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"But Earthling, they don't have polymascotfoamalate on my planet."

Rumble Red first appeared in the Old-Timey era to The Homestar Runner, presumably after his UFO crashed into a factory. He later conversed with Limozeen in space on an unidentified planet.

Rumble Red is a humanoid with pincers instead of hands, horn-shaped ears, and three eyes that blink sequentially. He frequently brags about the lack of Earth amenities on his home planet and has been accused by both The Homestar Runner and Mary Palaroncini of being a communist fool. He also frequently adds the phrase "Eh, Rumble?" after or during sentences.

Rumble Red's planet doesn't have much. According to him, it has long lines and expensive bread. This appears to reference the Soviet Union prior to its collapse, when the Soviets had to stand in extremely long lines to receive their rations, and when staple foods like bread were scarce, and therefore expensive to procure. Rumble Red seems to have been killed by a Decemberween gift from Old-Timey Marzipan.

Some fans believe he may be the Old-Timey version of Nebulon, another alien, who is not well-liked by characters from Powered by the Cheat and 20X6


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