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play Marshie's Malloween Mix-Up Population: Tire
A game fit for a peasant!
"Control a short-panted 'peasant' named Rather Dashing as he stumbles through Peasantry in his 'quest' to get revenge on a dragon thing."Videlectrix

A real long time ago, in the peasant kingdom of Peasantry, some people lived... in fear. You are Rather Dashing, a peasant wearing short pants, who returns from vacation to find his thatched-roof cottage BURNiNATED! You swear revenge and embark on an incredible journey to vanquish Trogdor once and for all.

Can one Peasant wearing short pants save the countryside from certain Burnination? YOU decide!!!

Date: Monday, August 2, 2004

Page Title: Peasant's Quest



  • Look around by typing "look".
  • Talk to others by typing "talk".
  • Take items by typing "get (item)".
  • Use items by typing "use (item)". You can also "throw (item)", "give (item)","look (item)", and some other action words.
  • Type "inv" to see your inventory.
  • Type "save" to save your game and "load" to load a game. (Cookies must be enabled.)
  • Press + or - to speed up or slow down your character.
  • Type "ask about (name)" to gather information from other characters.

Fun Facts


  • On July 18th, 2005, Peasant's Quest received a "Top Dog" award from Home of the Underdogs.
  • On October 6, 2015, Matt Chapman referred to Peasant's Quest as one of the greatest things he had ever done.
  • The commands "make friends with Kerrek" and "buy Kerrek a cold one" were added after the email for kids was released.
    • The command "make friends with Kerrek" brings up a message which says, "Look, it didn't work for Strongbad and it's not going to work for you, either", even though Strong Bad has made it very apparent that his name is two different words.
    • If you type in "buy Kerrek a cold one", the text will read the same thing in the email, but the last sentence says "now you've really cheesed him off", which wasn't in the text in the email. Additionally, this speeds the Kerrek up.
  • If you press End, Home, Page Up, or Page Down on your keyboard while walking, it will make you go diagonally (depending on which way you walk, it will make you go that way).


  • When the Kerrek is in the area with his footprints, he isn't making any.
  • There's a link in the upper left black area, but it does nothing.
  • Before obtaining the map, typing the word MAP results in the message: "We are neither confirming nor denying the presence of a map in this game, but irridisregardless, you don't have one." Irridisregardless is a portmanteau which plays on the controversy surrounding the word "irregardless", a relatively common word that is usually considered incorrect English (one should just say "regardless").
  • When you get hit by a pterodactyl, it says you were hit by a rock.
  • Even though Rather Dashing dies at the end of the game, the story of the baby's future life implies that Rather Dashing lives for many more years.
  • If you type "get plague" at the Burninated Trees, you are called "Mispeller Jones". "Mispeller" is, itself, misspelled.
  • The Kerrek will not start decomposing until after you take the belt.


  • Even after you've picked up the map, typing "look ground" will have the game tell you it's still there.
  • If you type "where" on the screen above the Mountain Pass, you'll see that it has no name.
  • Typing "look" on Poor Gary's screen will still say "rotten ol' horse" even after he's fled.
  • If you talk to the knight while on fire but have not gotten the belt, the knight will fail to acknowledge the fact that you are on fire.
  • If you get Kerrek's belt after getting on fire or being covered in mud, the animation of getting the belt won't show you on fire or covered in mud.
  • Typing "use" or "throw" anything, even gibberish, in the half of the lake where the old man was fishing will result the phrase, "You already fed the fish. Let's get moving here people!"
    • Typing "throw chicken feed" at this point will result in the above phrase duplicated.
  • After you give the baby lady the riches and she gives you the baby and leaves, if you type "talk to baby" inside the house, the game will still tell you the baby responds by blowing snot bubbles.
  • After saying 'haldo' to Dongolev, it says, "the archer stops arching," even though you can still hear and see him firing arrows in the background.
  • In order to "throw baby", the game says to go to the center of the lake. If you go to the center, it won't let you throw the baby. If you go to the top of the lake, Rather Dashing will automatically move to the center, where it previously said you can not throw.
  • In the ending sequence, it will show Jhonka beating the Kerrek's corpse with his club, even though if you leave the screen with the Kerrek's corpse and revisit it, the Kerrek corpse will be a skeleton.
  • When you get the Trog-Shield, the fire will disappear.
  • "Embarrassing" is misspelled "embarassing" on the message when you try to get an arrow from the archery range.
  • On the message when trying to scare Poor Gary without the mask, it says "It doesn't phase him." The correct spelling of "phase" in this context of disturbing one's composure would be "faze".


