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"It's lard, yo!"

Phat is an adjective used in pop culture to express approval. It usually means excellent or sexy, but in the Homestar Runner universe, it is sometimes used as a substitute for "fat".


  • Email 50 emailsStrong Bad ridicules an email sender that asked him about "cool ways to spell different words" like "fat = phat".
  • Email suntanThe King of Town steals Strong Bad's "Animal Phat" brand lard.
  • Email the bet — "Animal Phat" makes another appearance, this time in the King of Town's pantry.
  • Quote of the Week 06 July 2006Marzipan sings the lyrics "We are the Cool Tapes. We make some phat papes."
  • Homestar RuinerCoach Z ends his answering machine message with "Leave me a message after the phat beeps!" Also, when Coach Z happens across the ruined tape of the race, he exclaims, "Without a phat tape of the race, I've got no official results!" And Strong Bad, upon discovering and digging up a hidden item outside the castle, wonders "what kinda phat loot the King of Town keeps buried" there.
  • Trudgemank — The page title of the music video is "Get Your Product Phat For Ya!" and the lyrics echo that multiple times throughout.
  • Strong Badia the Free — In Cave Girl Squad, using the Charles Darwin idea during the final scene results in Strong Bad saying, "SURVIVAL OF THE PHATTEST!!!"
  • @StrongBadActual — Strong Bad talks about The Cheat's phat Casio staxx.
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