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| 15 Mar 2007
| 15 Mar 2007
| [[HR:weeklies/crack_up2here.mp3|download]]
| [[HR:weeklies/crack_up2here.mp3|download]]
| '''[[Gunhaver]]''': "I've had it up to HERE with your shinoligans! If you could see me you'd see that I'm holding my hand up to my chin. And I'm pretty tall!"
| '''Crack Stuntman''': "I've had it up to HERE with your shinoligans! If you could see me you'd see that I'm holding my hand up to my chin. And I'm pretty tall!"
| Quote of the Week exclusive
| [[Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 14.2]] outtake
|- id="QW-2007-03-08"
|- id="QW-2007-03-08"

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The old, the new, the newer, and the loading.

The Quote of the Week is a sound bite from the Homestar Runner universe. These are found by clicking on the Q at the top of the Main Pages, and are generally updated each week on Thursday. Here is a list of all Quotes of the Week collected since this feature started on January 10, 2002, under the name "Quote of the day". Since early 2004, the Quote of the Week was updated with more regularity. For some time before then, the quote of the week was a "what's new?" ovular button; it was labeled "Quote of the Day", but rolling over it would change the title to "Quote of the Week", and clicking would change it to "Quote of the Month", to denote its irregular updates (The original quote box read also read "Quote of the Day (or so)", as shown in the image). The dates of some quotes are estimated on the basis of the file-modified date.

For the July 29–November 11, 2004 quotes, the quote was only available as a .zip file. As of the November 22 quote, however, the download option appears to only be as a straight MP3, and The Brothers Chaps appear to be deleting each quote of the week as soon as the next one is released.
Quotes after November 11, 2004 are transcribed on the website. Directly saving and opening the Flash file produces some odd results; the standard Homestar image will appear along with a default message, as shown on the right.
On July 27, 2006, a "loading" box was added for while the quote was loading, probably due to the unusual length of that day's quote. The following week, on August 3, 2006, the loading box was removed.



Date Download Quote Source
15 Mar 2007 download Crack Stuntman: "I've had it up to HERE with your shinoligans! If you could see me you'd see that I'm holding my hand up to my chin. And I'm pretty tall!" Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 14.2 outtake
08 Mar 2007 download (mirror) The King of Town: "Woo! What is that reek? The Poopsmith, you smell like a Crapsmith." KOT's VOQPCS!
01 Mar 2007 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "I wonder how you spell tabasco. TABASCOooo!" the movies
22 Feb 2007 download (mirror) Strong Bad (singers): "You and me, babe, livin for dreams, lifin' for love, drinkin' for free. Sittin' on top of an old robot, sharin' and carin' it out. The memory's scrubbin' you down!" theme song
15 Feb 2007 download (mirror) Cheerleader (and the other girls): "2-3-4. What time is it? It's Valentimes. What time is it? It's Valentimes. What we gone get? Several boys! How we gonna get em? Uh...um...er..." Teen Girl Squad Issue 12
08 Feb 2007 download (mirror) King Bubsgonzola Supreme (singers): "King Bubsgonzola King-King Bubsgonzola Supreme" unnatural
01 Feb 2007 download (mirror) Marzipan: "Word booty!" looking old
18 Jan 2007 download (mirror) Strong Sad: "I can't remember cereal, I can't remember TV. Is it football season yet? I don't even watch football. I hate football but I'll play football. Run you over in football..." {quote continues: "Run you down the field like a {stutters} clown!"} caffeine, though under Strong Bad's voiceover
11 Jan 2007 download (mirror) Bubs: "Crabadonk. Crabadonk! CRABADONK!" the chair multiple takes
21 Dec 2006 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "A-listen to me now. Cheer up, Coach Z. It doesn't have to be creepy and depressing all the time..." {entire "Cheer Up, Coach Z" song} Decemberween Short Shorts
14 Dec 2006 download (mirror) Strong Sad: "Strong Bad, did you put {Matt laughs a little while still maintaining his Strong Sad voice} Montelbon pheremones..?" what I want blooper
