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"Let's get this style train a-rollin'!"

Homestar hosts a pumpkin carving game show.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner

Pumpkins depicted (in order of first appearance): Coach Z's logo from redesign, Homestar Runner, Thy Dungeonman, Strong Bad, Stripèd Green Rabbit, Peacey P, Bubs, Bubs' Concession Stand, Homestar Jr.

Places: The Show

Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Running Time: 1:46

Page Title: Climb Aboard the Style Train!



{It's The Show! There's a big pumpkin up on the marquee. Homestar stands in the middle of the set as a crowd cheers with semi-enthusiasm.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Welcome back, gentlemadies! Without further Mountain Dew, let's get this style train a-rollin'!

{A short tune plays in the background. Cut to a close-up on Homestar}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: First up, brand-new for 2009—

{Cut to a slideshow with flashing lights around the edge and the words "Fadey Screen!" in the background. An image of a pumpkin with Coach Z's logo from redesign carved into it comes from the left of the screen.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: —it's the 2006 Coach Z logo!

{The crowd cheers again as music plays.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Let's go to the ding board for that one.

{Cut to a board with three flipping panels that together form an image of a large blue ribbon. Across the top panel is the word "Ding!". The middle panel rotates to reveal "3rd Style!" as it dings.}


{An "Ahh..." rises from the crowd. Cut back to Homestar.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: If our next pumpkin answers insurrectly, it'll win a trip to—

{The next pumpkin is revealed; it's a shouting, wingaling Homestar Runner with angry eyebrows. The crowd begins to cheer.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: —Angry Homestar Between Two Mountains!

{Crowd cheers. Cut back to Homestar.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Everyone, please give a warm hand to our next guest pumpkin—

{The Fadey Screen shows a pumpkin of Thy Dungeonman holding up a bag of candy instead of ye flask. The words ">get ye candy" are carved across the top. The lights flicker out and the glowy inside of the pumpkin is visible.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Thy {pronounced like "thigh"} Dungeonman.

{"Aw yeah..." is heard from the crowd along with clapping. Cut to the Ding Board.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ding board says—

{The middle panel flips to reveal "ACAPULCO".}


{The crowd oohs. Cut back to the Fadey Screen.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: While this pumpkin—

{A picture of a painted Strong Bad pumpkin with yellow smoke emanating from its mouth and eyes appears. Near it is a bottle labeled "Very Hot Ones"}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: —features fine European yellow smoke, I'm sorry—

{Cut to Homestar. He looks mildly upset.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: —no paint daubs.

{The DELETED buzzer is heard as "NO PAINT DAUBS!" appears in red in front of Homestar.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ladies look out for our next bachelor pumpkin—

{Cut to the Fadey Screen, and the Stripèd Green Rabbit from New Boots is carved in a pumpkin. As Homestar continues, the ladies get excited.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: —a stripèd green rabbit with two butts!

{Cut to a close-up of Homestar, who looks embarassed}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Our next pumpkin may contain material that is unsuitable for childrens:

{Cut to the slideshow showing a grotesque, poorly sculpted pumpkin with Homestar's face carved on it. It begins to speak.}


HOMESTAR RUNNER: {hastily cutting in in front of the pumpkin} I'm sorry, we're out of time. {suddenly chipper} Ding board?

{The ding board dings and displays "DONG!".}


{Cut to Homestar, who looks annoyed}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {irritated} Next time—

{Cut to a pumpkin with Peacey P and his logo painted on it.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: —please phrase your pumpkin in the form of—

{Cut back to Homestar. He leans in angrily toward the camera.}


{"NO PAINT DAUBS!" reappears in front of Homestar, with the DELETED buzzer and a "lose" musical cue. Cut to a wide shot of the studio.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And finally, everyone in today's audience—

{Cut to a pumpkin with the Homestarmy "DO YOU HAS?" slogan and Col-o-nel Homestar.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: —gets to have to give me five bucks!