Hidden behind the door
Anyone feel a draft?
Rather Dashing in twenty-eight places at once
  • If you walk straight up to the Jhonka's door, you will disappear, except for one leg.
  • A strange mapping bug allows you to "warp" to the baby lady's house and the inn from another screen entirely. Walk into where you would go to the hidden glen, but go up through the fence and to the left.
  • On the screen containing Jhonka's Cave, walk into the bottom left corner and you'll end up in the inn, however you'll only be able to walk along the bottom and right sides of the screen.
  • Standing behind the "INN" sign while standing as close as possible to the inn itself will cause part of Rather Dashing to appear in front of the sign.
  • If you fail the quiz from one of the three keepers of Trogdor, instead of loading a game, just click on RESTART on the load menu after Game Over. Skip the game's intro and then press any key. This will once again bring up the question you answered wrong while you're standing by the knight at the entrance of Trogdor's cave. Answering the question wrong again just gets you another Game Over, answering right makes the box disappear, but every time you try to move or press any other key, the question comes up again, and you will be stuck until you answer the question wrong.
  • After you kill the Kerrek, go into either the baby cottage or the inn. It will rain inside.
  • It is possible to fall in the mud, hide in the hay, and steal Jhonka's riches all before it stops raining. If you go back to the mud puddle, it will be dried up as though the rain has stopped (even though rain is still clearly falling).
  • In the Baby Lady Cottage, if you open up the inventory and select the Supertime Funbow, a small blue square will appear to the left of the screen. The blue square, upon putting your cursor over it will reveal the hand sign to show its clickable, but clicking it will do nothing.
  • On the Game Over screen, hit Enter twice and the death animation will start over. This also works for any point after pressing RESTART, including the "tips for morons beginners" screen and the intro afterwards.
  • After typing "use sword" in Trogdor's inner sanctum, walk right for an interesting glitch. Even though Rather Dashing's graphic is locked in place, he will get burninated even though he is nowhere near Trogdor. The fire will come from Trogdor's neck instead of his nose.
  • In Trogdor's Lair, you will hear a tune. Keep typing "load game" and it will keep repeating.
  • If you type "get mask" at the well after placing the pebbles in the bucket, but before getting the Monster Maskus, you will not get the mask and will be unable to get it through any means.
  • If you put the baby in the bucket, but do not turn the handle, then you can type "put baby in bucket" and get more points again and again.
  • If you try to put the baby in the bucket while the bucket is down in the well, the bucket will act as though it had been up the whole time, snapping up without an extra command and falling in the well as soon as the baby is in the bucket.
  • If you enter Trogdor's outer sanctum and then try to leave, you get teleported back inside, but if you press left before getting teleported you can walk around the cliff (with TrogShield, TrogSword, and TrogHelmet).
  • Typing "open" when near the hut or inn will always make you go straight to the door, even through the hut or inn.
  • After saving a game, you are able to move around and type commands while the saved game message is still open. When the game needs to display another message, it will close the saved game message instead.
    • However, getting killed by the Kerrek while the saved game message is open will result in a glitched map screen with Rather Dashing in every possible location appearing. It also appears to be raining. The only way to get rid of this screen is to restart the game.
      • You can also press enter to exit the glitched screen and play the death animation.
  • If you go to the back of your burninated cottage, and go as close as possible to the wall, you will appear to go through it. However, you cannot move any closer to the bottom of the screen without first going up. You can move side to side.
  • Sometimes, opting to "hug tree" at the screen with the hay bale will cause Rather Dashing to become stuck. This seems to be related to Rather Dashing's position relative to the tree before using it. When stuck, there is no way to get free; the game must be restarted.
  • If you kill the Kerrek, and don't take the belt, while it's still raining, fall into the mud puddle and get covered in mud. Then, go back to the map with the dead Kerrek, and type 'get belt'. Once Rather Dashing picks it up, he goes back to normal. He'll stay this way until you move.
  • If you kill the Kerrek too close to the tree, you will be stuck inside the tree with no way to get out when you try to take the belt.
  • If you play the Arrow Game by means of "Give Trinket" after already giving it, the instructions appear after the game is over, not before it starts.

