Rabbit Algebra

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Rabbit Algebra

Rabbit Algebra is a Videlectrix educational title, shown in the Peasant's Quest Preview. It is a "game" where algebra is taught by a rabbit. This is a parody of The Learning Company's "Reader Rabbit" and "Math Rabbit," and possibly the original "Stickybear Math" by Optimum Resource, where various animals teach elementary subjects.

Fun Facts

  • If solved, X equals ±9.
  • The score, logx14, is dependent on x; moreover, x=141/z for any non-zero integer z results in an integral solution (namely z itself) which works for negative values of z as well. In fact, the limit as z goes to 0 of logb(z)14 is, in fact, 0 for b(z) = 141/z.
  • In the number of "mans", 2x=6, x is equal to 3.
  • The version on Pay Plus has the problem x2 + 28 = 44, which gives x = ±4.


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