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That sure is... a Heavy Lourde.

Word redundancy is a running joke in the Homestar Runner universe that concerns using more than one of the same word to describe an object, character, object, etc.




  • Email monster truck (Easter egg) — The flyer for Awexome Cross '98 uses "Also, too".
  • Email interviewStrong Bad says "...more better..." as part of his reply to Kerrek's email.
  • Email road trip — Strong Bad makes a joke—"jumbo/LARGE"—before going on the trip.
  • Email coloring — One of Strong Bad's crayons is called "Skin Flesh".
  • Email rough copy — When Homestar sells Strong Bad Flavored Water, Strong Bad "shut[s] that mess down on the quickfast."
  • Email your edge — Strong Bad says that he and The Cheat are "shenanigan-ing" each other "alone by ourselves".
  • Haunted Photo Booth — Homestar says "we shoulda had known!"
  • Decemberween Dangeresque — The prices at the grocery stores are labelled "Per Each".

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