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| [[geddup noise]] || 11.4 MB || October 6, 2006 || SB tells the tale of the mysterious wood-scrapey sound his stool makes when he gets up even though his floor is carpeted. || [[Podstar:sb_email_geddupnoise.m4v|download]]
| [[geddup noise]] || 11.4 MB || October 6, 2006 || SB tells the tale of the mysterious wood-scrapey sound his stool makes when he gets up even though his floor is carpeted. || [[Podstar:sb_email_geddupnoise.m4v|download]]
| [[isp]] || 8.8 MB || October 12, 2006 || (Need description) || (need download link)
| [[isp]] || 8.8 MB || October 12, 2006 || Strong Bad's getting throttled down. MindSpring Customer service this is Matt. Can I get your email address or account number please? || [[Podstar:sb_email_isp.m4v|download]]

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"What am I doing in this tiny box?"
Crazy Cartoon on a video iPod!

Podstar Runner is a collection of cartoons transferable to a fifth generation iPod, in .m4v format. It was released simultaneously with the email technology. It was originally a collection of Strong Bad Emails, but on March 6, 2006 they added Teen Girl Squad and called it Teen Girl Squadcast. As of May 22, 2006 the first ten Teen Girl Squad episodes have been released. On April 12, 2006, they added Everybody to the Limit and on July 27th, 2006, the Peasant's Quest Preview was added, and more toons will likely be added later.

Page Title: Podstar Runner Come On And Come On, Ya'll

Release Date: January 30th, 2006


Transcript for Emails

The SBEmail iPod Menu.

{The start-up image of the iPod shows, but instead of a silver Apple logo, a silver Homestar head is dead center:}

8:04 PM
Homestarrunner.com >
Presents >
A >
Strong >
Bad >
Email >

{The menu scrolls down to the bottom.}

{The selected email plays.}

{After the email has played, the screen cuts back to the "iPod menu." After a second, Strong Bad's head pops into view}

STRONG BAD: Whoa, what am I doing in this tiny box? {starts banging his head and hands on the screen} Let me! Outta the! Tiny! Box!

{The screen appears to shatter, with a shattering sound effect.}

STRONG BAD: Whoops. Hope you got the extended warranty.

{The shattered screen crackles, and goes black. Two shards of the screen fall.}

Transcript for Teen Girl Squad

Teen Girl Squad!

{The Homestar Runner iPod start-up image appears. After a few seconds, a piece of paper is placed over it, with the iPod menu drawn in Strong Bad's handwriting:}

8:04 PM
Homestarrunner.com >
Presents Strong Bad >
Teen >
Girl >
Squad >

{The menu scrolls down to the bottom.}

STRONG BAD: {TGS voice} Clickly clickly! {regular voice} Click.

{The selected episode plays.}

Fun Facts

Podstar Runner podcast


  • The label on the floppy disk is unreadable, but there are several possibilities.
  • The podcast "Strong Bad Email" became #1 on February 20, 2006.
  • The podcast "Strong Bad Emails & More!" became #1 on April 6, 2006.
  • The podcast was featured on the Podcasts main page on iTunes in the "New and Notable" section on February 19, 2006.
  • Around March 5, 2006, the name of the podcast changed from "Strong Bad Email" to "Strong Bad Emails and More!" due to the addition of the Teen Girl Squadcast.
  • The battery meter in the intro for the Strong Bad Emails is relatively full, while the hand-drawn intro for Teen Girl Squadcast's battery meter is almost empty.
  • One of the keywords for the Teen Girl Squadcast episodes is "arrowed", an obvious reference to the Arrow'd Guy.


