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"My luscious abs have been here waiting..."

On August 1, 2003, The Brothers Chaps and Missy Palmer appeared on the G4techTV television program Pulse.


[edit] Transcript

{The opening clip from First Time Here? begins to play}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, hello! I'm Homestar Runner... {whispers} Line?

CHERRY GREG: {whispers} Welcome.


{The camera cuts to Matt Chapman from inside his home}

MATT CHAPMAN: {voice of Strong Bad} It's about time you guys, you know, came to the house, here, uh, to put me on TV. Uh, I don't know what's been keeping you this long, uh, my, my luscious abs have been here waiting for you, and the ladies..."

{The shot is cut, cued forward, and Matt is now speaking in his normal voice}

...It evolved out of...when Mike got his first computer...and he didn't know Windows very well and I was like a year or two ahead of him. And...so I went through one time visiting him at college and changed all his system sounds. And so I used a little system microphone to make this voice. And it was supposed to sound like this little Japanese girl and so like his mail, like when he got mail, I'd go like {imitates voice used} It's best mail for you!

{The shot is cut again and is now zoomed out}

...January of 2000 is when we put the website up. And...have like a couple cartoons and a couple games. {pauses} We were basically just doing it as a hobby--Just to like learn Flash and show our friends and...weren't really set to out, you know, to be an internet whatever. You know, cartoon or phenomenon or whatever. {cut}

If you came over here and hung out with me and Mike while we're "working" for a couple days you'd just be like, "What are...what do you guys do?", "How do you...you're making money at this?", "What are you doing?" ...So, it's...pretty awesome. {Matt smiles before the camera stops}

{Cut to Mike Chapman sitting at a computer. Mike initially faces the screen where Stinkoman and Old Timey Homestar are used in a flash animation program}

MIKE CHAPMAN: ...So, this is Stinkoman...and he's just been shot in the eye with a pea shooter {brief laugh} by Old Timey Homestar. And so this is just a movie clip...two frames...one like that and one like that. {he clicks the mouse and Stinkoman's feet move up and down repeatedly.}

MATT CHAPMAN: {interrupts} Very old school.

{Mike looks off-camera and directs his voice accordingly}

MIKE CHAPMAN: ...Showing...Yeah, where it's only two frames. {laughs}

{Cut to Mike facing the camera}

...And then there's Homestar who's supposed to be the good athlete we could just...I guess maybe, I don't know since he's just Homestar Runner and "Runner" is in his name. So it's like why does this guy need arms for? {mumbles} He just...runs. It's in his name. You know what he does.

{Quick camera cut to a later in the interview when asked who is his favorite character}

My favorite character...there's a whole series...the whole series...all the characters also...exist in the 1936...era. They're black and white and the characters look sort of like how Mickey Mouse looked--different back then. So they look sort of "skewed" from the way they look now...and so the Old Timey Homestar is probably my favorite character.

{Camera cuts back to Matt}

MATT CHAPMAN: {Strong Bad voice} ...You told me there would be ladies here, when you came to my house, and there's no ladies, so if you could send a truckload of ladies my way, that would be much appreciated.

{Cut to a slightly darker camera shot of Missy Palmer}

MISSY PALMER: I'm the voice of Marzipan... {looks off-camera} And, occasionally I get to give a little bit of creative contribution.

{Cut to Mike in mid-sentence}

MIKE CHAPMAN: I read on a message board--and that's when I stopped going to these message boards to sort of read what the fans were saying. Somebody said, "Homestar Runner jumped the shark" and it's like... {momentarily shakes his head} It's me and my brother making cartoons for the internet in our apartment. We haven't "jumped the shark". That just doesn't even apply.

{Quick camera cut}

MIKE CHAPMAN: When Marzipan and Homestar have a baby then we've definitely "jumped the shark".

"She thought that I was a fat hippie chick"

{Cut to Missy in mid-sentence}

MISSY PALMER: ...Like I met this girl from...who I guess was sort of a fan and she thought that I was a fat hippie chick. {begins to crack a smile} She was surprised...that I was as slim {looks off-camera to her left} as I am. {grins and smiles} ...I'm joking.

{Cut to Matt}

MATT CHAPMAN: I'm a Nintendo man all the way.

PATRICK CLARK: Even to this day?

MATT CHAPMAN: {assertively} Oh yeah. {points behind him} Got a GameCube over there with the...Game Boy adapter on it and everything. So...as long as they're making Zelda games and Metroid and Mario games I'm gonna be buying 'em.

