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The Old and the New

The Quote of the Week is a soundbyte from a toon, available to download or just to listen to. (The dates on some of these are just guessed from the file-modified date.)

For the July 29th-November 11th quotes, the download option was only available as a .zip file. As of the November 22nd quote, however, the download option appears to only be as a straight mp3, and they appear to be deleting each quote of the week as soon as the next one is released.
Also, the quotes are now transcribed, and saving the Flash file will not produce desired results. Look here.


Date Download Quote From
04/28/2005 download Coach Z: Once again Biscuit Dough Hands Man slips through our fingers! Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
04/21/2005 download (mirror) Strong Bad: {Imitating Lappy 486's start-up noise} Dong DIIING!!! animal
04/14/2005 download (mirror) Strong Mad: I'M THE HUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! other days
03/31/2005 download (mirror) The Homestar Runner: Well, folks, you know what that means: Now I'll do a dance. 20X6 vs. 1936
03/25/2005 download (mirror) Bubs: (as Dr. Christmas) Everybody knows me. Mine name Cornbread. A Decemberween Pageant
03/17/2005 download (mirror) King of Town: Stop what? I don't do nothing! 3 Times Halloween Funjob
03/10/2005 download (mirror) Strong Bad: Oh. Why do you...guys...like me anymore. I—I've lost it! origins Outtake
02/27/2005 download (mirror) Crackotage: Look out below, geronimo! Hee hee HA HA! Cheat Commandos...O's
02/17/2005 download (mirror) Homsar: I'm the human wedgie! origins
02/10/2005 download (mirror) Strong Bad: Everyone is different. No two people are not on fire. Awww. kids' book
01/27/2005 download (mirror) Bubs: {Powered by The Cheat voice} My name's Bubs! This is my regulah voice! Sample of Style
01/20/2005 download (mirror) Cheerleader: Ooncha! Ooncha! One-two-three-cha! We're Kissyboots and it's nice to meetcha! Ooncha! Ooncha! One-two-three-cha! Gonna get a breadtangle of pizza! Teen Girl Squad Issue 8
01/14/2005 download (mirror) Homsar: Alms for the pudgy? Alms for the pudgy? Homestar Presents: Presents
12/30/2004 download (mirror) Marshie: BOOGIDY BOOGIDY! I'll scare your dad! Malloween Commercial
12/16/2004 download (mirror) Strong Sad: {in radio host voice} We got another 50 minutes straight of music free commercials comin atcha! Don't you touch that zabbitablough! radio outtake
12/9/2004 download (mirror) Bubs (presumably as The Wheelchair): I know you're close by, Eh, Steve. I can smell your natural musk! Possible Sweet Cuppin' Cakes outtake
12/2/2004 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: Li'l Brudder! I—I don't know what I'm doing with my life! crying
11/22/2004 download (mirror) Strong Bad: I doh du duoh crapfully yours. ID DO DU DUOH CRAPFULLY YOURS! virus
11/11/2004 download You're A Girl song montage
11/08/2004 download Bubs: Women can't drive! Halloween Fairstival
10/18/2004 download Homestar Runner: Let me in, da da da. Let me in! 3 Times Halloween Funjob
10/07/2004 download Homestar Runner: That's bupkis! the facts
09/30/2004 download Little Girl: That sounds like FUNNY! Homestar Runner: It SOUNDS like funny, but it's not. Homestar vs. Little Girl
09/23/2004 download (mirror) Strong Bad: And I'll just erase it using my... electron... towel. Outtake from haircut
09/19/2004 download Gunhaver: Cheat Commandos.. Rock, rock on! Cheat Commandos Commercial
09/08/2004 download Homestar Runner: Todayborday is Labor Day...(over and over) Labor Dabor
09/02/2004 download Strong Bad & Homestar Runner: "Looks like we're gonna have to jump!" dangeresque 3
08/26/2004 download Coach Z: It was Biscuit Dough Hands Man! I knew it!! Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon
08/19/2004 download Stinko Man: Stickly Man, whaaaaat are you doing? Under Construction
08/12/2004 download Strong Bad: {click} Don't forget to experience the fury of our gift shooop. {click} theme park
08/05/2004 download Wheat Grows Sweet (2-bit mono internal PC sound song) Peasant's Quest
07/29/2004 download Strong Bad: {as Li'l Brudder} "I can make it on my own!" crying
