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The latest installment from Videlectrix! A real long time ago, in the peasant kingdom of Peasantry, some people lived... IN FEAR! YOU are Rather Dashing, a peasant wearing short pants who returns from his vacation to find his thatched-roof cottage BURNINATED! You swear revenge and embark on an incredible journey to vanquish the Burninator once and for all!


  • Look around by typing stuff like "Look".
  • Talk to folks by typing "talk" or "talk man".
  • Take items by typing "get (item)"
  • Use items by typing "use (item)". You can also "throw (item)", "give (item)", or some other action words.
  • Type "inv" to see your Inventory.
  • Type "save" to save your game and "load" to load a game. (Cookies must be enabled.)
  • Press + or - to speed up or slow down your character.

Fun Facts

  • At the end, for some reason, the statue just bears a t-shirt instead of the clothes that Rather wore during the game.
    • This is the same "Scalding Lake" souvenir shirt that is in your inventory when you start the game.
  • The game URL is /disk4of12.html.
  • forwards you to the game.
  • When you die, the programmers give you a little message: " 'Thanks so much for playing this game here! Don't get too frustrated. Take some time for yourself. Have a refreshing coffee. Relax. Then come back and try again maybe!' - The Videlectrix Guys"
  • On the "Loading" screen, you can see the game on the computer screen.


  • When you look at the painting in the inn, it says that there are dogs playing magic the nerdering. This is a reference to a card game called 'Magic the Gathering'. The painting itself is a reference to C. M. Coolidge's painting of Dogs Playing Poker, "Looks Like Four of a Kind". It is also a referance to the Strong_Bad_Email car in which Strong Bad says, " 'Popular Science' more like "Nerdular Nerdance"."
  • The screen title "River b/w Tree" is a reference to helium , in which Marzipan and Homestar Runner discuss the subject briefly. The abbreviation "w/" for "with" is not used, instead it's "b/w" which was used on old vinyl records and singles to refer to the B-side ("b/w" = "backed with").
  • If you try to jumping in the left side of the lake, it responds "Not so fast, Swimmer Dan!" which is a reference to Strong Bad's line "Look who thinks he's Clever Dan!"
  • When you reach the top of the mountain, it says "Nice jorb climbing the cliff.", which is a reference to A Jorb Well Done, as well as Coach Z's accent in general.
  • Trogdor's voice is similar to the Visor Robot's voice from the Senor Mortgage short.
  • Jhonka is from impression.
  • Kerrek is from interview.
  • Mendelev is a ref too. Go to no_loafing. Use the swf, and when SB is showing off his No Loafing sign, stop and zoom in to read the email.


  • If you type LOOK near the hay, it says "It reminds you of a warm, safe place where as a child you'd hide" a reference to "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses.
  • Looking at the rock in the middle of the river gives a reference to "Rock of Ages" by Def Leppard.
  • When you scare Gary it says he "broke on through to the other side", a reference to "Break on Through" by the Doors.
  • Hugging the tree at the hay bale produces a reference to a well-known Byrds song.


  • The game itself may be a parody of "King's Quest 1" and related games; "Peasantry" is a play on "Daventry", there are mountains in the background that can never be reached, no matter how far north Dashing travels, and one screen is "apparently autumn".
  • When you type "kill" or "break" anything, it says "Violence is not the answer". This may be a reference to King's Quest, which had the same message when you tried any such thing.
  • If you try to GET CANDLE after waking in the Inn, it will say "It looks like you should be able to do that, but you can't." This is a play on the fact that many old games had important items standing out, with brighter colors or a thicker border (making it easier to find the right book in a bookshelf to open a secret passage).
  • Starting from the Hidden Glen screen, turn left as you exit through the hole in the fence. This allows you enter the screen "located" above the Hidden Glen, which turns out to be the interior of the Baby Lady Cottage. Entering the cottage in this manner changes the way you interact with your surroundings, allowing you to walk through walls, and even walk an indeterminate distance off the edge of the screen. This is not an error, I think, but rather a reference to Atari's old Adventure game, in which you could peer off the edge of one screen into another, and enter a secret room which is said to be the first instance of an "easter egg" in a game.
  • At the bale of hay, if you type "Get hay", it makes a reference to Thy Dungeonman 2 by saying "Who do you think you are, some kind of Thy Dungeonman?"
  • When you type "look" and then an object that doesn't really contribute to the game, the message will say "You don't need to look at that." This may be a reference to Space Quest 4 in which it says the exact same thing.
  • When you type in "die" it says "That wasn't very smart". This is a reference to Thy Dungeonman.
  • When trying to 'get' a certain object the game will tell you "No. That doesn't look like it would fit in your pants.' And there is one other reference telling you the main character has stuffed an object into his shorts. These may be references to the point and click puzzle adventure Monkey Island games, in which the main character, Guybrush Threepwood, stuffs any helpful props he can find in his pants.
  • The Q-Baby may be a reference to the James Bond game "Everything or Nothing" where you have a Q-Spider that can crawl through small places.
  • When you smite the Kerrek, it'll first say "Here goes, Kid Icarus". This may be a reference to a Nintendo game of the same name: Kid Icarus.
  • The save screen may be a reference to the old Legend of Zelda games in both format, the addition of hearts through progress, and the addition of artifacts that are added to your body (shield, helmet, sword).
  • This also happens on the map screen of Super Mario World.


