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==External Links ==
==External Links ==
*[ Read Strong Bad's Dev Blog]
*[ Read Strong Bad's Dev Blog]

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From the desk of Strong Bad.

Strong Bad regularly updates a Developer's Blog on the Telltale Games website to promote Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.


Blog Entries

Image Date Title Description Currently Playing:
04 Jun 2008 End Boss Feature Strong Bad discusses stickers, game features, and marketing. "Abodox (I refuse to believe that logo says 'Abadox')"
File:Devblog05-21-08.PNG 21 May 2008 Concept Art is a SCAM! Strong Bad bemoans Telltale's decision to take the game visuals in a different direction. "The Viking Child for LYNX. Best Handheld Ever Man."
14 May 2008 The Endinning of the End Strong Bad hates the French horn. "Lost Eden (the dinosaurs look REAL!)"
7 May 2008 Logos Please Strong Bad explains that video game success is proportional to the number of logos before the title screen. "Trojan (they still have cartoon sticks of TNT in the post-apocalyptic future!)"
24 Apr 2008 New Screenshots! Strong Bad shows off some new screen shots of the upcoming game... that have been altered slightly. Not MS Paint
17 Apr 2008 Anadigilogital Strong Bad complains about the game's lack of box art and dipswitches. "Rebel Assault 1 (from a time when nasty looking full motion video was the future of gaming!)"
10 Apr 2008 Nobody Listens to Strong Bandrew Strong Bad decries the Telltale Team's rejection of his game ideas. "Wagyan Land (the end boss is a word game!)"

Fun Facts

04 Jun 2008

21 May 2008

  • Strong Bad refers to bullstyle.
  • Strong Bad also says that the "Smelly Guy" has "several months' worth of empty cans of Bull Honkey.
  • Strong Bad's concept art was seen at the end of the SBCG4AP Advertisement.

14 May 2008

  • The game Strong Bad is complaining about is Pitfall II: Lost Caverns. Frogs and balloons were two of the new features in the game, as well as unlimited lives.
  • Strong Bad should know that the "silver french horn" is a scorpion, as he positively identified it as such in the commentary of In Search of the Yello Dello.
  • "Endinning" is a portmanteau of "end" (or "ending") and "beginning."

24 Apr 2008

  • Strong Bad alters a screenshot from the game and claims that it's a dating sim featuring Kate Pierson of the B-52's.
  • One of Strong Bad's fake screencaps reveals that Homestar's innards are filled with "Strawberry Quik". "Quik" was the original name of Nestlé's flavored milk drink Nesquik.
  • Strong Bad claims to launch a "heat-seeking 3-Stooges eye-poker missile" in his game. The hallmark slapstick comedy of the Stooges often included eye-poking.

17 Apr 2008

10 Apr 2008

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