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*'''"buy kerrek a cold one"''' - When typed in the Kerrek's domain (when Kerrek is alive, of course) it gives a funny message. '''Warning:''' This speeds the Kerrek up, so be careful. This command was first seen in the email [[for kids].
*'''"buy kerrek a cold one"''' - When typed in the Kerrek's domain (when Kerrek is alive, of course) it gives a funny message. '''Warning:''' This speeds the Kerrek up, so be careful. This command was first seen in the email [[for kids]].
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*'''"make friends with kerrek"''' - Gives a funny response when used in the Kerrek's domain. This is also a reference to for kids.
*'''"make friends with kerrek"''' - Gives a funny response when used in the Kerrek's domain. This is also a reference to [[for kids]].
*'''"map"''' (before you find the map) - Gives a funny message.
*'''"map"''' (before you find the map) - Gives a funny message.

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There are many responses that the game gives you in the game Peasant's Quest. Here is a list of all that have been found. When more than one option is given, such as "get/take _____", either word will produce the same response.


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  • "ask about _____" - Going up to a person and asking about something often elicits funny responses. Possible topics include "fire", "robe", "smell", "naked ned", and "trogdor".
  • "attack sign" - Try at the Mountain Pass for a funny message.


  • "buy kerrek a cold one" - When typed in the Kerrek's domain (when Kerrek is alive, of course) it gives a funny message. Warning: This speeds the Kerrek up, so be careful. This command was first seen in the email for kids.


  • "cheat" (or any command including it) - The game will respond with "Meh", which is Cheat talk.
  • "climb tree" - Gives a funny message when typed at any tree. A special message is given when typed at Naked Ned's tree.


  • "Dance on kerrek's grave" - A funny message will appear.
    • "dance"
  • "die" - A message pops up saying that the choice you made wasn't very smart, resulting in your death.




  • "get/take chair" - Try while in the cottage for a funny response.
  • "get/take kerrek" - Type when present for an interesting message.
  • "get/take picture" - Try in the old man's inn to learn something interesting.
  • "go west"(or any other direction) - A funny message will pop up.


  • "haldo" - Type anywhere but in Dongolev's presence for a funny response.
  • "haldo" - Typing this to Dongolev in the secret glade BEFORE being asked to say it to him will result in a funny message.
  • "hug tree" - Try at the haystack screen. Warning: Save before, because you will get stuck to the tree.





  • "look boat" - Try this at the lake with the fisherman.
  • "look knight" - Try at the mountain pass for a response.
  • "look paper" - Try in the old man's inn.
  • "look sand" - Try at the fisherman's lake for a pointless exercise in mathematics.
  • "look tree" - Try at the arrow tree.


  • "make friends with kerrek" - Gives a funny response when used in the Kerrek's domain. This is also a reference to for kids.
  • "map" (before you find the map) - Gives a funny message.




  • "pet horse" or "pet poor gary" - Gives a funny response.


  • "quit" - This command not only causes you to quit, but hurts the game's feelings.



  • "sit stump" (at Poor Gary) - Gives a funny reponse.
  • "skip stones" - Try this at the west side of the lake.
  • "sleep" - Try in the cottage with the woman and baby for a funny message.


  • "throw baby" - Try at the west screen of the lake for a GameFAQs reference.




  • "wear mask" - Do this outside the screen in which Poor Gary is in before you scare him; you'll get a funny message.




