Revenge of the King

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Summary: The KOT has gone insane; he's cannoning everything in sight!!! It's up to you, Strong Bad, to thwart his maniacal rampage, and there's only one way to do it...FOOD FIGHT!!! If you shove a meal down his throat, you get 10 points. If he launches a cannonball into your neck of the castle, he gets 25 points. Oh, yeah: WINNER GETS CUPCAKES!!! -Justin Hack


You Win:

   Strong Bad is shown ruthelessly devouring his prize. The King of Town is shown behind him, tied to a rope that's slowly descending him over a cauldron of boiling butter. The KOT loves butter, and wisecracks: "The punishment is not too bad, eh?"

-Justin Hack

You lose

The King Of Town is in the foreground chowing down on cupcakes. Strong Bad is being lowered by a rope into a pile of Whatsit, being watched by The Poopsmith.

Strong Bad: Uh-oh. This is about to get a lot more unfortunate.

You tie

A message in Olde English text on the screen says, "You guys tied!" No extra animation is played.

Additional Info

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