{"FIVE BUCKS!" appears as Homestar says it. The crowd gives a very dissastified cheer; cut to Homestar.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Until next time, as always—

{The words "Chant Words Together!" appear as they're chanted.}


{Cut back to the slideshow, which displays a pumpkin shaped like Bubs' Concession Stand. The following words are on the screen as Homestar speaks.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {quickly} Homestar Runner's wardrobe furnished by Bubs' Concession Stand—

{Cut to a pumpkin shaped like Bubs inside a pumpkin shaped like Bubs' Concession Stand. The subtitle updates to include the word "scary".}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: —and Scary Bubs' Concession Stand.

{Cut to a Homestar Jr. (going for 99¢) pumpkin. The subtitle is "Brought to you by the Homestar Jr."}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Today's program was brought to you by the Homestar Jr.—

{Cut to a pumpkin with an artist's painting palette behind a "NO" circle with a line through it, labeled "Council Against Paint Daubs".}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: —and the Council Against Paint Daubs.

{Fade out. Fade back in to show "Today's Big Winners!": Natalie Cunningham (Thy Dungeonman), Jonathan Berner (wingaling Homestar), Andrew Colbert (Homestarmy), Benjamin Visness (Coach Z new logo), and Prentice Osborne (Stripèd Green Rabbit with two butts).}

Fun Facts


Homestar says - Welcome back to The Punkin Show, ladies and gentletypes! We've taken our tried and true approach to having no formula and added a whole 12oz can of punkin puree! The result is a mixed bag of mixed metaphors, carved punkins, and FABULOUS PRIZES!! This episode of The Show features real fan-carved punkins from real carved-fans. Did yours make the cut? Or did you just paint some stuff on a pumpkin and take a tiny .25 megapixel photo of it with your phone? This is the last of the Halloween related updates! I promise!
  • The person who carved the 2006 Coach Z Redesign Logo pumpkin is wiki user Bvisness.
  • The person who carved the first pumpkin themed as Bubs' Concession Stand is wiki user Timohtep.
  • The person who carved the pumpkin themed as Scary Bubs' Concession Stand is wiki user Unmutual.
  • This is the last toon from when homestarrunner.com updated regularly.
  • This is the last toon of the 2000s decade.


  • The FeedBurner Page shows a pumpkin of Strong Bad eating what appears to be a small Strong Sad pumpkin, not seen in the toon.

Inside References

  • This toon features pumpkins very prominently.
  • The page title contains style. Also, the Coach Z logo pumpkin gets "3rd Style".
  • Homestar hosts another variant of The Show.
  • The ribbons were first seen in Pumpkin Carve-nival, also a pumpkin contest toon.
  • The Coach Z logo is from redesign.
  • Homestar mentions Mountain Dew.
  • "Chant Words Together" was also mentioned in Non-Sequitur Champion.
  • "Gentlemadies" is another Portmanteau.
  • The stripèd green rabbit with two butts is from New Boots.
  • The show is sponsored by Homestar Jr.
  • Homestar tells people they have to give him five bucks, as he always does when recruiting people to the Homestarmy.

Real-World References

  • As always, The Show contains many recurring references to past and present game shows and employs many real-life game show elements.
    • Homestar says "ding-board says", which is similar to "survey says", a famous line from Family Feud.
    • "Please phrase your pumpkin in the form of" is a reference to Jeopardy!, where contestants must phrase their response in the form of a question.
    • Homestar calling the Stripèd Green Rabbit as the next bachelor is a reference to The Dating Game.
    • Acapulco is a real city in Mexico which was previously referenced in privileges, and trips to Acapulco are often given away as prizes on real-life game shows.
    • "Everyone in today's audience gets to have to give me five bucks!" refers to Oprah Winfrey's giveaways to her studio audience.
    • "Chant Words Together" is a reference to Wheel of Fortune, the opening of which features the studio audience chanting the show's title in unison.
    • The revealing of text on the blue ribbon is accomplished by means of a trilon, a gameboard element found on older game shows such as The $25,000 Pyramid.
    • The "fadey screen" is a reference to several game shows that used small screens with slide projectors to display game elements. The one here appears to be styled after those seen on Press Your Luck.
    • "Homestar Runner's Wardrobe furnished by Bubs' Concession Stand" refers to a practice on some game shows of placing the manufacturer of the host's (and sometimes models') wardrobe at the end of the credits.

Fast Forward

  • The phrase "paint daubs" is later referenced numerous times.

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