Record Store Day 2018

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"Now it just repeats."

sloshy reveals their newest release onto the most obscure platform possible.

Date: Friday, April 20, 2018

Running Time: 1:16



{Cut to a black background with a blurry sloshy logo, as it comes into focus. A portion of sloshy’s "B-est of B-sides" is playing in the background. The text "Record Store Day 2018" appears at the top, followed by the text ""B-est of B-sides" Special Release" appearing below the sloshy logo. The text "Available only for a children's toy from the 70's" appears coming from the bottom below the previously mentioned text.}

{Cut to an out-of-focus shot of aforementioned children's toy, resembling a miniature record player made out of plastic and featuring a yellow-white color scheme. The shot comes into focus and a person places a plastic green "record" onto the player, turning it to lock it in.}

{Cut to shot of the lower front-side of the toy record player, featuring a crank, which is spun by the hand through three cycles}

{Cut to a close-up of the toy record. The toy's stylus is placed onto the record.}

{Cut to a switch above the record. The switch is moved into the on position and music begins to play}

{Fade to wider shot of the record player still playing the record. The lyrics "It's an early demo." appears at the bottom, becoming highlighted in line with the lyrics from the song with vocals.}

{Fade to close shot above the record player focused on the center of the record. The lyrics "But we only make-a early demos." appears at the bottom featuring similar highlighting}

{Fade to wider shot of the record player. The record player's crank can be seen slowly winding down in the opposite direction. Several other records can be seen to the right of the toy record player. The lyrics "Depends how big the stereogum blows." appears at the bottom, becoming highlighted over time as they would be sung}

{Fade to extreme close up shot of the record player's crank, which is slowly winding down. The lyrics from the previous shot briefly lingers before the lyrics "Gum blows. Yeah!" appears in their place, becoming highlighted in yellow in accordance with when they'd be sung in the song}

{Fade to close up shot of the right side of the top of the record player adjacent to the record. A protruding plastic design can be seen, featuring singing birds on branches, accompanied by an eighth note and two paired eighth notes.}

{Fade to close up shot in front of the record. The lyrics "This is the B-est of B-sides." appears at the bottom and are highlighted in style of a karaoke machine.}

{Fade to extreme close up shot of the center of the record, with the record player's stylus on the right. The text "Now it just repeats." appears at the bottom; it does not feature any highlighting.}

{Fade to wide shot of the record and the record player's stylus. The text "But it gets slower." appears at the bottom, again featuring no highlighting.}

{Fade to extreme close up shot of the record player's wind-up crank. The text "Until it winds all the way down." appears at the bottom without any visual effects.}

{Fade to close up shot of the record. The static text "Getting close..." appears at the bottom and then disappears. The text "I can taste it." appears in its place.}

{Fade to wide shot of the record player with the text from the previous shot remaining. The text disappears and the record's spinning eventually stops completely. The text "There we go." appears at the bottom without any alterations.}

{Cut to a black background with a blurry sloshy logo with the full version of "The B-est of B-sides" playing in the background. There is text reading "Not really available." in yellow in the foreground. After a few seconds, the scene cuts to black and the music stops.}

Fun Facts



"Sloshy's so indie-pretentious that their next single is only coming out on those plastic fisher price baby records from the 70's."
Sloshy gets even more obscure than usual with this year's pretentious release.

Lullaby arrangement by Robert Schneider

Made using Instructable by Fred Murphy:

Inside References

  • This toon is a sequel to Record Store Day three years prior, with an even more obscure format for the same song.

Real-World References

  • The children's toy featured is a 1971 Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player. However, it is important to note that only the original will work and not the reproduction released later, if one wants to follow the instructions to try this at home, as the songs are stored internally with the latter rather than actually being read from the records like with the former.

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