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Many times in the Homestar Runner Universe, a character will use a pluralized noun in a phrase where it would normally be singular, or else will pluralize an already plural word, often "them".


  • Main Page 15Strong Bad says "It looks like it was done by a two years old boy."
  • Email japanese cartoon — Strong Bad says that he saw "one o' thems" once, referring to a japanese cartoon.
  • Email animalHomestar Runner says "I say there, Monstrosity! Do you know the times?"
  • Stinkomanual — The description for the Seeper Mo of Level 7 reads "Stinkoman better think seriously about jumping o'er thems."
  • Email space program — The ten dollar bill has "Ten O' Dems" written across the top.
    • The gold also has a caption reading "THREE O' DEMS".
  • Email senior prom — As Coach Z spikes a bowl of punch with Listerine, he explains "I'm just lookin' out for all yer hygienes. Have ya ever talked to one of these kids up close!? Their breaths is terbirle!"
  • Email licensed — Homestar claims that the glass filled Strong Bad piñata was still his "best birthdays ever".
  • Sketchbook for 19 Feb 2009 — The caption for the 4 Gregs reads "four o' dems".
  • Email bottom 10Nibbles states that he is only one years old.

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