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"These peoples try to fade me!"

When actually referring to simply "people", characters in Free Country, USA will occasionally use the word "peoples".


  • Email new handsCoach Z sings a small part of his rap, "These peoples try to fade me". Strong Bad later says "Coach! I wasn't trying to fade you. That wasn't me. I don't know who those peoples were."
  • Bubs Character Video — Bubs starts off with: "Hey there, every peoples! I'm Bubs."
  • Coach Z Character Video — Coach Z is about to sing "These peoples try to fade me", but he's interrupted by Homestar Runner before he can.
  • Email dangeresque 3 — After reading the email, Strong Bad says "Man, peoples won't leave me alone about this one!"
  • Email english paper — After writing "The Yellow Dart's" English paper, Strong Bad says "Can't nobody say Strong Bad never did nothing for the peoples."
  • Email video games — in honor of "Alcatraz Taylor" Strong Bad says while pouring a cold one on the carpet "This one's for you, and all my peoples got sent up the river."
  • Email pizzaz — Strong Bad asks Strong Bad "So, Strong Bad, the peoples want to know..."
  • Email videro games — Strong Bad's definition of the word "melee" is "a buncha peoples fighting, like, all at the same time."
  • TROGDOR (song) — the second verse says "Burninating all the peoples."
  • Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective — While introducing the movie, Strong Bad calms the crowd by saying "All right, peoples!"
  • Email time capsule — Homestar Runner says "I'll just make my own time box with a gross old wig in it. So all the future peoples will know I had a gross old wig!"
  • April Fools' 2014 — Homestar says that "peoples all the time be askin' me: 'Hey Homestar! How come you stopped updating [your website]?'"
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