly play games on the Wii, effectively allowing for unlimited storage.

17 Nov 2008

  • The blimp is similar to the one seen in an Easter egg in web comic.
  • "Awexome Movie" is a reference to Awexome Cross.
  • Strong Bad saying that Myst has many versions is a reference to the fact that Myst has been re-released several times with updated graphics and sounds, either for PC and Mac, or for several game consoles.
  • Strong Bad's proposed ending appears to have Dangeresque's death in it.
  • The storyboard caption says "Int. Awexome Movie - Day", but the picture suggests the scene is supposed to be shot outdoors, not indoors.

04 Nov 2008

  • The cover of the single "My Face (Don't Put Needles In It)" by Cool Tapes features Poodonkis.
  • Strong Bad writes "Click on a seven inch below to style yourself out!"
  • The cover of "Left-Shift-Alt-Delete" has "Compy 386" on it.

15 Sept 2008

  • In this dev blog entry, The Poopsmith is dressed as a Poopertrooper. Besides the exploding collars and different sound effects, this is the only change between this Flash file and the original from Large Decap Latte.
  • The explosion animation is the same one used in Theme Song Video.
  • The explosive collars remain present after the explosions.

11 Aug 2008

23 Jul 2008

  • The Videlectrix Guys complain that lunches have gone "unbought", in contrast to the more optimistic statement that Telltale "bought us lunch even!" seen in the game catalog listing for SBCG4AP.
  • The Cheat was previously referred to as a "yellow dog" in army, and was also called "The Squeak" (labeled as such in the image) in hiding.

10 Jul 2008

  • ESRB is an organization created for rating video games. "ESRB" actually stands for "Entertainment Software Rating Board".
    • It was revealed in a later interview that having any sort of decapitation in a game warranted an automatic M rating.
  • The Dev Blog entry has every main character die in it.
  • This is another instance of Strong Sad being decapitated.
  • In the Flash file, if you click play (after clicking on a button), it will show Strong Bad's head being decapitated off of the previously clicked character's body. Additionally, that same "half Strong Bad" is also seen outside the frame of the menu.

26 Jun 2008

  • The blog entry's title refers to O Captain! My Captain!.
  • The characters the Miis are supposed to look like are, in order, Marzipan, The Cheat, Strong Bad, and Bubs.
  • Strong Bad sees the Marzipan Mii as Alice the Goon, a character from the Popeye series.

10 Jun 2008

  • Strong Bad mentions a giant novelty toothbrush, which was also mentioned by Homestar Runner in from work.
  • Lemonade Stand is an early educational computer program, where players had to set the price for their lemonade depending on conditions.
  • Strong Bad's request for the manual is because, like many Sierra games of the era, the game would periodically ask for certain words or facts from the manual as a form of copy protection.
  • Phensics is a portmanteau.

04 Jun 2008

21 May 2008

14 May 2008

  • The game Strong Bad is complaining about is Pitfall II: Lost Caverns. Frogs and balloons were two of the new features in the game, as well as unlimited lives.
  • Strong Bad should know that the "silver french horn" is a scorpion, as he positively identified it as such in the commentary of In Search of the Yello Dello.
  • "Endinning" is a portmanteau of "end" (or "ending") and "beginning."

7 May 2008

  • Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People would later be released with only two logos before the title screen.

24 Apr 2008

  • Strong Bad alters a screenshot from the game and claims that it's a dating sim featuring Kate Pierson of the B-52's.
  • One of Strong Bad's fake screencaps reveals that Homestar's innards are filled with "Strawberry Quik". "Quik" was the original name of NestlĂ©'s flavored milk drink Nesquik.
  • Strong Bad claims to launch a "heat-seeking 3-Stooges eye-poker missile" in his game. The hallmark slapstick comedy of the Stooges often included eye-poking.
  • Another screencap shows Strong Sad attempting to "perform open heart surgery on his own dang self."

17 Apr 2008

10 Apr 2008

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