07 Dec 2006 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Whoa, it's been upgraded to stank. Just last week it was only stink. Stonk can't be far away." the chair outtake
30 Nov 2006 download (mirror) The Homestar Runner: "Well, folks, you know what that means... Now I'll do a dance." 20X6 vs. 1936
17 Nov 2006 download (mirror) Videlectrix Guys: "What did I say?! Good gr- To make good- What did I tell you to do?! To make good graphics. GOOD GRAPHICS!" {quote continues: "I COME TO WORK AND I HAVE TO LOOK AT THIS MESS! I can make good graphics. I—YOU BETTER MAKE GOOD GRAPHICS! I'M SUPPOSED TO RELEASE A VIDEO COMPUTER GAME ON TV WITHOUT THIS GRAPHIC! What? YOU HEARD ME!"} Peasant's Quest Preview Easter egg
09 Nov 2006 download (mirror) What's Her Face: "When you fall in a bottomless pit, you die of starvation." Teen Girl Squad Issue 4
03 Nov 2006 download (mirror) Marzipan (singer): "Want some bread and butter pickles. Ooo-ahh! Give me that bread and butter pickle, bread and butter pickle. You are." Lyrics to Marzipan's music from Happy Hallow-day
27 Oct 2006 download (mirror) Marzipan: "Oh yes, folks, there's no better way to be brutally honest with someone than to construct a hate float and put it in a televised parade." Fall Float Parade outtake
20 Oct 2006 download (mirror) Marshie: "Take a trip to the mountains!" retirement
12 Oct 2006 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "Doo doot. Tch. Doo doo dit. Tch. Doot doo doot. Tch. It's the hold music..." {quote continues: "...do doot. Tch. Pa doo doot. Tch. Boodoo doo doot. Tch. Hold music!"} isp
25 Sep 2006 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Naw it's a moon computer. Y'know, the kind the planets use to do their taxes." A Decemberween Pageant
18 Sep 2006 download (mirror) Strong Sad: "Tonight is my night to play Caaardinal Sins." Where's The Cheat?
07 Sep 2006 download (mirror) Melt Shake (singers): "And now we're jammin. Jammin tunes, jammin tunes. Now we're jammin. jumbo/LARGE!" road trip
31 Aug 2006 download (mirror) Blue Laser Commander: "Awesome! Just...AWESOME!" Quote of the Week exclusive
18 Aug 2006 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "When email comes to town you know, you know it's like a rainstorm in your browser.When email comes to town I know, I know it's like a netscape hurricane" Extended version of the theme song email intro, with background music from the end of theme song.
11 Aug 2006 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "Hey guys! H'whatcha teekenbot?" Strong Bad is a Bad Guy
03 Aug 2006 download (mirror) What's Her Face: "And the chumbly wumbly bear came a tumblin down! Did he sell beans? Lord no! Did he sell eggs? Lord no! But he couldn't...so he stapled it down!" {entire chumbly wumbly bear song} Teen Girl Squad Issue 11
27 Jul 2006 download (mirror) Lazor Larry: "She was only 2017-She was a low res beauty queen-She was a brain sister-Texas Instruments all day-She remembers how they used to duet-Tha'll think you know what I mean." {entire "Brain Sister" song} Summer Short Shorts
20 Jul 2006 download (mirror) Science Fiction Greg: "Oh, I can take my shirt off." Teen Girl Squad Issue 11
13 Jul 2006 download (mirror) The King of Town: "Let the KOT have some!" senior prom outtake
06 Jul 2006 download (mirror) Marzipan: "We are the Cool Tapes. We make some phat papes. Doley-O, doley-o, doley-o.(x3) {Strong Mad: DOLEY-O! The Cheat: (The Cheat noises)} Stop creepin' at me." Quote of the Week exclusive
29 Jun 2006 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "You will note the artist's attention to fine wines, his masterful use of shadow...stevens. Circle gets the square." portrait outtake
18 May 2006 download (mirror) Small Mouth Strong Mad: "I DON'T KNOW WHEN TO SAY WHEN!!" isp outtake
11 May 2006 download (mirror) Marzipan: "Hey! Watch those hands David Coppafeel!" senior prom outtake
04 May 2006 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Alright I gotta get out of here. I'm meetin Delelilia for some vietma- viamatese tunuffins!" senior prom outtake
