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Reynold: he never gets to go on any missions.

Reynold is a civilian contractor for the Cheat Commandos. He wears glasses and a fake tie. His favorite drink is milk. You can buy his apartment extreme playset, as well as his playset's groceries. His girlfriend used to buy them for him, before she left him.

Reynold first appears as an animated character in the toon Shopping for Danger. He is unhappy with his job and wants to go on a mission with the other Cheat Commandos because he believes he could be a "good mission... guy." However he can neither shoot nor fly, so if he were in fact to go with them, he would probably die. His voice is whiny and somewhat similar to Strong Sad's. He also is interested in Foxface, the only female Commando. He suffers from Strabismus, which is a muscular failure when the eyes go in two different directions when not wearing corrective glasses or lenses. His tie and glasses are reminiscent of classic nerds Drew Carey and Dilbert. In Commandos in the Classroom, he is taught about peer-2-teen choice behaviors.

Complete Filmography

Defining Traits

  • Civilian Contractor!!
  • Fake Tie!
  • Favorite Drink: Milk!!
  • Not A Blackbelt!!
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