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Perducci Puppet!

From his Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate trading card:

"Perducci is a master of sitting behind tables, desks, and countertops. Somehow this has led to him being dangerous and powerful. He owns a restaurant and an import/export business and is so rich he has one of those animatronic fortune teller things in his basement. HIS BASEMENT!"

Perducci, played by the King of Town, is the criminal mastermind of Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, too? (featured in the Strong Bad Email dangeresque 3). Hoping to kidnap Cutesy Buttons, Perducci intercepts the serum at the border. When Dangeresque discovers him hiding in Istanbul, Perducci orders his henchman and secret weapon Killingyouguy to eliminate the perpetrator. Dangeresque, with the aid of his partner Dangeresque Too, thwarts Perducci's plans by defeating Killingyouguy and saving both Cutesy and the serum.

Perducci later reappears in Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective as one of the main antagonists. He has a hideout in an abandoned night club on the edge of Brainblow City. There, Dangeresque tricks him out of the architectural blueprints for Uzi Bazooka's hideout in a game of "Rock, Paper, Baccarat", as well as a painting that Perducci stole from a mummy's tomb in Cairo in 1963. Perducci retaliates by stealing disks of launch codes for the Ruby Powered Rocket and travelling around the world with them, eventually misleading Dangeresque by disguising himself as an informant in Tokyo named Stooley Rat Weasel.

In Dangeresque Roomisode 3: Keep My Enemies, Loser, it is revealed that Perducci orchestrated the events of the previous two roomisodes to lead Dangeresque to his fancy restaurant, Perducci's. There, he asks Dangeresque to protect him from four consecutive attempts on his life by his rivals, two of which being Sultry Buttons and Professor Experimento. He is apparently on somewhat good terms with Stingy Relenque, borrowing a jetpack from him at one point, but still calling him a creep. The only people he seems to trust with his life are his Waitre D and Killingyouguy. He has evil lair timeshares in many places, including the Coches Mountains, St. Pod (where he double-crossed his partners and had them all wiped out), Lobasho (where he drowned many of his former associates), and Eastern Balustenich (where he keeps the Perducci jet in a super secret bunker).

Perducci wears a blue suit, a brown bowler hat, single lens sunglasses, and a name tag reading, "Hello, my name is perducci". His stereotypical Italian-sounding name likely alludes to the American Mafia, a well-known and oft-parodied organized crime group. A running gag involves Dangeresque yelling out his name to the sky, fist raised. Dangeresque describes him as a "morbid mound of monarch mobster", while the King of Town describes Perducci as an interesting and complicated character who "first comes across as hard as a jawbreaker" before you "start to see his softer sweet side". When asked what he has in common with his character, the King says they're both snappy dressers, they both enjoy a good game of cards, illegally traffic stolen goods through an unnamed fence in Cairo, and wear hats. Perducci's character has a rich history in which he touches the lives of many important people in history, written by Strong Sad.

While most of the series' actors often break character or deliver their lines in an unconvincing manner, the King of Town is consistently portrayed as being one of the better actors, speaking with more confidence than he usually does, and even dramatically breaking out in tears at one point when his plans are stolen (albeit only after being called out by Strong Bad for not showing enough emotion). However, some of his actor's traits still manage to shine through, such as his obsession with food.

In Disk 4 of 12 - FriendlyWare, a Perducci-like image is shown as the driver of the Delete key sedan for shady criminals.


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