27 Apr 2006 download (mirror) Senor Cardgage: "Oh...I live a hard life." {faint laughter from Mike can be heard at end} Quote of the Week exclusive
06 Apr 2006 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "You got the munch, the crisp and the crunch. Livin' in the gutter with Grandma. When Coach puts you in, you gotta go for the win. Y2K turned out alright..." {entire SBLOUNSKCHED! jingle} candy product
30 Mar 2006 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Oh, if you want it to be possessive it's just 'its,' but if it's supposed to be a contraction then it's I-T apostrophe S! ...scalawag." local news
24 Mar 2006 download (mirror) Strong Sad: "Your computer room is now my tai chi space. And it doubles as my chai tea space, too!" Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon outtake; may be a nod to The Simpsons episode "HOMЯ", which had a similar tai chi/chai tea gag
16 Mar 2006 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "You're doing great! Now shoulders down! One and two! Feel the burn and go to bed! Make some breakfast, talk to me!" lady fan
10 Mar 2006 download (mirror) The King of Town: Not Talkin' Bout Butter (remix by DJ Teh Cheat) Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 13.2
02 Mar 2006 download (mirror) Strong Sad: "Uh, Strong Bad, were you just first basin' it with that piece of loose leaf?!" Teen Girl Squad Issue 10
23 Feb 2006 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "What?! Under Siege 2?? You got me this for like the last 3 years, man!" The Best Decemberween Ever outtake
16 Feb 2006 download (mirror) Bubs as Dr. Christmas: "I got it-I got everything you wan know. Everybody know me, my name Cornbread." A Decemberween Pageant outtake
09 Feb 2006 download (mirror) The Jolly Dumple: Special Fanstuff Quote of the Day!! High school band actually playing the CGNU Fight Song! {entire instrumental fight song with opening and closing comments} Quote of the Week exclusive; references the emails mascot (song) and mile (beginning and end)
02 Feb 2006 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "The Cheatbot! Do you use that same mouth to kiss your... motherboard." technology outtake
26 Jan 2006 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "They flew on a sweet, sweet mushroom bridge to the...baseball...game." flashback outtake
19 Jan 2006 download (mirror) Cheerleader: "I come for the wuggas, but stay for the jiggy juggas." death metal Easter egg
12 Jan 2006 download (mirror) Bubs: "Hey, Coach! Tell her I said, 'Hey!' No, no, just--Tell her I said, 'Bananas!' Tell her I said, 'A bluh-buncha bananas.'" Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 5.0
08 Dec 2005 download (mirror) Coach Z: "You say tomater, I zader matermorts." Fall Float Parade
25 Nov 2005 download (mirror) Two Homsars: "Let's sing a song of Pennzoil!" Fall Float Parade
17 Nov 2005 download (mirror) Old-Timey Strong Bad: "I'll be marching around in gold pants in no time!" That A Ghost
10 Nov 2005 download (mirror) The King of Town: "The punishment is not too bad, eh?" Revenge of the King
03 Nov 2005 download (mirror) Bubs: "You're pretty good, shorty! That's worth an Under Siege 2 collector's spoon!" Halloween Potion-ma-jig outtake
27 Oct 2005 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Oh! Very mean things...to say. Funny also, too." Quote of the Week exclusive
21 Oct 2005 download (mirror) Strong Bad (singers): "Strong Bad is a bad guy, bad guy, bad guy." {entire song} Strong Bad is a Bad Guy
20 Oct 2005 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "The good times are over!!" Bug in Mouth Disease
06 Oct 2005 download (mirror) Horrible Painting: "Come on in heeeeere." bottom 10
29 Sep 2005 download (mirror) The Geddup Noise: The Geddup Noise Indie-tronic Remix by DJ Teh Cheat geddup noise
22 Sep 2005 download (mirror) Sickly Sam: "Can you spare any mush for me?" Parsnips-A-Plenty
15 Sep 2005 download (mirror) Strong Bad as Reynold: "Oh, I really need to go grocery shopping. I wish my girlfriend didn't leave me." Cheat Commandos
08 Sep 2005 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "What in Pete Sampras is going on here?!?" Cool Things
01 Sep 2005 download (mirror) 1-Up: "I want pudding!" Under Construction