Inside References

  • The game's year of copyright is 1982.
  • When you ask the knight about the Kerrek, the Knight says he'll make "milks meat" out of you. This is a reference to the email kids' book, where Strong Bad makes "milks meat" out of Homestar and Pom Pom in the Strumstar Hammer version of the Original Book in the Easter egg.
  • Sometimes, when you jump in to the hay bale (after being covered with mud), it says you jump in like a "two years old boy." This is a reference to Main Page 15.
  • The screen title "River b/w Tree" is another reference to b/w.
  • If you try to jump in the left side of the lake, it responds, "Not so fast, Swimmer Dan!"
    • Typing anything with the word "Dan" in it yields the response: "Dan's still okay. Got a place on Dekalb with Rick and his wife. Slimmed up a bit and looking towards the future."
  • When you reach the top of the mountain, it says, "Nice jorb climbing the cliff," which is a reference to A Jorb Well Done, as well as Coach Z's accent in general.
  • Jhonka is from the email impression.
  • Kerrek is from the email interview.
  • Mendelev is from the email no loafing.
  • At the bale of hay, if you type "Get hay", it makes a reference to Thy Dungeonman and Thy Dungeonman II by saying, "Who do you think you are, some kind of Thy Dungeonman?"
    • There is another Thy Dungeonman reference if you "look jhonka."
    • When you type in "die" it says "That wasn't very smart," another reference to Thy Dungeonman.
  • If you type in "get plague" at the burned out tree, the game calls you Mispeller Jones, a reference to the "Interruptor Jones" quip from morning routine.
    • This command is also a reference to Thy Dungeonman II, where it played an integral role in winning the game.
  • After killing the Kerrek the screen says "ARROWED!! Nice shot. You smote the Kerrek! He lay there stinking." Arrowed! is a running joke used in Teen Girl Squad and TROGDOR!.
  • If you return to the corpse of the Kerrek and type "kill Kerrek", it says "Yeah. You smote the Kerrek. You deserve a trophy full of Mutton-ums." This is a reference to the toon New Boots, where Strong Bad claims The Cheat could have earned a trophy full of Steak-ums.
  • If you type anything with the word CHEAT, it says "Meh." This is a popular sound that The Cheat makes.
  • Much of the text in the game echoes Strong Bad's style of speech, such as the quote, "Behold the TrogShield! No seriously, behold it."
  • The loading screen shows the Apple IIe (along with its disk drives) that was originally on the Videlectrix home page.

Real-World References

King's Quest Series References

  • The game itself is a parody of the Sierra On-Line games King's Quest and The Black Cauldron.
  • The inn is similar to the pawn shop in King's Quest II and the fisherman's cottage in King's Quest IV.
  • The three tasks you must complete are a reference to the three items you must acquire in King's Quest I.
  • The Kerrek is based on the Ogre in King's Quest I.
  • The name of the land, "Peasantry", is a reference to "Daventry", the kingdom from King's Quest.
  • Trogdor being in this game references the dragon who guards the mirror in King's Quest I.
  • The well is based on the well in King's Quest I that leads to the dragon's lair.
  • The hole in Naked Ned's cottage references the hole in King's Quest I leading to the leprechaun kingdom.
  • Jhonka's cave resembles Hagatha's cave in King's Quest II.
  • The path that the knight guards resembles the path to Lolotte's castle in King's Quest IV.
  • The map is similar to that used by Gwydion in King's Quest III.

Legend of Zelda References

  • When you obtain the Kerrek's belt, Rather Dashing holds it over his head in a fashion similar to Link of The Legend of Zelda.
  • The save screen may be a reference to the old The Legend of Zelda games in format, the addition of hearts through progress, and the addition of artifacts that are added to your body (shield, helmet, sword, mud, hay, maskus, pot).

Other Video Games

  • Several screens as well as the main character's appearance are taken directly from The Black Cauldron.
  • The filename of the game is disk4of12.html, a nod to old PC games which were often distributed on multiple floppy disks and which prompted the player to insert the next disk at certain points during installation or gameplay.
  • When you smite the Kerrek, it'll first say, "Here goes nothin', Kid Icarus". This is a reference to a Nintendo game of the same name: Kid Icarus, in which your main weapon is a bow.
  • Typing "light lantern" is a reference to the text-based Zork series, in which you always carried a Brass Lantern, and which is parodied in Thy Dungeonman.
    • It is also a reference to King's Quest IV, where one of the items you get is a lantern.
  • Naked Ned popping in and out from the tree is similar to Smoke from Mortal Kombat II in the living forest level, where he would occasionally pop out, look, and return behind the tree.
  • The noise you hear when the disk read error occurs is very similar to the Commodore 64 disk drive, for when the drive is trying to load a disk, it sometimes loses its place where it was loading and makes a loud clicking noise.
  • Using the baby at the hole of the mysterious cabin brings up a message "Deploying Q-Baby...", which is probably a reference to 007 Everything or Nothing, where the player uses a remotely-controlled Q-Spider to crawl through small holes.
  • The three questions that are asked to you are a reference to the PC game Dungeon, in which the dungeon master asked you 3 questions about the game.
  • If you talk to the Blue Knight after acquiring both the belt and the robe but before getting set on fire, he calls you "Dirk the Daring", the main character of Dragon's Lair.
  • The loading screen is a reference to Space Quest III, in which it showed a picture of the game's creators trying to console you about dying.