  • At the bale of hay, type "look tree". It says "It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown!", which is a reference to the classic Christmas Peanuts titled "It's Christmas, Charlie Brown!" (or a reference to the 1976 Peanuts TV special ["It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown]".)
  • When you first talk to the knight guarding the mountain pass, he calls you "Dragonheart", referencing the movie of the same name.
  • If you ring the bell in the Inn it says "Instead of ringing or dinging, it just goes 'DUNG.'" This is probably a reference to the Monty Python joke: "What's brown and sounds like a bell? DUNG."
  • If you try to get the pebbles but are too far away it says you try to do your best Mr. Fantastic impression. This is a reference to the Fantastic Four.
  • If you go to the screen with "River b/w Tree" and type "look hut" or "look cottage", it says "You see a cottage in the distance. You hold your fingers up to one eye and pretend to squash it." This is a reference to the Head-Crusher sketch on Kids in the Hall.
  • If you try to "scare gary" before getting the maskus, two of the three possible responses are references. The first ("You tell Gary the story about the kid who pops this big zit he has and all these baby spiders come out. It doesn't phase him.") is a reference to an Urban Legend, and the second ("You tell Gary the "THE CALLS ARE COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!!" one but he doesn't act very scared. He's probably heard it before.") is a reference to the movie "Scream".
  • "Look tree" on the Hidden Glen screen. The result could of course be a reference to any fantasy story with elves, but is like a reference to the portrayal of Legolas in the recent Lord of the Rings films. Some variation of this phrase was heard to be uttered by fanatics everywhere.
  • If you try to give the Jhonka something he'll reply with "Don't need nothing from no filthy peasantses!!" This may be a reference to the Lord of the Rings character, Gollum. Jhonka kind of resembles him.
  • Try drinking anything. You will get a message saying that you don't need to. The message is reminiscent of a scene in the movie Caddyshack involving the Dalai Lama.