25 Aug 2005 download (mirror) Marshie: "Those rotten little punks next door won't know what hit 'em when you...fill 'em...fulla lead." Malloween Commercial outtake
18 Aug 2005 download (mirror) Marzipan: "Ready boys? 1-2-3-4 Cool tapes are cool 'cause they're where it's at. Cool tapes are cool and we like it like that..." {entire song} Cool Things
11 Aug 2005 download (mirror) Senor Cardgage: "My left name is tremendous savings, Ms. America!" Senorial Day
04 Aug 2005 download (mirror) Coach Z: "IT'S DAZZLE-MAZING!!" Happy Fireworks
21 Jul 2005 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "buttdance again, like the rhythm's down your pants now!" bottom 10
07 Jul 2005 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "A wagon full of pamcakes? In the Champeenship?! I'd like to see ya try!" montage
30 Jun 2005 download (mirror) Bubs: "Check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out..." {continues} Lookin at a Thing in a Bag
23 Jun 2005 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "You bet! Hit me on the slant!" Senorial Day
16 Jun 2005 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "THE GOOD TIMES ARE OVER!!!" Bug In Mouth Disease
10 Jun 2005 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Naw, it can't be heaven. There's not enough Twinkies." Where the Crap Are We?
02 Jun 2005 download (mirror) Homsar: "AAAaaaAAh'm the human wedgie!" origins
12 May 2005 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "I'm on a RAMPAGE!!" rampage
28 Apr 2005 download (mirror) Coach Z: "Once again Biscuit Dough Hands Man slips through our fingers!" Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
21 Apr 2005 download (mirror) Strong Bad: {imitating the Lappy 486's start-up noise} "Dong DIIING!!!" animal
14 Apr 2005 download (mirror) Strong Mad: "I'M THE HUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" other days
31 Mar 2005 download (mirror) The Homestar Runner: "Well, folks, you know what that means: Now I'll do a dance." 20X6 vs. 1936
25 Mar 2005 download (mirror) Bubs as Dr. Christmas: "Everybody knows me. Mine name Cornbread." A Decemberween Pageant
17 Mar 2005 download (mirror) The King of Town: "Stop what? I don't do nothing!" 3 Times Halloween Funjob
10 Mar 2005 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Oh. Why do you...guys...like me anymore. I—I've lost it!" origins outtake
27 Feb 2005 download (mirror) Crackotage: "Look out below, geronimo! Hee hee HA HA!" Cheat Commandos...O's
17 Feb 2005 download (mirror) Homsar: "I'm the human wedgie!" origins
10 Feb 2005 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Everyone is different. No two people are not on fire. Awww." kids' book
27 Jan 2005 download (mirror) Powered by The Cheat Bubs: "My name's Bubs! This is my regulah voice!" Sample of Style
20 Jan 2005 download (mirror) Cheerleader: "We're Kissyboots and it's nice to meetcha" {entire song} Teen Girl Squad Issue 8
14 Jan 2005 download (mirror) Homsar: "Alms for the pudgy? Alms for the pudgy?" Homestar Presents: Presents
30 Dec 2004 download (mirror) Marshie: "BOOGIDY BOOGIDY! I'll scare your dad!" Malloween Commercial
16 Dec 2004 download (mirror) Strong Sad as The Deathly Pallor: "We got another 50 minutes straight of music free commercials comin atcha! Don't you touch that- zabbitablough!" radio outtake
09 Dec 2004 download (mirror) Bubs presumably as The Wheelchair: "I know you're close by, Eh, Steve. I can smell your natural musk!" Possible Sweet Cuppin' Cakes outtake
02 Dec 2004 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "Li'l Brudder! I—I don't know what I'm doing with my life!" crying
22 Nov 2004 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "I doh du duoh crapfully yours. ID DO DU DUOH CRAPFULLY YOURS!" virus
11 Nov 2004 download (mirror) Strong Bad: {singing the "You're A Girl" song} montage
08 Nov 2004 download (mirror) Bubs: "Women can't drive!" Halloween Fairstival
18 Oct 2004 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "Let me in, da da da. Let me in!" 3 Times Halloween Funjob
07 Oct 2004 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "That's bupkis!" the facts
30 Sep 2004 download (mirror) Little Girl: "That sounds like funny!"
Homestar Runner: "It sounds like funny, but it's not."