  • If you type "look" near the hay, it says, "It reminds you of a warm, safe place where as a child you'd hide," a reference to "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses.
  • Looking at the rock in the middle of the river gives a reference to "Rock of Ages" by Def Leppard.
  • When you scare Poor Gary it says he "broke on through to the other side," a reference to "Break on Through" by The Doors.
  • Hugging the tree at the hay bale produces a reference to a well-known Byrds song.
  • If you look at the cracked ground, it says something about it being a place in which rock stars make amazing guitar solos — a reference to Slash's solo on "November Rain" by Guns N' Roses.
  • Attempting to use the baby at Naked Ned's hut before having the baby gives a reference to the song "Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby", originally by Louis Jordan.

TV/Movies/Comic Books

  • At the bale of hay, type "look tree". It says, It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown, a 1976 Peanuts TV special.
  • When you first talk to the knight guarding the mountain pass, he calls you Dragonheart, a reference to the movie of the same name.
  • If you try to get the pebbles but are too far away, it says, "You try to do your best Mr. Fantastic impression." This is a reference to the Fantastic Four.
  • If you go to the screen with "River b/w Tree" and type "look hut" or "look cottage", it says, "You see a cottage in the distance. You hold your fingers up to one eye and pretend to squash it." This is a reference to the Head-Crusher sketch on Kids in the Hall.
  • If you try to give the Jhonka something he'll reply with, "Don't need nothing from no filthy peasantses!!" This is a reference to the The Lord of the Rings character Gollum, whom Jhonka somewhat resembles.
  • After jumping in the hay the game comments you look like "that guy from that one show", a reference to Cousin Itt from The Addams Family, who looked like a walking hay bale.
  • If you type "drink", you'll get a message about how you don't need to drink, concluded with "So you got that going for you. Which is nice." This comes from Carl Spackler in the film Caddyshack.
  • If you talk to the Blue Knight after acquiring the belt, he calls you "Matthew Broderick", a popular actor.
    • This is also a reference to the 1985 movie Ladyhawke in which Matthew Broderick plays a peasant who climbs through a sewer at one point.
  • When you leave the Baby Lady's cottage after getting the Super Trinket, it says "This place is dead anyway", a reference to the 1996 film Swingers.
  • The Kerrek's belt is very similar to a professional wrestling championship belt.
  • The Third Keeper of Trogdor's question begins with "riddle me this", the catchphrase of The Riddler.
  • If you type in "scare horse" without the maskus, the game says that you tell Gary the calls are coming from inside the house, which is a famous line from the horror slasher movie, When A Stranger Calls.


  • Typing "throw baby" at the west screen of the lake returns the message, "I guess you misread the walkthrough at GameFAQs..." GameFAQs is a popular gaming website known for its huge number of walkthroughs or FAQs for just about every game there is (including Peasant's Quest).
  • When you look at the painting in the inn, it says that there are dogs playing "Magic: The Nerdening". This is a reference to the Magic: the Gathering card game, as well as to the stereotype of Magic-players as being antisocial nerds. The painting itself is a reference to C. M. Coolidge's series of nine oil paintings featuring dogs playing poker, as well as the follow-up painting "Looks Like Four of a Kind".
  • Another possiblity when trying to scare Gary, before getting the mask, is "You tell Gary the story about the kid who pops this big zit he has and all these baby spiders come out. It doesn't phase him." This is a reference to an urban legend.
  • Trogdor's voice is an old speech synthesizer called the Software Automatic Mouth, or S.A.M.
  • The berries on the bushes are called "Crunch Berries." This is a reference to the cereal of the same name.
  • Trying to jump in the hay from far away will cause a reply which includes a usage of the initials MJ. This is a reference to Michael Jordan, a basketball player who had an incredible vertical jump, and was able to dunk the ball from the foul line, which is fifteen feet away.
  • Looking at the rocking chair after the baby lady leaves will get you a message saying "One of those self-rocking kind. Not bad for a brown-collar peasant-type. Must be trickle-down in action." This may be a reference to trickle-down economics; part of Ronald Reagan's economic plan for the United States was based on the theory that allowing those with the most economic influence (businesses and the upper-class) to flourish would "trickle down" and benefit the rest of the economy in the form of increased spending, saving, and investment. Therefore, according to the trickle-down theory, given fair market conditions, the best way to enhance overall economic health is to concentrate economic benefits on those with the most economic influence.
    • Furthermore, "brown-collar" is a reference to white- and blue-collar jobs, referring to office work and manual labor, respectively. There is no brown collar, but it can only be assumed it represents whatever brown-robed peasants do.
  • When Trogdor first wakes up, Rather Dashing wishes he had some "Depeasant adult undergarments". This is a reference to Depend adult incontinence products.
  • When the game is loading, it is a reference to the Apple IIe booting with the screen saying "v1.8" (all that is readable) and the Population: Tire loading screen.
  • If you talk to the Blue Knight after acquiring the robe but before acquiring the belt, he begins his response by saying, "My dear Adso", an allusion to the main character's apprentice in The Name of the Rose, which is in turn a reference to the Sherlock Holmes stories.

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