Easter Eggs

  • If you kick, kill, or punch "poor gary" (the horse), it kills you, then makes fun of you telling you the reason you did it was because you suck at the game.
  • If you type anything involving the word "cheat", it'll say "meh".
  • If you type "die", you, er, die.
  • Try typing "fry 'em up dan" or anything with the word "dan" in the phrase.
  • When on the screen with the horse, try typing "scare horse" before you have the mask.
  • If you stand between the archer (Dongolev) and the tree he's shooting arrows at, the game will make a sarcastic remark and you'll die.
  • If you don't take the Kerrek's belt right away and get the robe and get on fire first, the guard will recognize that you have the robe, but not that you're on fire.
  • If you type "look bush" on the pebble lake west screen, it will respond with "Don't worry about that bush. Yeah, there's red berries on it but never you mind.", then type "look berries" and it reponds "Shut up.", finally type "get berries" and it reponds "NO MAN! JEEZ!"
  • If you look at the SuperTime FunBow on the inventory screen, a blue clickable square will appear to the left, but clicking won't do anything. Maybe an unfinished easter-egg?
    • No, probably an "object" they used in Macromedia Flash to do something with the game. Who knows what it is, but it's too difficult to explain it.
  • Try typing different things like "this sucks", "party", "boo", "dance" or other stuff. You usually get funny messages. Remember to save first though.
  • Try typing "get bone" in "Cliffland Heights".
  • After you remove the rock to the cottage, try to crawl inside. The game will say something like "You couldn't fit, even if you chopped off your arms, legs and head". Type "cut off arms, legs, and head", and it will say "I'd like to see you try". Type "try" and you do just that. NOTE: This results in death, so save your game first.
  • Type "climb tree" at any tree.
  • Type "look tree" and "climb tree" at the arrow tree.
  • Try typing just "why".
  • On the screen with the lantern, when you try and take it, it says there's a plaque there. If you try and take the plaque, but spell it plague, you get a funny error.
  • If you go to the stream (from the waterfall) and type in "swim stream", it will tell you "Peasants can't swim. Like, it's illegal." This seemingly only works in the stream with the rock in the middle of it.
  • At the archery place, if you try to take an arrow from the bullseyes/trees ("get arrow"), you'll get an interesting message.
  • Interacting with objects clearly intended only for the landscape (like certain trees or the stump in Poor Gary's screen) often gets you funny messages.
  • Try talking to Gary and the baby (before you get it) for some amusing responses.
  • If you try climbing into the well, a message tells you your insurance doesn't cover that.
  • If you type in "quit" you'll hurt the game's feelings. NOTE: You will still quit, though.
  • Try typing "map" before you get it.
  • Wait a while in the wavy tree area and Naked Ned should appear behind the other tree.
  • Try closing the pantry door in the inn.
  • Try going up to a person and saying "ask about fire", "ask about robe", "ask about smell," or "ask about Trogdor."
  • Try getting the flies on Poor Gary, and you'll get a funny message.
  • On the "load game" screen you see after you die, you can press enter a couple of times and see the death sequence again.
  • Type "Smell" or "sniff" to get a message about the scent of computer games.
  • Type "get broom" in Ned's hut to get a message about the availability of items.
  • Go to the well, and type "turn crank" and then, stand away from the well, and type "turn crank" again, for a funny message.
  • Typing any sort of direction will result in the message, 'Use the arrow keys, pal. Just like a joypad only more like your day job.'
  • Type 'get berries' at the old lady and baby cottage, and they will get squishes in your hand. If you type it again, you get the message 'You already searched that bush. It was okay. Nothing to write home about... oh, wait... you don't have a home. My b.' This should (presumably) say 'My bad,' not 'My b.'
  • Type 'throw baby' before or after you get the baby while the old man is still in the ocean and the game will say '"That isn't gonna work for bait!" the old man screams, at a needlessly harsh volume.'
  • Go to the rock home with the note, and type "take note" or "get note", then go to the inn and type the same thing.
  • When you go to the archery table, type "look desk".
  • Try typing "talk" behind the archery desk.
  • Put the baby in the well's bucket ("put baby in bucket") and lower, then type "use crank" to retreive the now-mind-damaged baby. You recieve a meatball sub as well as the baby.
  • At the well, try getting in the bucket yourself, and you'll receive an unflattering comment about your body.
  • While at the well, try typing "use pebbles". Apparently, the game wants you to be more specific.
  • After the baby lady runs away with her(?) riches, go back into her cottage and try talking to her.
  • At the lake, after you've already fed the fish for the old man, try throwing the baby and you'll get a funny message.
  • After you've gotten your robe and a room at the inn, try walking in a direction that doesn't lead to the burned lantern tree for a funny message.
  • If you try talking to someone who isn't in the screen or who doesn't exist, the game will say "It's sad when you have to make up people to talk to".
  • Try saying "haldo" to the archer's brother without talking to the archer first. You'll get a funny message.
  • Type "talk kerrek" when it's around for a funny message.
  • Try loading a game while Kerrek is bearing down on you.
  • Update post-SB-email-110: "make friends with kerrek" and "buy kerrek a cold one" now work in the actual game. Warning: the second one will speed up the Kerrek.
  • Try typing "Throw baby in well" or "Drop baby" for humorous messages.
  • Type "Pet Horse" or "Pet Poor Gary" and you'll get a quite funny message.
  • Try referring to the chicken feed as "gold."
  • When you are in Hidden Glen, (the hole in the fence that Gary made)without going off the screen, try going past the fence and up. This should take you to the baby lady's cottage.
  • If you type "sleep" in the cottage with the woman and her baby you will get a funny message.
  • At the fisherman's lake, try "look sand" for a pointless exercise in mathematics.