MATT CHAPMAN: {voice of Bubs} There was this one time when I hooked up my lawnmower to my Nintendo. And after that, I got the high score every time!

{Camera cuts to show to Matt talking while sitting on the couch. On his right is Patrick Clark from G4. To Matt's left is Mike.}

MATT CHAPMAN: {to Patrick Clark} Melissa was way into Animal Crossing when it came out. I don't know if you heard that was the game where you like basically...my friend calls it "video crack" {Patrick laughs and Mike smiles} 'cause it's one of those games where you start living in this village of animals as this thing and you really just kinda live and like buy stuff and you decorate your house so you have to play it every day and...

{Camera cuts once again to Matt by himself}

A game like Galaga you can play for hours and hours and hours and it's like... and you want to play for hour--you know you don't need cinema scenes and you don't need like {laughs} you know, polygonal big breasts and stuff bouncing around so we...we decided that that...those were the kind of games that we wanted to sort of start to put in the site more and more.

{Cut to outside scene where the brothers and Patrick Clark are playing basketball}

MIKE CHAPMAN: ...Videlectrix...our fake video game company. {pause} We'd like to... {faces Matt} We got some ideas for that.

{Begins dribbling a basketball for the next few moments}

MATT CHAPMAN: Yeah. See, those are the people that brought you Trogdor...they brought you...the Awexome Cross game which is where you're The Cheat in a tire jumping over Chinese food... and collecting wads of cash.

{Mike shoots a basket and misses. Camera cuts}

MIKE CHAPMAN: {begins to dribble the ball} I gotta beat the G4 guy. {shoots and misses}

{Camera cuts to show Patrick Clark aiming a shot. Matt stands alongside him waving his arms.}

MATT CHAPMAN: {Strong Bad voice} You need to loosen out more. {pause} You're too stiff.

{Patrick Clark shoots and misses the basket and the camera cuts}

MATT CHAPMAN: Now stiffen in. You loosed out too much; you gotta stiff in. {Patrick Clark shoots another basket and misses again.} Aww...Too stiff.

{Patrick Clark aims and shoots another basket. This time the ball finally goes in after nearly bouncing out multiple times}

EVERYONE: Awww. Ohhh...

MATT CHAPMAN: {his normal voice} In there!

PATRICK CLARK: {shaking hands with Mike} Guys, thank you very much.

MIKE CHAPMAN: Thank you.

{Patrick Clark proceeds to shake Matt's hand.}

MATT CHAPMAN: {Strong Bad voice} This is the guy that knows when to stiffen in... {waves his arms} and when to loosen out.

{camera cuts back to Matt in the house, likely filmed prior to the basketball scene}

MATT CHAPMAN: {his normal voice} We have Star-...we Tivo it every day, and a couple times a day. So we grew up watching Starcade...so that was the first thing that we found out when we got G4 on our cable...we were like, "Whoa, this network plays Starcade!" Oh, and Pulse is our other favorite. We Tivo Pulse...we watch it every day... {slowly} every day. Before we say our prayers. {grins and shakes his head downward} Sorry.

{The interview ends with Trogdor chasing peasants away from the G4 logo. He then proceeds to burninate the "4" part of the logo}

[edit] Fun Facts

"You need to loosen out more - too stiff!"

[edit] Explanations

  • "Jumped the shark" is a term which refers to the point in a television show's run where it begins to decline in quality, specifically referring to a much-derided episode of Happy Days where Fonzie jumped over a shark on water-skis in an effort to increase ratings.

[edit] Trivia

  • According to the Club Aquatica interview, the reason they got the TV interview was because Matt had gone to film school with a woman who later worked at G4. G4 was looking to feature someone in the Southeast, and while researching the creators of Homestar Runner as potential subjects she realized she already was acquainted with them.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • The "Game Boy Adapter" Matt refers to is the Game Boy Player, an accessory for the GameCube that allows it to play games from the Game Boy family.
  • Animal Crossing is a GameCube game in which, just as Matt explained, you are a character living in a town who can redecorate your home, shop, talk to neighbors, and do other simple activities.
  • Starcade was a 1980s game show involving contestants answering questions about, and then playing, arcade video games of the era in hopes of winning a major prize (typically a full-sized arcade cabinet); airing originally on Atlanta's Superstation WTBS from 1982-83 (and in syndication the following season), G4 aired reruns of the show from its launch in 2002 to 2004.

[edit] Fast Forward

  • They talk about their upcoming plans for Videlectrix, which refers to Videlectrix.com, released 6 months later.

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