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"!derob os m'I ,hO"

Some characters have demonstrated the ablitity to (or at least attempt to) speak backwards.


  • Strong Bad's Message Bored — The second time the mouse is moved over Strong Bad's head, he says "Oh, I'm so bored!" backwards.
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 9.2Homestar Runner tries to record over his break-up with Marzipan by attempting to speak gibberish backwards.
  • Email dreamailThe Cheat tries to read part of Strong Bad's dreamail backwards.
  • Email rock operaStrong Bad says, "Checkin' email, now take it to the flip side!" backwards during the Email intro.
  • Email alternate universe — An Easter egg is made to appear as if Homestar Runner spoke his lines backwards, and then the footage is played in reverse, so that his lines sound sensible, but distorted. This egg is a parody of a scene in an episode of Twin Peaks, during which this technique was employed.
  • Email looking old — In The Cheat's remix of the email, one part of the clip is played backwards... the sound is mostly gibberish, but is partly some of the original line, said forwards, but with the words in reverse order.
  • Email mini-golf — Strong Bad says, "thousand other people have touched" backwards after he and The Cheat return from Sweet Puttin' Cakes. This was what Strong Bad was saying when he was transported there.
  • Jibblies 2Rocoulm says, "Come on in here!" backwards to release everybody from their jibblies.
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