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'''STRONG BAD:''' Oh, YOU again!
'''STRONG BAD:''' Oh, YOU again!
'''NICKY:''' Remember the guy on the prarie?
'''NICKY:''' Remember the guy on the prairie?
'''STRONG BAD:''' Look...d...don't you have anything better to do than call people at the crack of dawn, man?
'''STRONG BAD:''' Look...d...don't you have anything better to do than call people at the crack of dawn, man?

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Radio U
The Brothers Chaps's second interview on the R!OT on Radio U.


OBADIA {sighs} It's the Riot on Radio U.

NICKY: You know what, this is totally for your one year anniversary.

OBADIA: Oh my gosh, I'm all stinkin' greds, right now, I'm all greds. Because-- we're about to call HomestarRunner.com. Now, we've never called a dot com before. Last time--

NICKY: It'll be interesting.

OBADIA The Brothers Chaps, who are behind it, they called us. But today, we have to make the phone call, so, here we go... {begins dialing on a phone} Let's see...

NICKY: Oh, by the way, if you haven't, go ahead and log on to HomestarRunner.com, introduce yourself with some of the characters, and, you know... that way, you're like, "Who the heck are they talking to?" You'll understand it all.

OBADIA Let's see... dot C-O-M. {presses three buttons while saying this} Here we go. {Nicky laughs}

NICKY: I've never called a dot com, either.

OBADIA Yeah, me neither.

NICKY: It's pretty interesting. {phone begins ringing}

OBADIA It's ringing.

NICKY: {whispering} It's dialing.

OBADIA It's ringing.

NICKY: Oh, right. {the phone is picked up}


OBADIA Hello, who is this?

NICKY: Strong Bad!

OBADIA Who's this?

STRONG BAD: What do you mean? You called me!

OBADIA I know. {Nicky laughs} Is this HomestarRunner.com?

STRONG BAD: This is Strong Bad, man.


STRONG BAD: Wh-who is this?

OBADIA This is Obadia! Remember me?

STRONG BAD: Oh, YOU again!

NICKY: Remember the guy on the prairie?

STRONG BAD: Look...d...don't you have anything better to do than call people at the crack of dawn, man?

NICKY: Well, now, Strong Bad, it's really important that he called today, 'cause this is Obadia's one year anniversary on the show, so it's a big day for him.

STRONG BAD: Well, look, I'm real happy for the guy {Nicky laughs} but, you know, not everybody's been up in the barn since 5 in the morning like Obadia over there. {Obadia cracks up} I got-- look, man, I was out 'till like 5 AM last night.

OBADIA: Well, I didn't see you in the barn. {Nicky laughs again} Now, Strong Bad, let me ask you a question, seriously. If you were out 'till like 5 AM last night, who were you out with?

STRONG BAD: Um, you know... um... probably one of my many girlfriends...

OBADIA: Right, so you've got a few-- a few of the la-- are these the-- these wouldn't be the girls from, like, Teen Girl Squad, are they?

STRONG BAD: No, man. Those girls-- I would never hang out with those girls.

OBADIA: You-- you're not too in to that.

STRONG BAD: No thanks.

OBADIA: No. What-- now, see, I've heard that you were trying to get together with Marzipan, but I don't buy it, 'cause I don't think she likes you.

STRONG BAD: Where'd you hear that?

NICKY: You know, it was just one of the many rumours.

OBADIA: {almost simultaneously} I just, well--

STRONG BAD: Quit makin' that up.

NICKY: That was, uh--

OBADIA: I'm not ma-- you mean making up that you're trying to get with her, or making up that, uh, she's--

STRONG BAD: I'm makin' up that you think I'm trying to get with her, man. Look-- I mean, you know, everybody's always like, "Oh, you always make fun of Marzipan, that means you love her, man!" And it's just like, look-- you know, that guy in school in third grade that made fun of you all the time? Yeah, he didn't really have a crush on you, he just made fun of you. {Obadia and Nicky laugh} He said you were ugly, he thought you were ugly, man! You know, there was no, like, hidden agenda there.

NICKY: He was just pure mean.

STRONG BAD: He wasn't trying to, you know, use reverse psycology.

NICKY: All right.

OBADIA: Well, Strong Bad, see, I'll tell you what, I've been sending you emails, 'cause, like, I read your email, like, every week, and I keep sendin' em, and you never answer me back, and I wanna know what's up with that.

STRONG BAD: Hey, hey, get in line, buddy. Okay? Because I got, like, I tell you, I got like 15,000 unread emails in my Inbox right now, you know? And to tell you the truth, I think I have the ones, tha-- it says "The Amish Guy From The Radio." It filters that right into my trashbox, so...

NICKY: That's-that's smart, that's smart.

STRONG BAD: Sorry, man.

OBADIA: Strong Bad, if you're just gonna abuse me, listen, I just want to talk to Homestar.

STRONG BAD: Abuse you? You-- look, you called me, like 2 o'clock in the morning!

OBADIA: It's not-- listen, I thought you were up all late, having a good time, huh? You know?

STRONG BAD: I-- I-- uh, I mean, I was.

OBADIA: Right, that's what I thought, so, I mean, you're probably already awake and stuff?

STRONG BAD: {nervously} Uh-- well-- nm-- mayb-- mm-- I dunno...

OBADIA: You don't--?

STRONG BAD: Next question.

OBADIA: Yeah, next one.

NICKY: Next question. Moving on.

OBADIA: I wanna-- I wanna talk to Homestar. Is he there?

STRONG BAD: What do you mean, is he there? I don't live with Homestar!

OBADIA: Yeah, whatever! You guys are all bunked up together! I know you are! He lives right outside of Strong Badia! Which i-- right next to the Tire.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {in the distance} Hey, Strong Bad! I brought you some breakfast!

STRONG BAD: What are you doing here? Oh, great, he's here.

OBADIA: Well, I want to talk to him!

NICKY: {simultaneously} Can we talk? Yeah... I love Homestar Runner.

OBADIA: He's so cool.


OBADIA: Homestar!


OBADIA: How are you doing?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I'm doing well!

OBADIA: Hey, it's Obadia, from on the prarie.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I don't know who you are!

NICKY: {laughs} It's been a while since you talked to him last.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I don't know if I've ever talked to you, man.

OBADIA: I-- w-- I'm a big fan of your show.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Thanks! You sound like a nice man.

OBADIA: I'm very nice. In fact, um, I was wondering if, maybe, well... could you tell us why you and Strong Bad don't get along?

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