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*'''Debut:''' Email [[time capsule]]
*'''Debut:''' Email [[time capsule]]
*[[Stinkoman 20X6]]
*[[Stinkoman 20X6]]
*The store's [[2010 Calendar]]

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Stinkoman, lookin' good on a Power Crunch.
"Just bring it back in one piece."

A Power Crunch is Stinkoman's favorite way to power up. It was found in Strong Bad's time capsule during the email of the same name. Although it is actually a cassette tape of Strong Bad's "#1 Jam" about Grumblecakes, Stinkoman treats it like food, hence the name "power crunch." 1-Up took this for support while going into the Lava Zone, eliciting the protection of Stinkoman.

Also, in Level 7 of Stinkoman 20X6, Stinkoman mentions a "dinner crunch", a supposedly similar food item.


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