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Occasionally, certian characters metion being or getting pregnant. Though it is often a male somewhat confused, it has been a female more than once.


Debut: Commandos in the classroom short: After Reynold makes a failed attempt to swear, he says that he "Might as well go home and get teen pregnant"

In Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 13.2, Marzipan says that she is "Probably outside eating some dirt or something." Eating dirt, also known as geophagy, is a practice most often seen in rural or preindustrial societies among pregnant women. The day after this toon was released, The Brothers Chaps announced at Flashforward 2006 that Missy Palmer (the voice of Marzipan) was pregnant.(See Marzipans Answering Machine Version 13.2)

In the Strong Bad E-mail "keep cool" Strong Bad asks Bubs if he would "Like to get together a game of "Sharks and Minnows"? "Einstein and Kreskin"? or "Pregnant and seventeen"?

In the Strong Bad E-mail cliffhangers, Homestar momentarily believes himself to be pregnant.

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