  • Go to the lantern hanging on the burninated tree during the day, and type "light lantern".
  • Type "throw baby" near the well to get a message. (You don't have to have the baby in your inventory.)
  • If you kick, kill, or punch "poor gary" (the horse), it kills you, then makes fun of you telling you the reason you did it was because you suck at the game.
  • Type "swim" when by the pebbles by the lake
    • For some reason, no message comes up when you try to swim by the other side of the lake.
  • Type "look rocks" after using the pebbles.
  • Type 'ride horse' or 'ride poor gary' to get a funny message
  • Download the flash file and start a game. At any time type "save". In the save menu, click on the flash player's control tab(next to file and view), and select "play". It loads the archery game and you can get the bow before you are supposed to.
  • Try typing "fry 'em up dan" or anything with the word "dan" in the phrase.
  • When on the screen with the horse, try typing "scare horse" before you have the mask.
  • If you stand between the archer (Dongolev) and the tree he's shooting arrows at, the game will make a sarcastic remark and you'll die.
  • After you're on fire, try getting a room again.
  • When you see the lit lantern, try lighting it again.
  • If you don't take the Kerrek's belt right away and get the robe and get on fire first, the guard will recognize that you have the robe, but not that you're on fire.
  • If you type "look bush" on the pebble lake west screen, it will respond with "Don't worry about that bush. Yeah, there's red berries on it but never you mind.", then type "look berries" and it reponds "Shut up.", finally type "get berries" and it reponds "NO MAN! JEEZ!"
  • If you look at the SuperTime FunBow on the inventory screen, a blue clickable square will appear to the left, but clicking won't do anything. Maybe an unfinished Easter egg?
    • No, probably an "object" they used in Macromedia Flash to do something with the game. Who knows what it is, but it's too difficult to explain it.
  • Try typing different things like "this sucks", "party", "boo", "drink (something)", "dance" or other stuff. You usually get funny messages. Remember to save first though.
    • if you type party, it will mention the whig party. This was an early political Party of America, that ended shortly before the civil war
  • Try typing "get bone" in "Cliffland Heights".
    • "Get Skull" also works.
  • After you remove the rock to the cottage, try to crawl inside. The game will say something like "You couldn't fit, even if you chopped off your arms, legs and head". Type "cut off arms, legs, and head", and it will say "I'd like to see you try". Type "try" and you do just that. NOTE: This results in death, so save your game first.
    • Simply typing "try" anytime on that screen results in death.
  • Try typing just "why".
  • Trying to get pebbles without standing right next to them results in a message.
  • On the screen with the lantern, when you try and take it, it says there's a plaque there. If you try and take the plaque, but spell it as "plague", you get a funny error.
    • Spelling it correctly also gives you a funny message.
  • If you go to the stream (from the waterfall) and type in "swim stream", it will tell you "Peasants can't swim. Like, it's illegal." If you type the same thing in the screen with the waterfall, you get "That waterfall would probably churn you into one of those weight-gain protein smoothies".
    • Typing "jump on rock" or "swim to rock" by the stream will give you the same message. "Get on rock" will give you a cynical message.
  • At the archery place, if you try to take an arrow from the bullseyes/trees ("get arrow"), you'll get an interesting message.
  • Interacting with objects clearly intended only for the landscape (like certain trees or the stump in Poor Gary's screen) often gets you funny messages.
  • Try talking to Gary and the baby (before you get it) for some amusing responses.
  • If you try climbing into the well, a message tells you your insurance doesn't cover that.
  • Wait a while in the wavy tree area and Naked Ned should appear behind the other tree.
    • After he disappears, talk to the tree and it'll tell you his name. Weird.
  • Try closing the pantry door in the inn.
  • Try going up to a person and saying "ask about fire", "ask about robe", "ask about smell", "ask about naked ned", or "ask about Trogdor."
  • Try getting the flies on Poor Gary, and you'll get a funny message.
  • On the "load game" screen you see after you die, you can press enter a couple of times and see the death sequence again.
  • Type "Smell" or "sniff" to get a message about the scent of computer games.
  • Type "get broom" in Ned's hut to get a message about the availability of items.
  • Go to the well, and type "turn crank" and then, stand away from the well, and type "turn crank" again, for a funny message.
    • Try turning the crank from behind the well, and it'll make a comment about your "short reach." Apparently, that tree isn't as far away from the well as it looks - typing "turn crank" there will result in you walking over to the well and turning the crank.
  • Type 'get berries' at the old lady and baby cottage, and they will get squishes in your hand. If you type it again, you get the message "You already searched that bush. It was okay. Nothing to write home about... oh, wait... you don't have a home. My b."
    • Type 'get berries' after finding the super trinket to get a different message.
  • Type 'throw baby' before or after you get the baby while the old man is still in the ocean and the game will say '"That isn't gonna work for bait!" the old man screams, at a needlessly harsh volume.'
    • Actually this works if you try to "throw" anything. Seriously, try it.
  • Try typing "throw baby" anywhere else other than at the west screen of the lake.
  • Type "give baby" when you don't have it anymore.
  • Go to the rock home with the note, and type "take note" or "get note", then go to the inn and type the same thing.
  • When you go to the archery table, type "look desk".
