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Sloshy drop they new single.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Sad, Strong Bad, Bubs

Places: Bubs' Concession Stand

Date: Saturday, April 18, 2015

Running Time: 3:25

Page Title: Limited Edition Colored 180gm Vinyl Picturedisque



{Slow fade onto Bubs' Concession Stand, closed, during sunrise as we see Strong Sad wearing a Sloshy shirt and sleeping against the right side of the concession stand.}

{Strong Bad walks up to Strong Sad}

STRONG BAD: Hey. {Angier} Hey.

STRONG SAD: {fully awake} Look out Juilian Ca-ta-blank-as!

STRONG BAD: Hey Stankle. Did you sleep here last night?

STRONG SAD: Oh yeah. I wanted to be first in line for Record Store Day. {Pats his belly} Sloshy's releasing an obscure 7-inch.

STRONG BAD: But aren't all of Sloshy's releases obscure? As in, they make enough copies for themselves and their girlfriends, knowing full well that their girlfriends are going to throw them away?

STRONG SAD: And I creep them out of the trash! {holds up record titled "Girlfriend Haircut" covered in mud and with a banana peel on it]

STRONG BAD: Ah, that sounds like you. All Limozeen's doin' for Record Store Day is releasing a Cassette Maxi Single of their 7th Final Reunion Tour Brunch.

{Cut to wooden table with a Cassette case named "Limozeen but they're at brunch!"}

STRONG BAD: It's just them at some restaurant talking about escrow and knee surgery.

{Cassette is placed into a player off-screen}

MARY PALARONCINI: {eating noises] Man, this frittata is heavenly!

LARRY PALARONCINI: I just defaulted our nine l-l-l-l-l-loan-sah!

{Cut to the Concession Stand, now open, with Bubs handing Strong Sad a vinyl record as Strong Sad spectates}

BUBS: Here ya go, Strong Sad. That'll be $400.

STRONG SAD: Ooh, on sale even! {turns around to face Strong Bad} Check it out, it's a B-side only.

{Cut to close-up of Strong Sad viewing the record with both of his hands}

STRONG BAD: So, the B-side's just blank?

STRONG SAD: Not even!

{Strong Sad turns the record over to have the record be nearly-fully transparent}


STRONG SAD: It's pressed on 180 gram two-dimensional vinyl!

STRONG BAD: {rubbing his chin} Really? Swipe me down!

{Strong Bad jumps over to Strong Sad and punches down the Vinyl as we hear it shatter on the grass}

STRONG SAD: Oh! Where'd it go? {Looking down frantically} I can't see it!

STRONG BAD: Rwah-ha-ha-ha! {Strong Bad walks away} Music nerd! How's that for obscure?

{Cut to Sloshy music video with a soft drum beat in the background as the watermark "Made with BAND TRIBUTE SLIDESHOW LYRICS MAKER PLUS - TRIAL EDITION" is across the screen. Seconds later, Sloshy's logo appears. It is then replaced seconds later with a disc case of someone holding a guitar with their face whited out and in the corner, in Comic Sans, "the worst fonts EP"}

It's an early demo. But we only make-a early demos. Depends how big the stereogum blows. Gum blows, yeah! This is the B-est of B-sides. Hope you had to wait in a long line. We never even played this song live. This is the B-est of B-sides. This track is so elusive. A UK-exclusive, Japan-only import bootleg of the in-store. Of the in-store. Yeah! This is the B-est of B-sides I hope you had to wait in a long line We're never gonna play this song live. This is the B-est of B-sides. We even played piano. (we even play piano) This part has piano. (we never play piano) We even played piano. (I am actually playing this piano) Piano. Yeah! (yeah) This is the B-est of B-sides. Hope you had to wait in a long line. We're never gonna play this song live. It's the B-est of B-sides. Alright, I think we should break up again.

{Cut to vinyl record on wooden table with a top-black and bottom-red label. It reads: "Coolier Than Thou Records" "180gm vinyl" "45 rpm" "stere-ereo" "side B" "HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY!"

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Fun Facts



  • This is the first toon since Xeriouxly Forxe to lack an Easter egg.
  • This toon was released on the same day as The Cheat's cheatday (at least according to his fake ID).


  • This is the fifth toon in a row to not have a back button.
  • The poster that appears at "This part has piano" is in German, and means "Live at the Angry Kebab Shop. Wednesday, November 17 at 9:30."

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