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Pick a pumkin

Stencils to carve a pumpkin with.

Features: Bad Graphics Ghost

Page Title: Make-a Your Own Pumpakin!

Date: October 14, 2004

Character List

Left to right in each row:

Back row: Sherlock, The King of Town, Eh! Steve, Bubs, Marshie, and The Cheat

Next-to-back row: Running Homestar Runner, Pom pom, The Poopsmith, Marzipan, Strong Bad's silhouette, Coach Z

Next-to-front row: Homestar Runner's face, Strong Mad, Strong Bad's face, Trogdor, The Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Homsar's silhouette

Front row: Homsar, Coach Z's Z, Stinkoman, The Goblin

Easter Eggs

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