  • Try typing "talk" behind the archery desk.
  • At the well, try getting in the bucket yourself, and you'll receive an unflattering comment about your body.
    • Try getting the bucket, and you'll receive a comment about your knot-tying skills.
  • While at the well, try typing "use pebbles". Apparently, the game wants you to be more specific.
  • After the baby lady runs away with the jhonka's riches, go back into her cottage and try talking to her.
  • At the lake, after you've already fed the fish for the old man, try throwing the baby and you'll get a funny message.
  • After you've gotten your robe and a room at the inn, try walking in a direction that doesn't lead to the burned lantern tree for a funny message.
  • If you try talking to someone who isn't in the screen or who doesn't exist, the game will say "It's sad when you have to make up people to talk to".
  • Type "talk kerrek" when it's around for a funny message.
  • Try loading a game while Kerrek is bearing down on you.
  • Try typing "Throw baby in well" or "Drop baby" for humorous messages.
  • Try referring to the chicken feed as "gold."
  • Try climbing the fence before AND after Gary makes a hole in it.
  • When you are in Hidden Glen (the hole in the fence that Gary made), without going off the screen, try going past the fence and up. This should take you to the baby lady's cottage.
  • Try typing "put baby in well" instead of typing "put baby in bucket"
  • After scaring Gary, type "wear maskus."
    • The message that appears may be a reference to the movie Fight Club.
  • When you're in Trogdor's lair, before you throw your sword at him, type "kill trogdor", "talk", or "wake up trogdor" for some funny messages.
  • Type "steal dresser" in the cottage with the robe.
  • Type "break stump" at poor gary's screen.
  • Type "get old man rub" before you get the pot in the pantry after you wake up.
  • Try typing "Get Arrow" after you kill Kerrek and he begins to rot (you'll probably first see this after you take the riches from the Jhonka.) for a rather interesting message.
  • Look at the Kerrek's footprints when he's not there for a funny message.
  • If you type "ask about robe" to the lady in the baby lady cottage it will respond sarcastically.
  • Say "cross river" at any river.
  • There is a black box in the top left corner of the page. It has no purpose as of yet.
  • Once you are on fire, go west a few scenes to hear a funny message about the weather
  • In Naked Ned's cottage, where you get the robe, type "get drawer" for a funny message.
    • Also, try "close drawer" without getting the robe, or "open drawer" or "close drawer" when it's already open or closed.
    • Try "close drawer" after stealing the robe.
  • Inside the inn, try "look window."
  • Outside the inn, try "look inn", "look window", and "look sign".
  • Try "look trees" on any screen.
    • Typing "look trees" by the waterfall will give you a different funny message. Type "look tree" (in the singular) on certain screens with trees in it, like the yellow tree by the stream, the autumn tree by the well, the burninated tree, the tree by the haystack, the tree by Naked Ned's cottage (the last two will give you the same message).
  • After weighing the bucket down with rocks, you can turn the crank on the well ("turn crank") without weighing it down again. Try lowering and raising the bucket.
  • Try killing the Kerrek before you get the bow and arrow.
  • Try killing the Kerrek after he's dead already.
  • If you "cut off head, arms, and legs" at the mysterious cottage, the game will say "thanks for nothing" instead of "thanks for playing".
  • When you reach the top of Trogdor's cliff, type "climb cliff" again. It will give you a funny message.
    • That message will appear anywhere, by the way.
  • After you take berries from a bush, trying to get more berries from that same bush has the game make fun of you.
  • Before the woman gives you the baby, try talking to the baby.
  • Try going all the way to the left side of the screen in the place gary (the horse) breaks open and walk directly up.
  • If you "put baby in bucket" while the baby is already in the well, you will still get more points.
  • If you type "Give super trinket" to the archers if you don't have one, It will give you a message.
  • At Cliffland Heights, try to look at everything. For example, "look lightning", or "look bone", or "look cave".
  • In Trogdor's outer sanctum, also try to look at everything. Such as, "look openings", or "look beaded curtain".
  • In Trogdor's outer sanctum, go in front of one of the openings and type "climb opening" for a funny message about high school.
  • If you said haldo go back to the spot where Poor Gary used to be say "look" and it says "Hey! Theres a Rotten Old Horse Over There!" when there isn't.
  • Try hiding in the haystack before you are covered in mud.
  • Type "take mud" (when it's wet) before and after you are covered in it for interesting messages.
  • Look at the rock by the stream and the mud puddle (it's not doin' a whole lot for me either).
  • See what happens when you don't answer "yes" or "no" to the Jhonka after being asked about the riches.
  • Try to take the bed, rug, and pillow from the old man's inn.
  • Try sleeping in the inn without talking to the man first.
  • While walking in the haystack, go to scenes other than the original haystack screen and the Jhonka screen.
  • Type anything other than "talk" for a short message once Trogdor is awake.
  • Type "get a room" once you're already on fire for a funny message.
  • Before you get the baby, go in the baby lady cottage and type "talk baby" or "get baby" for two funny messages.
  • When you have the baby, throw it in the bucket in the well scene. You can do this again and again for more points (but only before getting the sub).
  • When in Trogdor's Lair type "look trogdor" for a funny message.
  • After you are set on fire, type "burninate candle" in the inn.
    • This also works for the lantern outside.
  • The command "pwd" prints (on screen) your location in the game's programming.
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