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=== Get ON FIRE Like a Peasant ===
This quest corresponds with the green dots on the map above.
#Go E, E, E, E, N to return to the inn and type 'open door' to get inside. 'talk man' to learn how to spend the night, which he'll only let you do if you're wearing Naked Ned's robe. Type "get a room". You'll wake up 20 minutes later, at which point you should walk over to the pantry and "look pantry" to learn that the innkeeper seems to like a little something called "Old Man Rub" *ick*. You'll need the pot on the top shelf. Type "get pot", "get grease", or "get horse grease" in order to reach up and grab it. It will fall on your head. With your nouveau headwear, you have to navigate your way out of the inn, which can be a little annoying. The controls don't work correctly because you can't see. To move up, use the right arrow key. To move down, use the left arrow key. Left, use the down key. Right, up key.
#Go S and walk near the lantern. Congratulations, you're now ON FIRE and a true, honest to goodness peasant!
=== Get Your Revenge on Trogdor (maybe) ===
=== Get Your Revenge on Trogdor (maybe) ===

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The complete walkthrough for the game Peasant's Quest.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.




(These numbers correspond to the steps outlined in the walkthrough below.)
  • Key:
    • STINK Like A Peasant — Blue Dots
    • DRESS Like A Peasant — Gold Dots
    • Get ON FIRE Like A Peasant — Green Dots
    • Get Your Revenge On Trogdor (maybe) — Red Dots





Get Your Revenge on Trogdor (maybe)

This quest corresponds with the red dots on the map above.

  1. You can now go up to Trogdor's lair. Walk N, N to get to the guard and type 'talk man' to get him to move. Walk E to get to the cliff, save your game, go up to the cliff, and type "climb" to get into an incredibly annoying Sierra-esque boulder and bird dodge-fest. The ledges and branches on the cliff do nothing, so don't bother with them. You'll have to go up three screens to get to the top.
  2. You are now in Trogdor's lair. After the strange "Loading Disk 2" message, save your game again. Somehow, you cannot climb down. Walk into the cave and start heading E until you're accosted by the first keeper. You'll have to answer three questions about the game in order to make it to Trogdor. Alternatively, you can "give sub", "give soda", and "give pills" to skip the questions (either of these option gives you the same number of points). The questions and correct answers are listed following the walkthrough.
  3. Go E to meet your doom. The beaded curtain you just walked through will close and mysteriously not open. Don't walk too close to Trogdor. All you have to do is type "use sword" to attack the beast. Now you've gotten his attention and must deal with his majesty. Type "talk trogdor" or "talk" to face the burninator, thus completing the game. Or, if you want to complete the game without 150 points, just keep typing things. Eventually he'll just burninate you, but you'll still win.

Questions and Answers

  • Q. How many berry bushes are there in the whole kingdom of Peasantry? B. 5
    • There are actually six, but apparently the game creators forgot the berry bush by the well. It doesn't respond to typical berry-bush commands, but it is regardless a berry bush.
  • Q. To whom did the robe you're wearing originally belong? A. Naked Ned
  • Q. What color are the leaves on the tree that grows by the well? A. Orange
  • Q. What did you win from the Archery game? A. SuperTime FunBow TM
  • Q. What does Mendelev have you tell Dongolev? A. Haldo
  • Q. What is the only creature the Jhonka fears? A. The Kerrek
  • Q. What was the Innkeeper's pantry full of? A. Old Man Rub
  • Q. Which one of these letters is the letter C? A. C
  • Q. Which way does the river that runs through Peasantry flow? C. Northeast to Southwest

Final score: 150 out of 150.

Points Guide

Points ... Action

1......get pebbles
2......put rocks in bucket to Mendelev at archery
2......scare Poor Gary
3......say haldo to Dongolev at the hidden glen
2......get arrow out of the tree in hidden glen, first attempt only
1......get chicken feed
2......get berries
2......throw chicken feed into lake
2......give super trinket to Mendelev SuperTime FunBowTM
5......use bow to kill the Kerrek
10.....get belt from Kerrek
2......jump into mud puddle
3......jump into hay
7......get riches at Jhonka's cave
5......give riches to Baby Lady
5......throw baby into lake*
3......put baby in bucket at the well*
2......get baby out of the well* (Note: while not required to beat the game, this must be done if you put the baby in the bucket, or you die somehow.)
5......give baby to the inn-keeper*
2......move rock on side of doorknobless cottage
5......put baby into the hole at the doorknobless cottage
10.....get robe in aforementioned cottage, AFTER opening drawer
1......close drawer AFTER removing robe in doorknobless cottage*
3......wear robe after getting it
3......get room in inn
2......get pot in inn
3......exiting inn with pot on head
10.....walking under candle in burninated trees to knight, at Mountain Pass
3......successfully climbing the cliff without dying
5......answering the first question right in the inner sanctum/handing over the sub
5......answering the second question right in the inner sanctum/handing over the soda
5......answering the third question right in the inner sanctum/handing over the pills
7......use sword on trogdor trogdor*

*- denotes an action not required to beat the game but earns you extra points.

Ways to Die

  • Typing DIE.
  • Attempting to harm/kill Poor Gary the horse by typing "kill horse".
  • Walking too near to the Kerrek.
  • Typing TRY outside the Mysterious Cottage.
    • It makes more sense if you first type CRAWL IN HOLE then CUT OFF ARMS LEGS AND HEAD, but works without those.
  • Typing "quit".
    • You don't actually die, you just return to the games menu.
  • Walking in front of Dongolev's bow.
  • Trying to TAKE ARROW before Dongolev leaves.
  • Admitting to the Jhonka that you took his riches when he asks you
  • Dropping the baby in the well's bucket, then exiting the screen.
  • Getting knocked off the cliff near Trogdor's lair.
  • Failing the Trog-Trivia questions of any of the Three Keepers of Trogdor (a different message and animation for each).
    • Technically, you don't die on all of them, but you lose anyways.
      • 1st. Turn into Ron Cumberdale...impossible to kill Trogdor because the game won't let you for some reason.
      • 2nd. Turn into an Old Guy Musician...also impossible.
      • 3rd. Turn into a skeleton and perish.
  • Sneaking too close to sleeping Trogdor.
  • Winning (with or without talking to Trogdor).
  • Pressing Enter or Return twice at the "Click anywhere to play" or the save game screen after dying in any of the aforementioned ways.


Map of Peasantry

This is the map of Peasantry. To find an acre's name, match it to the coordinates below.

1A. Poor Gary's glen
1B. Kerrek tracks 1
1C. Old well
1D. Yellow tree
1E. Waterfall
2A. That hay bale
2B. That mud puddle
2C. Archery range
2D. River and stone
2E. Mountain pass
3A. Jhonka's cave
3B. Your burninated cottage
3C. Pebble lake west
3D. Pebble lake east
3E. Outside giant inn
4A. Outside mysterious cottage
4B. Wavy tree
4C. Kerrek tracks 2
4D. Outside baby lady cottage
4E. Burninated trees

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