Ways to Die

  • Typing DIE.
  • Kicking Poor Gary the horse.
  • Walking too near the Kerrek.
  • Typing TRY outside the Mysterious Cottage.
    • It makes more sense if you first type CRAWL IN HOLE then CUT OFF ARMS LEGS AND HEAD, but works without those.
  • Walking in front of Dongolev's bow.
  • Trying to TAKE ARROW before Dongolev leaves.
  • Admitting to the Jhonka that you took his riches.
  • Dropping the baby in the well's bucket, then exiting the screen.
  • Getting knocked off the cliff near Trogdor's lair.
  • Failing the Trog-Trivia questions of any of the Three Keepers of Trogdor (a different message and animation for each).
  • Sneaking too close to sleeping Trogdor.
  • Winning (with or without talking to Trogdor).


  • Go in the Jhonka's house screen , then go south of the house and walk north over the small rock in front of the door and keep walking to the door, then go right. You SHOULD be in the jhonka's house, but you're not!
  • If you deploy the baby on the side opposite the rock, you go into the cottage, and the game freezes.
  • A strange mapping bug allows you to "warp" to the baby-lady's house and the inn from another screen entirely. Just think outside the box.
  • If you fail the quiz from one of the three keepers of Trogdor and are subsequently turned into Ron Cumberdale and lose the game, instead of loading a game, just click on RESTART on the load menu after Game Over. Skip the game's intro and then press Enter. This will once again bring up the question you answered wrong while your standing by the knight at the entrance of Trogdor's cave. Answering the question wrong again just gets you another Game Over, answering right just makes the box disappear. Although it doesn't seem like the box will ever go away no matter what you do. Even trying to move around brings it back up.
  • Killing Kerrek too close to the top of the screen gets you caught in a bug! (Cause you have to walk around, and if you walk around and cross the screen boundary, you get stuck!)
  • In the original public version, it was possible to score 152/150 at the end. If you went back to get another arrow after smiting the Kerrek, it would give you 2 more points (just like the first arrow). This was fixed about a day after the game's release, and now taking another arrow just prints a snarky message.
  • After you kill the Kerrek (in Kerrek tracks 2,) go west and into the baby cottage. It will be raining inside.

Also, once you put the baby down the well, before pulling it back up,try putting it down the well again, (even though it is already down the well). You'll see the same animation, and get the same number of points. You can do this forever; I ended my game with aprroximately 850 points this way. Oh, and when you have that many points, check you're file box to see that the hearts (Zelda reference) keep going all the way off of the screen!!! Apparently, the number of hearts you get depends on your score as you progress through the game. -Justin Hack 10/09/04

Hints and Tips

  • Write things down, you might need them later.
  • Remember to always LOOK around at things... you never know. Sometimes you get funny messages, other times they might be important.
  • Wondering where the lost item is from the Baby Lady's Cottage is? Try getting some berries.
  • The fisherman is out of bait. Maybe if you had some bait or feed.
  • You can't kill Kerrek without a weapon. Try finding one.
  • Check around your burninated cottage. You might find useful things there.
  • How do you get across the river? Try going south all the way.
  • To discover the nudist's name, type "Talk Tree". You can then "Talk [his name]" instead of "Talk Man" for a different message.
  • How do you get the bucket down the well? Try putting some heavy things in it, like rocks.
  • That mask could scare a horse!
  • Don't get ARROW'D! by the archer in the hidden glen!
  • The baby can help you get a lot of things for you. Four things, to be exact. But you only need one.



(These numbers correspond to the steps outlined in the walkthrough below.)

The Beginning

Before you do anything, you'll want to talk to the knight. He'll explain the whole quest to you, and give you a few tips on what you're allowed to do. He'll tell you that before you can go up the mountain to challenge Trogdor, you need to STINK like a peasant, DRESS like a peasant, and be ON FIRE like a peasant.

General note: In the true style of the old Sierra games, if you find things too slow, you can bump up the speed by pushing shift + a few times, and slow it back down by pushing -.

STINK Like a Peasant

This quest corresponds with the blue dots on the map above.

