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Pick a punkin, any punkin

A yearly feature on the site, the Punkin Stencils are printable stencils to overlay on pumpkins for tracing and cutting. Starting as a simple stencils selection, it returned for Halloween '04 with almost twice as many pumpkins as a pumpkin patch. In 2005, it was updated with the front row of Pumpkins and the light switch Easter egg. In 2006, a new front row was added. In 2007, another new layout debuted, this time using a conveyor belt.

Features: Bad Graphics Ghost

Page Title: Make-a Your Own-a Pumpakin!

Date: October 20, 2003

Updated: October 14, 2004; October 17, 2005; October 20, 2006; October 21, 2007; October 13, 2008


Original Stencils

First to last scroll selection:

Marshie, Bubs, Homestar Runner running, Homestar Runner, Coach Z's Z, Marzipan, Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Strong Bad's silhouette, Homsar's face, The King of Town

Punkin Patch Stencils

Punkin Patch

Left to right in each row:

Back row: Sherlock, The King of Town, Eh! Steve!, Bubs, Marshie, The Cheat

Sixth row: Homestar Runner running, Pom Pom, The Poopsmith, Marzipan, Coach Z

Fifth row: Strong Bad's face, Old-Timey Strong Bad, Strong Bad's silhouette

Fourth row: Homestar Runner's face, Strong Mad, Trogdor, Strong Sad, Homsar's silhouette

Third row: Homsar's face, Coach Z's Z, Stinkoman, The Goblin

Second row (added 2005): Homestar Runner logo, Li'l Brudder, Rather Dashing, Sterrance

Front row (added 2006): Gary Palaroncini with guitar, Bear holding a Shark, The Municipality's logo, the duck from Homestar's Duckie Shirt

Easter Eggs

  • If you wait 20 seconds after the screen is done loading (without clicking any of the pumpkins), the Bad Graphics Ghost will appear.
    • If you click on one of the pumpkins, the timer stops – the ghost will appear after 20 seconds total with no stencil visible.
  • In the 2005 and 2006 versions, pressing L causes the lights to turn off. Pressing L again causes the lights to flicker and come back on.

Fun Facts


  • The lights-out masks (see below) for the Poopsmith, Stinkoman, and most notably Sherlock are not quite right; they don't take the pumpkins in front of them into account.


  • If you roll your cursor over the pumpkins while the lights are out, the pumpkins will still expand, but the outline of the originals (before you roll over them) will be left visible. This is because the darkness is just a nearly-opaque black mask over the original scene.

Conveyor Belt

To scroll through available stencils, use the left and right arrows at the bottom. The longer you press on an arrow, the faster the belt will move. When you want to select a stencil, The Cheat will come down and gnaw out the pattern. The pumpkin will then start to glow and the stencil appears.

When the page first loads, the newest stencils are displayed first. The stencils in order, from left to right:

Easter Eggs

  • Once all the pumpkins have been lit, clicking a lit pumpkin will make the Bad Graphics Ghost appear and fill the pumpkin back in again.

Fun Facts


  • The Pistols for Pandas pumpkin did not appear when the conveyor belt was first introduced. It was added later.
  • Despite the fact that the pumpkins appear to not have removable tops, they still glow after The Cheat carves them.


  • The rollers in between the conveyor belt turn the wrong way relative to the belt's movement.

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