Homestar vs. Little Girl
23 Sep 2004 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "And I'll just erase it using my... electron... towel." Outtake from haircut
19 Sep 2004 download (mirror) Gunhaver: "Cheat Commandos.. Rock, rock on!" Cheat Commandos
08 Sep 2004 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: Todayborday is Labor Day song Labor Dabor
02 Sep 2004 download (mirror) Strong Bad & Homestar Runner: "Looks like we're gonna have to jump!" dangeresque 3
26 Aug 2004 download (mirror) Coach Z: "It was Biscuit Dough Hands Man! I knew it!!" Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
19 Aug 2004 download (mirror) Stinkoman: "Hey, Stickly Man, whaaaaat are you doing?" Under Construction
12 Aug 2004 download (mirror) Strong Bad: {click} "Don't forget to experience the fury of our gift shooop." {click} theme park
05 Aug 2004 download (mirror) Wheat Grows Sweet (2-bit mono internal PC sound song) Peasant's Quest
29 Jul 2004 download (mirror) Strong Bad: {as Li'l Brudder} "I can make it on my own!" crying
19 Jul 2004 PC Mac (mirror) The Worm: "Is a miracle." Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes
29 Jun 2004 PC Mac (mirror) Blue Laser Commander: "I just hate you so much!" (an additional "I just hate you sooo much!" on download) Cheat Commandos
17 May 2004 PC Mac (mirror) The Cheat Commandos Theme: "Cheat Commandos, maybe fighting for freedom, and each is sold separately. Cheat Commandos, they're probably battling evil. Buy all our playsets and toys!" Cheat Commandos
03 May 2004 PC Mac (mirror) Bubs: "Shinin' up a chicken in the mo'nin', mo'nin'." lunch special
22 Mar 2004 download (mirror) Larry Palaroncini: "We're from the band Limozeen!" flashback Easter egg
08 Mar 2004 download (mirror) Olda Boy: "I'm gonna miss video games." Teen Girl Squad Issue 5
09 Feb 2004 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "Here comes The Thnikkaman!" monument Easter egg
02 Feb 2004 download (mirror) Marshie: "What more do they want?!!" Malloween Commercial
12 Jan 2004 download (mirror) Vector Strong Bad: BACK OFF BABY. video games
10 Dec 2003 download (mirror) Strong Sad: "Marzipan, Marzipan!!!" caffeine
03 Nov 2003 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "And somebody's a-ga-wabbin' a-my butt." 3 Times Halloween Funjob multiple takes
29 Sep 2003 download (mirror) Strong Sad: "I don't like food anymore" 2 years
08 Sep 2003 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Strong Bad did a jig while holding all the grapes, and The Cheat learned to fly!" kids' book Easter egg (DVD version)
01 Sep 2003 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Ah, the self-proclaimed King of Town. Like you aren't an easy jab for my witty glivers and put-dubs." labor day blooper
28 Aug 2003 download (mirror) Bubs: "Shake it once! Shake it twice, a-gimme little bit o' sugar spice!" Bubs's character tape
25 Aug 2003 download (mirror) Strong Sad: "Oh, some animal died." A play on Homestar's quote in impression
 ?? Jun 2003 download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Jeez, The Cheat, you can't sneak up on a brotha like that!" privileges
17 Mar 2003 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "Let's do this like Brutus." monster truck
28 Jan 2002 download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "I could go for a few cold ones right about now." Where My Hat Is At?
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Possums!" Teen Girl Squad Issue 3
Unknown download (mirror) The King of Town: "Dwoo hoo! We hoo! Woo! I'm absolutely being assaulted! Woo di dhoo hoo!" Where's The Cheat?
