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Reynold isn't fooling anyone with his tie.
Without the Glasses

Reynold is a civilian contractor for the Cheat Commandos. He wears glasses and a fake tie, and his favorite drink is milk. In addition to the Reynold action figure, you can also buy Reynold's Apartment Extreme Playset. In the Cheat Commandos commercial, we learn that he once had a girlfriend who possibly would buy his groceries for him, but she left him some time ago.

Reynold's first appearance as an animated character was in the Toon Shopping for Danger. He is unhappy with his job and wants to go on a mission with the other Cheat Commandos, believing that he could be a "good mission guy." However, according to Crackotage, he can neither shoot nor fly, so if he were to go with them, he would probably die. In fact, all of the rest of the Commandos seem to treat him as though he were a kid, illustrated by his lesson about Appropriate Peer-2-Teen Choice Behaviors in Commandos in the Classroom after a frustrated Reynold threatened to go home and "get teen pregnant".

Reynold's tie and glasses are reminiscent of classic nerd Drew Carey. He suffers from strabismus, a muscular failure that causes the eyes to move in different directions when not wearing corrective glasses or lenses. He has a romantic interest in Foxface, the only known female Commando. However, his attempts to "be one of the guys" have only led to embarrassment, as he is not good at swearing and he has never eaten pizza.

Reynold is one of the Cheat Commandos featured in the first Cheat Commandos figurine set.

Defining Traits

  • Civilian Contractor!!
  • Fake Tie!
  • Favorite Drink: Milk!!
  • Not A Blackbelt!!


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