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Portmanteaus (Commonwealth: portmanteaux) are sometimes used in the Homestar Runner universe, often accidentally. Strong Bad, especially, frequently creates portmanteaus.

This article only lists portmanteaus unique to the Homestar Runner universe.

Portmanteau Words Combined Appears In
Babeliens Babes and aliens best thing
Barbzerdry Barber and wizardry haircut
Basketbully Basketball and bully Sketchbook
Blue Las-alert Blue Laser and alert Shopping for Danger
Blue Laserdisc Blue Laser and Laserdisc Blue Laserdisc Challenge
Bodadical Boadacious and radical Teen Girl Squad Issue 10
Breadallelogram Bread and parallelogram Teen Girl Squad Issue 8
Breadpazoid Bread and trapezoid Teen Girl Squad Issue 8
Breadtangle Bread and rectangle Teen Girl Squad Issue 8
Brhombus Bread and rhombus Teen Girl Squad Issue 8
Bubsamecium Bubs and paramecium highschool
Bubsgonzola Bubs and gorgonzola unnatural
Bubsness Bubs and Business Broken Compy Menu
Burninate Burn and terminate dragon
Caffeinergy Caffeine and energy road trip
Canceltation Cancelation and consultation Senor Mortgage
Caramel appletini Caramel apple and Appletini Flashforward
Carve-nival Carve and carnival Pumpkin Carve-nival
Cheatachu Cheat and Pikachu The House That Gave Sucky Treats
Cheatar Cheat and guitar The Cheatar
Cheatday The Cheat and birthday cheatday
Cheatribution Cheat and retribution pop-up
Cheatventures Cheat and adventures bedtime story
Chocozuma's Chocolate and Montezuma's bottom 10
Closimonies Closing and ceremonies strong badathlon
Colognac Cologne and Cognac modeling
Combolations Combination and congratulations japanese cartoon, flashback
Coology Cool and eulogy your funeral
Coopreme Cooper and supreme the movies
Cornucopourri Cornucopia and potpourri pop-up
Cuss-mando Cuss and commando Commandos in the Classroom
D'screetret Discreet and secret Decemberween Short Shorts
Dadbysitter Dad and babysitter bedtime story
Decemberween December and Halloween see Decemberween
Decision-venture Decision and adventure Halloween Potion-ma-jig
Dreamail Dream and email dreamail
Entrangled Entranced and entangled what I want
Everybloody Everybody and bloody what I want
Excardon Excuse and pardon kind of cool
Extracurricularrific Extracurricular and terrific death metal
Fairstival Fair and festival Halloween Fairstival
Fangly fish fang and angler fish animal
Flavourite Flavour and favourite Fan Stuff, Kick the Can commentary
Forty-twone Forty-two and forty-one the movies
Gummel Gore and pummel Thy Dungeonman 3
Grood Great and good Teen Girl Squad Issue 4
Headbrow Head and eyebrow haircut
Homestarmecium Homestar and paramecium highschool
Homestarloween Homestar and Halloween Homestarloween Party
Homestarmy Homestar and army army
Hot-free Hotline and toll free unnatural
Hundredaire/thousandaire Hundred/thousand and millionaire suntan
Investiga-awesome Investigate and awesome local news
Keyswordtar keytar and sword portrait
Lieuteneral Lieutenant and General space program
Malloween Marshmallow and Halloween Malloween Commercial
Marzipants Marzipan and pants vacation
Masterdly Masterful and dastardly senior prom
Maxymoron Maximum and oxymoron road trip
Millionzoic Million and the general prehistoric suffix -zoic Summer Short Shorts
Momzipan Mom and Marzipan Halloween Potion-ma-jig
Montesodium Montessori and monosodium coloring
Newlydead Newlywed and dead your funeral
Nobot No and robot what I want
Parchmentic Parchment and photographic Thy Dungeonman II
Petrifries Petrified and fries road trip
Polymascotfoamalate Poly-, mascot, and foam 4 branches
Polyhairsprayteasealate Poly-, hairspray, and tease 4 branches (Easter egg)
Potion-ma-jig potion and thingamajig Halloween Potion-ma-jig
Pretendous Pretend and tremendous extra plug
Radacious Radical and boadacious Teen Girl Squad Issue 10
Rapscalliwag Rapscallion and scallywag long pants
Restige Rest and prestige the chair
Roadtripcionados Road trip and aficionados road trip
Safariventure Safari and adventure theme park
Sesquicentenn-email Sesquicentennial and email Sbemail 150?!? and alternate universe
Shinoligans shinola and shenanigans Quote of the Week
Skelebrates Skeleton and vertebrate(s) big white face (Easter egg)
Strong Badathlon Strong Bad and -athlon strong badathlon
Strongbadiophage Strong Bad and bacteriophage highschool
Stummy Stomach and tummy Stinkoman 20X6
Tenthennial Tenth and -ennial Teen Girl Squad Issue 10
Trogday Trogdor and birthday Happy Trogday
Turbolence Turbo and turbulence Stinkoman 20X6
Twii Two, Three, and Wii Kid Speedy Version 1.TWII
Valentimes Valentine's and times Teen Girl Squad Issue 12
Vantastic Van and fantastic Strong Bad is a Bad Guy
Vornado Vortex and tornado trading cards
Wheatgrasskini Wheatgrass and bikini Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 14.2
Wheatgrasstini Wheatgrass and martini Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 14.2

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