Rabbit Algebra

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Rabbit Algebra

Rabbit Algebra is a Videlectrix educational title, shown in the Peasant's Quest Preview. It is a "game" where algebra is taught by a rabbit. This is a parody of The Learning Company's Reader Rabbit and Math Rabbit, where various animals teach elementary subjects. It is mentioned on the Videlectrix game catalog, but it is not available for play.

Fun Facts

  • If solved, x = ±9.
  • The score, logx14, is dependent on x; Setting x to 14 or any integer root of 14 (e.g. square root, cube root, etc) yields an integral score.
  • The score cannot be zero.
  • In the number of "mans", 2x=6, x is equal to 3.
  • The version on HomestarRunner.com PAY PLUS! has the problem x2 + 28 = 44, which gives x = ±4.


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