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"What am I doing in this tiny box?"

Podstar Runner is a collection of Strong Bad Emails transferable to a fifh generation iPod, in .m4v format. It was released simultaneously with the email technology. Currently, it features the emails techno, dragon, japanese cartoon, kids' book, and crying, although it promises to feature more in the future.

Places: iPod Menu

Page Title: Podstar Runner, Come On And Come On, Y'all

Release Date: January 30th, 2006



{After the email has played, the screen cuts back to the "iPod menu". After a second, Strong Bad's head pops into view}

STRONG BAD: Whoa, what am I doing in this tiny box? {starts banging his head and hands on the screen} Let me! Outta the! Tiny! Box!

{The screen appears to shatter, with a shattering sound effect.}

STRONG BAD: Whoops. Hope you got the extended warranty.

{The shattered screen crackles, and goes black.}

Fun Facts


  • Although the files are directed towards use on a fifth generation iPod, the iPod shown in the background is technically a fourth generation iPod. This is due to the positioning of the headphone jack at the top-center of the iPod instead of the top-right, and a monochrome screen instead of a color screen, but the iPod still has a wider screen, like a fifth generation iPod.
  • None of the Easter eggs from the original versions are present; Homsar's appearance in dragon is the exception.
  • The notice on the main page originally said "sbemail podcast!" but it was later changed to "sbemails on ipod!". This was most likely changed after noting that Podstar Runner is not truly a podcast, due to the videos not being broadcasted through a RSS feed syndication.



  • Due to the use of relative linking in the navbar, clicking on any of the links on the bottom of the page used to take you to a nonexistent page beginning with http://podstar.homestarrunner.com/, with the Store being the only exception.

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iTunes 4.8 or later or Quicktime 6.0 (mac, win) or later required to view files.

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