Unknown download (mirror) Coach Z: My name is Coach Z. Pronounced with an 'oach Z'." The House that Gave Sucky Treats
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Why you lazy crap for crap!" The House that Gave Sucky Treats
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "This is the quote of the day!" Quote of the Week exclusive
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: {farts} "You guys, that was a pretty good one." {laughs} Quote of the Week exclusive
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Check me out! No, seriously, check me out." Similar to First Time Here?
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: {Singing} "This is the Strong Bad show, everybody come on down, there's gonna be lots a guests, and it's gonna be pretty fun, maybe at the end, I'll have a serious moment to talk to you guys, but right now I'm gonna throw a bunch of pies, at The Cheat!" Quote of the Week exclusive
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Okay, now I got to bust a wicked solo. {a crappy acoustic guitar solo is played} Thank you, goodnight!" vacation
Unknown download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "I'm a belle!" halloweener
Unknown download (mirror) Homestar Runner: "Seriously, Pom Pom, I'm about to pee my pants." A Jumping Jack Contest
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "It's that cloc—" Mike Chapman: "Sorry." vacation outtake
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "Pretty impressive, huh? I bet you're pretty impressed." Homestar Quiz
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "I am the very strongest. You guys are not very strong." Line from the original book
Unknown download (mirror) Strong Bad: "MATT!!" 50 emails
Unknown None The Wicked Guitar Solo personal favorites
Unknown None Marzipan: "I'm the only girl" Who Said What?

Fun Facts

  • If there is a problem finding the weeklies XML file, the text (which has no sound) is Homestar saying:
    "Oh Haldo! This is my
    funniest word style
    ever times that I've
    said! Hope all is on
    to it even more
    lately! And I wish the
    chicken & msg place
    was open on
  • Formerly, the text was:
    "Oh Hello! This is my
    funniest word style
    ever that I said! Hope
    you're into it!"
  • Occasionally, some quotes will be used twice.
    • Homsar's "I'm the human wedgie" quote was used twice. Although the two sound bites were identical, the text used in both cases were slightly different. (The first time it was "I'm" whereas the second was "AAAaaaAAh'm").
    • Homestar's "The good times are over!" quote was also used twice, with spelling differences (lower-case letters instead of caps.) However, this probably was an accident or a placeholder, as it was changed the following day.
    • Although it wasn't identical, Bubs had a line as well, "Everybody knows me. Mine name Cornbread.", that is very similar to "I got it-I got everything you wan know. Everybody know me, my name Cornbread."
    • The Homestar Runner's quote had only one difference; there was a colon on March 31, 2005, while ellipses were used on November 30, 2006.
  • In Bubs's quote from June 30th, 2005, "Check it out" was said 16 times.
  • Strong Bad's quote from June 10th, 2005, was never featured on the site. Instead, it was said in "Where the Crap Are We?", which is an Easter egg in Macromedia Central.
  • February 9, 2006's quote calls the feature "Quote of the Day" rather than its typical name "Quote of the Week".
  • When using a character head that hasn't been added yet, Homestar's head is used until the appropriate character's head is uploaded. This has happened several times.
  • The May 4, 2006 quote spelled the name of Strong Bad's imaginary girlfriend as "Delelilia". However, in senior prom, her name was spelled "Delilelia".
  • In the June 29, 2006 quote, "Circle gets the square" is a reference to the game show Hollywood Squares, which is based on tic-tac-toe; the accompanying phrase is "X gets the square." Shadoe Stevens was the announcer for two incarnations of the show (the John Davidson and Tom Bergeron hosted versions), and occupied a square on the Davidson version.
  • The November 17, 2006 quote is titled as an "outtake" when played in Windows Media Player. The quote may have originally been an outtake, then added to the toon as an Easter Egg.
  • The December 14, 2006 quote mentions "Montelbon", probably a reference to Ricardo Montalbán.
  • On December 21, 2006, only the Quote of the Week was updated; the Weekly Fanstuff and Sketchbook were not.

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