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"I brought some ambrosia salad!"

Ripberger is a stealthy Cheat Commando who presumably fights Blue Laser. He wears a red ninja outfit that is not his pajamas, and he has black "gloves!". His first speaking appearance in a Cheat Commandos cartoon was in Let us give TANKS!, in which he brings ambrosia salad to Blue Laser's Thanksgiving dinner. His voice is similar to the G.I. Joe ninja Storm Shadow.

His design is a direct parody of "Jinx", who first appeared in G.I. Joe: The Movie. She was a ninja whose costume appeared to be nothing more than red pajamas.

The name "Ripberger" came from a family that lived near The Brothers Chaps when growing up in Indiana, as revealed in the Cheat Commandos DVD commentary. Also, Magistrate Ripberger is a character from Thy Dungeonman II.

Apparently, Ripberger's action figure was some sort of limited-run promotional toy. As the Blue Laser Commander puts it in Let us give TANKS!, he was "only available for a limited time with three proofs of purchase!"

Defining Traits

  • Stealthy!!
  • Black "Gloves!"
  • He's Not Wearing Pajamas!
  • This One Wears Red!


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