  1. It's useful (though not worth any points) to get the map. This is back at your cottage, which can be reached by going W, S, W, W. Walk into your burninated cottage and type 'look cottage'. You'll discover that there's one piece of unburninated paper. Type 'get paper' to have Dashing tuck it into his pocket. Dashing uses the paper to record where you've been. You can now access the map at any time simply by typing 'map'.
  2. Go E and walk to the shore. Type 'get pebbles' to pick up the small rocks. They'll be useful for step #3.
  3. Go S (be careful of the Kerrek!) and S to get to the well. Walk up to it and type 'turn crank'. You'll be told that the crank won't budge. 'put pebbles in bucket' in order to make the bucket descend from the weight. 'turn crank' to get the bucket back up, which should get you a monster maskus.
  4. Go S again, walk in front of the counter, and type 'talk man' to learn of the archery teacher's plight, and the secret word, 'haldo', you should say to his brother if you ever meet him.
  5. Go W, N, W to get to the horse. Stand in front of him and 'wear mask'. You can now go through the fence to the west.
  6. Here you'll find the archer's brother. Say 'haldo' and he'll leave. Walk up to the tree and type 'get arrow'.
  7. Go E, N, E, E, E to get to the house surrounded by bushes. Type 'open door' to go into the hut and type 'talk' to talk to the lady. She'll inform you that the Jhonka has taken her riches, and that she'll give you something special if you get them back for her. Remember that for later. She'll also tell you her baby lost something outside, and if you find it, it's yours. Before you leave, walk over to the shelves and type 'get chicken feed'. When you get outside, walk up to each of the berry bushes and type 'get berries'. At the fourth tree (no matter which order you do them in), you should get the super trinket.
  8. Go back to the archery counter by going W, N, N. Walk up to the archery counter and 'talk'. Then 'give trinket' to be able to play the archery game. Type 'play' in order to shoot. This is most likely the trickiest part of the game: you have to aim your bow according to the wind direction indicated by the flag on the right. Try to line up the tip of your arrow with the furthest right or left pixel of the target's leg in strong winds (flag moving due left or right), one pixel inside of the formost part of the leg during mild winds (flag diagonal), and directly at the bullseye when the air is still (flag down). To shoot, press space, and then press space again when the indicator reaches the red line. When the second indicator reaches the red line, press space a third time and you should get a bullseye. Get three bullseyes to win the SuperTime FunBow TM. You can now kill Kerrek.
  9. Go S, S to get to him (if he's not there, walk off and back on the screen a few times) and type 'shoot kerrek'. It will now start raining. Walk up to his body and type 'get belt'. Congratulations, you now STINK like a peasant!

DRESS Like a Peasant

This quest corresponds with the gold dots on the map above.

  1. To start this quest, you'll need to get the loot back for the peasant woman. To do so, walk N, N, W to the mud puddle (which is now wet since it rained) and walk into the puddle to get covered with mud.
  2. Go W to get to the haystack, which you'll need to hide in to avoid getting killed by the Jhonka. Type 'hide' to jump into the pile of hay.
  3. Waddle S in your new costume, walk up to the pile of loot, and type 'get riches'. Your costume will blow away and the Jhonka will be very unhappy and ask you if you took his riches. Simply type 'no' and you're in the clear.
  4. Return to collect your prize by going S, E, E, E to the hut. 'open door' gets you inside again, and then 'give riches'. Here you'll find out that the woman is a complete fraud. The riches were probably the Jhonka's to begin with, but the lady runs out leaving you alone with her baby. You can use the baby to get four items.
  5. Go N and 'talk man' to find out about the fishing. He needs a different kind of bait, so go ahead and 'throw chicken feed' into the lake. The man will reel in a big catch, and return to work at the inn nearby.
  6. Go E and 'open door' to go into the inn. 'give baby' to the innkeeper to get the pills.
  7. Leave the inn and go W, W to the west side of the lake. Stand at the center near the left (the game is finicky about this, but try standing at the spot where the pebbles used to be) and 'throw baby' to get the soda.
  8. Then go N, N to the well and 'put baby in bucket' and 'turn crank' to get the meatball sub.
  9. N, W, W brings you to the mysterious hut without a doorknob, which belongs to Naked Ned by the wavy tree. Walk to the right of the hut and type 'move rock'. The hole's a little too small for you to fit through, but someone else shouldn't have any problems. Type 'deploy baby' to get the door open. Walk into the now opened hut and go over to the dresser. 'open drawer' reveals a peasant robe. Take it with 'get robe', put it on with 'wear robe', and then just because you're so neat and tidy, close the dresser with 'close drawer' to get an extra point. Congratulations, now you DRESS like a peasant!

Get ON FIRE Like a Peasant

This quest corresponds with the green dots on the map above.

  1. Go E, E, E, E, N to return to the inn and type 'open door' to get inside. 'talk man' to learn how to spend the night, which he'll only let you do if you're wearing Naked Ned's robe. Type 'get a room'. You'll wake up 20 mins later, at which point you should walk over to the pantry and 'look pantry' to learn that the innkeeper seems to like a little something called "Old Man Rub" *ick*. You'll need the pot on the top shelf. Type 'get pot' in order to reach up and grab it. With your nouveau headwear, you have to navigate your way out of the inn, which can be a little annoying. Just keep trying arrow keys until you're moving towards the door.
  2. Go S and walk near the lantern. Congratulations, you're now ON FIRE and a true, honest to goodness peasant!

