Puppet Jam: Apple Juice Blues

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He's got the apple juice blues...

Apple Juice Blues is the sixth installment of Puppet Jam with They Might Be Giants.

Cast (in order of appearance): John "flans" Flansburgh on guitar, John "linnell" Linnell on accordion, Marty "marty" Beller on skins, Puppet Homestar "homeslice" Runner on vox

Running Time: 1:50

DVD Exclusive: Everything Else, Volume 1


HOMESTAR RUNNER: No problems this time.

{Song begins. Starts to sway back and forth.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing} Apple juice...
Peoples always askin' me,
"How d'you— how do you teach class?"
I say—
"Class is something you're born with,
It's not something you can buy!" {Camera starts to shift left and zoom in a little}
Just look me in the eye! Lady!
Gimmie a dollar!
Gimmie two dollars! C'mon! {the tempo speeds up, camera moves to original position}
I was a man!
But now I'm a dude!
Oh yeah!
I was a fan!
A ceiling fan...
Man! Ow!
When you asked me to marry you, I said,
"What? I can't hear you, the TV's on."
{Camera starts to zoom into Linnell, then shifts to zoom into Linnell's hand}
That TV was on, way too loud!
I didn't hear you propose to me. {Cut abruptly to Marty, and cut back}
My arm really, really hurts.

{They Might Be Giants gradually stop playing and Homestar moves quickly up and then down}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {not singing anymore} Oh, I think my head just hit the microphone. {falls}

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