  • For some reason, the clock at the top of the iPod screen reads 8:04 before and after the toon, even though the toon may last more than 1 minute
  • With the exception of Homsar's appearance in dragon, none of the Easter eggs from the original versions of the Emails are present.
    • All the Easter eggs in the Teen Girl Squad issues are present, and play automatically, as does the Peasant's Quest Preview egg.
  • The notice on the main page originally said "sbemail podcast!" but it was later changed to "sbemails on ipod!." This was most likely changed after noting that Podstar Runner was not truly a podcast, due to the videos not being broadcast through a RSS feed syndication. As of February 6, 2006, however, an official RSS feed has been released making Podstar Runner an actual podcast. On March 5, 2006, it was changed to "teen girl squadcast!" in response to the new feature.
  • The sound quality in the iPod version of bottom 10 seems to drop to the "Flash file" level after the appearance of Wet The Cheat. There also seems to be a minor sound bug while Strong Bad has the jibblies. Furthermore, on the dry T-shirt flyer, the font Snap ITC has been replaced with what appears to be Arial (same thing for the font for Chocolardiac Arrest).
  • The podstar.homestarrunner.com server doesn't have the 404'd page set up; incorrect URLs will get the standard 404 error page instead.
  • The filename for dragon is "trogdor," not "dragon."
  • Due to the size and resolution of the iPod's screen, virus's Navbar is removed, and its "widescreen" effects removed by pan and scan.
  • On February 27, 2006, Podstar Runner ceased downloads of all the previously available Strong Bad Emails and only allowed downloads of the most recent Podcast. A notice on the page read "due to bandwidth doodoo, we're doing one at a time for now." It was fixed on March 3, 2006, and all the emails could be downloaded again.
  • Even though Everybody to the Limit is not a Strong Bad Email, it is played with the email intro and ending.
  • In death metal, the email intro seems to be a little extended. Plus, the "shee-doot" sound is omitted when Strong Bad signs off of Video Thyme.
  • Oddly, caffeine, different town, crying, and bottom 10 have gone missing from the website's episode list, as well as the podcast on iTunes itself. The video files still remain and are still linked below.
  • The Peasant's Quest Preview showed up on the Podstar directory before getting added to the iTunes podcast page.


The glitched preview image
  • While the iPod in the background is meant to be a fifth generation model, the headphone port is placed in the top center of the device like a fourth generation's, rather than at the top right.
  • When the email ends and returns to the animated iPod menu, "Homestarrunner.com" is highlighted. However, the animated menu at the beginning of the email has "Email" selected. The iPod's memory should keep the selection where it was when you left it, not move back to the top.
  • Many of the listed file sizes are inaccurate. The table below shows the correct file sizes.
  • The preview picture for Teen Girl Squad 9 (in iTunes) has positioning problems; everything inside the panel seems to be shifted up and to the left, overlapping the panel border.
  • In the page title, "Y'all" has a misplaced apostrophe.
  • The sound in crazy cartoon is out of sync between the intro and the ending.
  • When you view the podcast in the iTunes Music Store, there are no dates listed for army, flag day, trevor the vampire, stunt double and caper. (Dates will appear once you download them, save caper and army.)
  • The Title for "Peasant's Quest Game" is incorrect (it's supposed to be Peasant's Quest Preview).


Two podcasts
  • Due to the use of relative linking in the navbar (and depending on the browser), clicking on any of the links on the bottom of the page will sometimes work correctly but will sometimes take you to a nonexistent page beginning with http://podstar.homestarrunner.com/, with the Store being the only exception.

Fixed Glitches

  • In the XML feed, the description of crying was the same as that of kids' book, namely "Strong Bad seriously defaces a children's book." This has since been fixed.
  • There used to be two podcasts available through iTunes Music Store: one by "Strong bad" and one by "The Brothers Chaps." Noticeably different between the two was the logo of the two podcasts, as well as the absent "Clean" marker in the second podcast. The podcast by Strong Bad has since been removed.
  • When Guitar was released, all the e-mail links became the same, all leading to the guitar e-mail file. Now they have reverted back to the separate names.
  • When montage was released, the link to download montage was incorrect in the XML feed, which pointed to "sb_email_motage.m4v" instead of "sb_email_montage.m4v", leaving users temporarily unable to download montage through iTunes. This was fixed the day after.
  • The date for theme park in the podcast feed was incorrectly listed as May 6, 2006 instead of June 6, 2006.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • The description for bottom 10 refers to one of the locations television host David Letterman has claimed his daily "Top Ten List" was compiled.