Get Your Revenge on Trogdor (maybe)

This quest corresponds with the red dots on the map above.

  1. You can now go up to Trogdor's lair. Walk N, N to get to the guard and type 'talk man' to get him to move. Walk E to get to the cliff, save your game, go up to the cliff, and type 'climb' to get into an incredibly annoying Sierra-esque boulder and bird dodge-fest. The ledges and branches on the cliff do nothing, so don't bother with them. You'll have to go up three screens to get to the top.
  2. You are now in Trogdor's lair. Save your game again. Walk into the cave and start heading E until you're accosted by the first keeper. You'll have to answer three random questions about the game in order to make it to Trogdor. Alternatively, you can 'give sub', 'give soda', and 'give pills' to skip the questions (eithero of these option gives you the same number of points). The answers to the questions are (there may be more questions than these): "Haldo", "SuperTime FunBow TM", "Old Man Rub", "Orange", "5", "Naked Ned", "C", "Northeast to Southwest", "The Kerrek".
  3. Go E to meet your doom. Don't walk too close to Trogdor. All you have to do is type 'use sword' to attack the beast. Now you've gotten his attention and must deal with his majesty. Type 'talk trogdor' to face the burninator, thus completing the game.

Final score: 149 out of 150. (See note in points guide for additional point.)

Points Guide

Points ...  Command (notes)
 1......get stones (at the lake)
 2......put rocks in bucket (at the well)
 2......use maskus (to Mendelev at archery) [NOTE]
 3......say haldo (to Dongolev, at hidden glen)
 2......get arrow (out of the tree in hidden glen, first attempt only)
 1......get chicken feed (from shelf in baby house)
 2......get berries (after 3 attempts on different berry bushes you'll get a super trinket)
 2......throw chicken feed (into lake by fisherman/hotel-keeper)
 2......give super trinket (to Mendelev)
 3......(win SuperTime FunBow TM after getting at least 3 bullseyes on the archery range)
 5......use bow (to kill the Kerrek)
 10.....get belt (from Kerrek's remains)
 2......(jump into mud puddle)
 3......jump into hay (at the hay bail)
 7......get riches (followed by "no", at the Jhonka's cave)
 5......give riches (to "mother" at baby's house)
 5......throw baby (into left side of lake) [BONUS]
 5......put baby in bucket (at the well) (this action can be repeated ad nauseum to go above 150 points) [BONUS]
 5......give baby (to the inn-keeper at the inn) [BONUS]
 2......move rock (on side of doorknobless cottage)
 5......use baby (into the hole created by above command)
 10.....get robe (in aforementioned cottage, AFTER opening drawer)
 1......close drawer (same location, AFTER removing robe) [BONUS]
 3......wear robe (after getting it, location irrelevent)
 3......get room (in inn)
 2......get pot (in inn, after dark)
 3......(exiting inn with pot on head...a tricky task given that the controls are rotated 90 degrees in terms of their results)
 10.....(walking under candle in burninated trees, setting your robe ablaze) (to knight, at Mountain Pass)
 3......climb (then sucessfully climbing the cliff without dieing)
 5......(answering the first question right in the inner sanctum/handing over the sub, earning you the trog-shield)
 5......(answering the second question right in the inner sanctum/handing over the soda, earning you the trog-helmet)
 5......(answering the third question right in the inner sanctum/handing over the pills, earning you the trog-sword) 
 7......use sword (on trogdor) trogdor [BONUS]

  • (BONUS) denotes an action not required to beat the game but earns you extra points.
  • (NOTE): If you talk to Mendelev before finding the Super Trinket or Monster Maskus, you only earn one point. If you talk to him afterward, the game will reward you with two points, giving you enough to earn all 150 points.

Inventory Items

 1. arrow
 2. baby
 3. kerrek belt
 4. chicken feed 
 5. SuperTime FunBow TM
 6. monster maskus
 7. pebbles
 8. pills
 9. riches
10. robe
11. soda
12. meatball sub
13. super trinket
14. TrogHelmet
15. TrogShield
16. TrogSword
17. map (For some reason it remains questionmarks even after you retrieve the map)
18. shirt (Rather Dashing starts with this item and never uses it in the game)

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