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For the sound of exiting quickly, see Peow.


Preeeeow is an onomatopoeia used to describe The Paper's sound effect as it comes down. Saying it often signals the end of an email, and characters use it as a verbal cue for The Paper to come down. Strong Bad first made use of it in autobiography, and it has reappeared a couple of times since. Strong Bad is usually the one using it, although Marzipan has said it once in garage sale. Matt Chapman mentioned it in the DVD commentary for replacement when The Paper came down. The New Paper technically lacks the distinctive sound effect and was subsequently Strong Bad's major misgiving with the change.

It appeared on a note taped to Mrs. Bennedetto in part-time job, offering Strong Bad's "official" spelling of the word. It was seen in print again in the email lady fan, but spelled with one "e" fewer.

In independent, Strong Bad customized the Compé-per to play the sound effect when it appeared from the bottom of the screen; however, the sound is notably distorted.


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