External Links

Downloadable Emails

Title Size Release Date Description Download
techno 3.5 MB January 30, 2006 Some bozo asks about techno music. download
dragon 9.3 MB January 30, 2006 Strong Bad starts a bad drawing revolution. download
japanese cartoon 5.8 MB January 30, 2006 Strong Bad makes up his own japanese cartoon. download
kids' book 4.6 MB January 30, 2006 Strong Bad seriously defaces a children's book. download
crying 9.7 MB January 30, 2006 Strong Bad invents a 1-legged puppy and the tears flow. download
bottom 10 11.2 MB February 6, 2006 From the home office in Scotsdale, AZ... download
caffeine 7.3 MB February 13, 2006 Strong Sad gets caffeinated. download
virus 10.7 MB February 20, 2006 A virus wreaks havoc on the Compy. download
guitar 7.0 MB February 27, 2006 Ol' SB teaches you everything you need to know about shredding hot lixx. download
video games 8.4 MB March 6, 2006 Strong Bad goes cross-platform with bad video game ideas. download
different town 7.2 MB March 13, 2006 How would Strong Bad make the town different? download
montage 7.2 MB March 21, 2006 A montage of montages. download
personal favorites 6.0 MB March 27, 2006 Strong Bad makes little kids and morons think there's emails they haven't seen. download
sisters 6.9 MB April 4, 2006 Two hot sisters email Strong Bad and he messes it up royally. download
death metal 9.7 MB May 15, 2006 Strong Bad lays down the basics of death metal and then runs them over. download
theme park 11 MB June 6, 2006 Strong Bad builds a theme park and Strong Sad gets decked. download
crazy cartoon 6.7 MB June 13, 2006 Monkey dude asks Strong Bad to make a crazy cartoon and Sweet Cuppin' Cakes is born. download
army 8.8 MB June 29, 2006 Hank Toler asks about Strong Badia's army. The Homestarmy attempts to invade the kingdom. download
flag day 7.4 MB July 6, 2006 Strong Bad unveils the Strong Badian flag and national anthem. Please rise. download
trevor the vampire 4.6 MB July 13, 2006 Strong Bad gets an email from a vampire and realizes the horrible truth. Short but classic action! download
stunt double 6.7 MB July 20, 2006 Sounds dangerous! No, sounds Dangeresque! download
best thing 12.6 MB August 3, 2006 The never-before-seen pilot episode of the failed Limozeen Saturday morning cartoon show!! download
caper 6.4 MB September 25, 2006 Strong Bad and The Cheat break up and make up download
mascot 7.4 MB October 2, 2006 In a hunger-induced haze, Strong Bad and the boys name the CGNU mascot The Dumple. download
geddup noise 11.4 MB October 6, 2006 SB tells the tale of the mysterious wood-scrapey sound his stool makes when he gets up even though his floor is carpeted. download
isp 8.8 MB October 12, 2006 Strong Bad's getting throttled down. MindSpring Customer service this is Matt. Can I get your email address or account number please? download

Downloadable Teen Girl Squad (Teen Girl Squadcast)

Title Size Release Date Description Download
TGS Issue 1 1.8 MB March 6, 2006 Four teenage girls shop, socialize, and get offed in amusing ways. download
TGS Issue 2 1.8 MB March 6, 2006 Four teenage girls try their best to look so good. download
TGS Issue 3 2.5 MB March 6, 2006 Four teenage girls shop for summer fashions and pan-asian cuisine. download
TGS Issue 4 3.2 MB March 6, 2006 Four teenage girls go back to school and get offed in amusing ways. download
TGS Issue 5 3.2 MB March 6, 2006 Four teenage girls on Spring Type Break dream of reaching foist base. download
TGS Issue 6 2.2 MB April 24, 2006 Secret Decemberween Gift Exchange!! download
TGS Issue 7 3.1 MB April 24, 2006 Teeny Tiny Girl Squad!! download
TGS Issue 8 4.3 MB May 3, 2006 Battle of the Bands! download
TGS Issue 9 3.3 MB May 3, 2006 The Tyranny Is Over! download
TGS Issue 10 7.5 MB May 22, 2006 a B'GRL PRTY??!? download

Downloadable Toons

Title Size Release Date Description Download
Everybody to the Limit 7.2 MB April 12, 2006 The Cheat directs a video for Strong Bad's Number One Summer Jam. download
Peasant's Quest Game 4.1 MB July 27, 2006 Videlectrix unveils a textastic computer game set in the Trogdor universe! download


iTunes 4.9 or later; Quicktime 6.0 or later; or VLC media player can be used to view M4V video files.

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