07/19/2004 PC Mac The Worm: "Is a miracle." Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes
06/29/2004 PC Mac Blue Laser Commander: "I just hate you so much!" (an additional "I just hate you sooo much!" on download) Cheat Commandos Commercial
05/18/2004 PC Mac The Cheat Commandos Theme: "Cheat Commandos, maybe fighting for freedom, and each is sold separately. Cheat Commandos, they're probably battling evil. Buy all our playsets and toys!" Cheat Commandos Commercial
05/03/2004 PC Mac Bubs: "Shinin' up a chicken in the mo'nin', mo'nin'." lunch special
03/22/2004 download (mirror) Larry Palaroncini: "We're from the band Limozeen!" flashback
03/08/2004 download (mirror) Olda Boy: "I'm gonna miss video games." Teen Girl Squad Issue 5
02/09/2004 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "Here comes the Thnikkaman!" monument
02/02/2004 download (mirror) Marshie: "What more do they want?!!" Malloween Commercial
01/12/2004 download (mirror) Vector Strong Bad: BACK OFF BABY. video games
12/10/2003 download (mirror) Strong Sad: "Marzipan, Marzipan!!!" caffeine
11/03/2003 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "And somebody's a-ga-wabbin' a-my butt." 3 Times Halloween Funjob
09/29/2003 download (mirror) Strong Sad: "I don't like food anymore" 2 years
09/08/2003 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Strong Bad did a jig while holding all the grapes, and The Cheat learned to fly!" kids' book easter egg (DVD version)
09/01/2003 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Ah, the self-proclaimed King of Town. Like you aren't an easy jab for my witty glivers and put-dubs." labor day blooper
08/28/2003 download (mirror) Bubs: "Shake it once, shake it twice, and gimme a little bit of shuga n' spice!" Bubs' character tape
08/25/2003 download (mirror) Strong Sad: "Oh, some animal died." A play on Homestar's quote in impression
06/??/2003 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Jeez, The Cheat, you can't sneak up on a brotha like that!" privileges
03/17/2003 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "Let's do this like Brutus." monster truck
01/28/2002 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "I could go for a few cold ones right about now." Where My Hat is At?
Date Download Quote From
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Possums!" Teen Girl Squad Issue 3
Unknown download (mirror) The King of Town: "Woo hoo! Woo hoo hoo! I'm absolutely being assaulted! Woo hoo hoo hoo!" Where's The Cheat?
Unknown download (mirror) Coach Z: My name is Coach Z. Pronounced with an 'oach Z'." The House that Gave Sucky Treats
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Why you lazy crap for crap!" The House that Gave Sucky Treats
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "This is the quote of the day!" Quote of the Week exclusive
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: {farts} "You guys, that was a pretty good one." {laughs} Quote of the Week exclusive
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Check me out! No, seriously, check me out." First Time Here?
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: {Singing} "This is the Strong Bad show, everybody come on down, there's gonna be lots a guests, and it's gonna be pretty fun, maybe at the end, I'll have a serious moment to talk to you guys, but right now I'm gonna throw a bunch of pies, at The Cheat!" Quote of the Week exclusive
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Okay, now I got to bust a wicked solo. {a crappy acoustic guitar solo is played} Thank you, goodnight!" vacation
Unknown download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "I'm a belle!" halloweener
Unknown download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "Seriously, Pom Pom, I'm about to pee my pants." A Jumping Jack Contest
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "It's that cloc—" Mike Chapman: "Sorry." vacation outtake
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Pretty impressive, huh? I bet you're pretty impressed." Homestar Quiz
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "I am the very strongest. You guys are not very strong." Line from the original book

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